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  1. beckettb

    Weapon skins.

    I ended up buying the spira day of the dead skin just so I could use the spira prime. I can totally agree with this.
  2. beckettb


    Whenever you build a warframe, you get the helmet for it. When you build it again, you get another helmet. If you delete it, you keep the helmet. I would bet those frames are ones that you have built more than once.
  3. beckettb

    First Prime?

    My first prime was rhino. Just as I started playing, Rhino was leaving, I think, and I was selling every mod and prime part I could get my hands on just so i could make enough platinum to buy him from other players.
  4. beckettb

    (XB1/PS4) Virtual Cursor Feedback Megathread

    DE is trying to unify the UI between console and PC, so that when the new UI comes out, or they make another update for it, it is easier to ship it to both platforms. Easier to bugfix, and easier to work on, if you only have to make one control scheme work, rather than bugfixing console and PC UI separately. It isn't going away.
  6. beckettb


    no. the daily reward time would add onto your current plat bought booster. x4 only.
  7. beckettb

    The Glast Gambit: Hotfix 19.5.7

    They addressed this on the devstream. Due to people already researching it, the cost will stay the same, but they are looking into buffing the drops of mutagen samples, or making them drop 2-3 per time.
  8. Mag p is the only vaulted frame you can still farm for with relics. The other unvaulted frames were never in relics, so they can't be farmed out of them. When they vaulted mag p, they made a new relic, which drops in ODS, that had the rest of the parts on the vaulted relics. so that is most likely why you got mag p relics left over, since they made a new relic, and you wouldn't have any corresponding keys that would translate into relics for that.
  9. beckettb

    Fusion Simplified: Part 1

    From what i understand, any non maxed mods will be at the same rank. The only thing that will happen is that and extra fusion energy (partial bar underneath the mod) will be converted to endo. This shouldn't erase partially fused mods, just bring them down to the baseline where the new system can properly fuse them to the next levels. Keep in mind that this is just how I interpret what this thread says.
  10. beckettb

    Fusion Simplified: Part 1

    converting duplicates to endo is an optional thing. the r4 will be brought down to exactly r4, with no extra upgrade points, no half measures.
  11. beckettb

    Darvo's Totally Legit Sale

    in the market, is the sibear off 30%