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  1. beckettb

    First Prime?

    My first prime was rhino. Just as I started playing, Rhino was leaving, I think, and I was selling every mod and prime part I could get my hands on just so i could make enough platinum to buy him from other players.
  2. beckettb

    zenith? 500 days
  3. beckettb

    2 Ash cosmetic helms

    This happens to every frame. If you delete it, then build it again for whatever reason, you get another helmet in your inventory. I have 2-3 oberon helmets.
  4. beckettb

    Bad weapons now.

    I just shoot the opticor near enemies. blast radius vs single target...
  5. beckettb

    Can’t equip melee

    I'm on PC, so I'm not sure if it works the same, but on PC, you press and hold the weapon switch key and it goes to melee.
  6. I believe, with the changes to the incubator, when a kubrow gets to -60 it gets put into stasis. if you bring it out again, you can get it to -80, but no further. It used to be when it got to -100 the Lotus would take it, and it would be gone.
  7. It is not possible, mainly because of Sony/Microsoft. When console Warframe launched, there was a limited time transfer to consoles, but there have been none since. Personally, I think there will never be another, unless we get one only for Switch, because it is in Sony/Microsoft's best interest to keep you on their platform. That way, they get their cut of platinum sales.
  8. beckettb


    The Ascaris was on your leg. To get rid of the tumor on your neck, go behind your arsenal to the left, and that door should open. go in, and follow the prompt to sit on the chair. That will remove the tumor on your neck. You will have to do this to all your warframes, because eventually they will all get infected. However, they can only get infected once, with the execption of nidus, who the tumor started with. You have to wait a week for the tumor to mature, and the door will open when there is a small tentacle protruding from it.
  9. beckettb

    Download Folder

    I'm guessing you are trying to download it straight from the website, and not from steam. I'm running Win 10 Pro, but I think the things I can think of are low level stuff, and should work for you as well. 1. Go to your internet browser settings, and find the downloads settings. There should be an option to "Ask where to save each file before downloading" If you choose yes, or turn it on, when you download something, you should get the file explorer every time, with it asking where you want to save the file, or whatever it is you are downloading. 2. If there isn't a setting like that, you should be able to change the folder that it defaults the downloads to. Bit of an old page, but it pretty much works the same in Chrome now, 3. Finally, If you don't want to do it at the browser level, you should be able to do it at the computer level. If you go to file explorer, right click on downloads, in the left side of the window, and then go to properties. If you check the tabs at the top, one should say Location. If you choose Move, you should be able to change the default download folder to another hard drive, or a different place on the same one. The first option is fairly easy, and won't change much. If you choose the second, I would suggest making a folder on the drive you pick specifically for the downloads, so you don't just start putting files on a drive with no organization. This option will make it so that everything you download from that browser ends up in that folder on the drive. The third will make it so that anything you download from any browser will go into whatever folder you pick on the drive. If this is way to much info, and you are downloading it with steam, simply: Go to steam, in the top left, then choose settings, In the settings window, choose downloads, and then click the top button, which should say something like Steam Library Folders. Click that. In the Steam Library Folder window, choose Add Library Folder in the bottom left, navigate to the drive, and then the folder, and steam should make a new folder there. Then, when you click download, make sure to pick the correct Steam Library it will be going in.
  10. beckettb

    Do we still get last year anniversary goodies?

    You get all the previous years rewards every anniversary. I would have 3 dex furis if i decided to keep them.
  11. beckettb

    Show the host

    If you have the player names up on the right side, the player with the (1) next to their name is the host. this is also the number that shows up when you mark something.
  12. beckettb

    (XB1/PS4) Virtual Cursor Feedback Megathread

    DE is trying to unify the UI between console and PC, so that when the new UI comes out, or they make another update for it, it is easier to ship it to both platforms. Easier to bugfix, and easier to work on, if you only have to make one control scheme work, rather than bugfixing console and PC UI separately. It isn't going away.
  13. beckettb


    Play through the Vor's Prize quest line, and once you finish it, you will be able to remove the ascaris.
  14. beckettb

    MOD capacity

    Each mod you put on your warframe, in your arsenal, has a drain value. Capacity is how many and how high level mods you can put on your warframe.
  15. beckettb

    How do I solo interception missions?

    I generally run a max range frost avalanche build when i solo interceptions.