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  1. Yes it is very fun to invade them, no arguments there, what i feel is that should be an option, and not something you are forced to do. I mean i am still voting for crewships dieing like any other ships.
  2. I feel like we are playing different games you and and here is why Railjack is not used as a boarding party tool its a medium class battle ship, Liset is the ship tenno uses as a landing craft and boarding enemy ship undetected. Making already immortal crewships harder to kill doesnt make them any more fun to fight againts, its just makes them grindy. Being forced to use FA or boarding enemy crewships just slows the whole game. Railjack is suppose to be a capital ship killing battle ship, whats the point railjack if i can do the same mission faster with archwing. And again its not "hard" it is annoying i dont feel challanged i feel annoyed. Even in veil proxima i can face tank every ship and get away with it, It is not fun. "Also, it kinda bugs me how every random player is an expert on gameplay design" its called common #*!%ing sense XD So far every post i read about Railjack has very fair points. I dont have to be a game designer to tell you, "If you put a defence mission in a railjack mission type make sure its ABOUT RAILJACK" Same as my last point, right now we are using a battleship (aside from volatile) as a taxi service... we have Lisets for that. This is not being negative for the sake of being negative, its the frustration we feel about DE getting extreamly basic things wrong and this is how they usually fix the issue.
  3. Yeah it drives me insane, why would a ship that is taking heavy damage, suddenly becomes immortal, it kinda makes sense with railjacks because Tenno literally always use bleeding edge technology, not to mention Railjacks are Orokin design. But the god damn Corpus crew ship having a shield that can spin around to make it immortal, and not only that they need another spacial cannon to kill it, just makes it sooooooooo damn tiring and makes no sense.
  4. Corpus ones are perma shielded by these unbreakable shield, if you try to go around it, it spins towards you so its always faceing you. It is sooo damn annoying. Like its already funny that we have to use foward artillary to kill the crewships for good even thou you can drop its hp to 0 with guns.
  5. Well after me and my friend played the new railjack for 3 to 4 hours and here is my feedback. Lets start with pros i gues: Pros: The missions looks stunning, i love how you can find derelicts and get aditional loot, it gives sense of scale and adventure to the mission. New modding made it so its easier to adjust your ship to your own taste its nice. Crew is a nice addition, all be it they have many problems, gunners and engineers do their job. New mana system is "acceptable" but i will be returnning to this on cons. The enemy AI improved they dont bum rush your skills anymore. The ship is smaller but design is still nice. Enemy ships looks very nice. Cons: So i had a decked out ship that i put blood and sweat, thats pretty much gone. Now for some reason i have to spend MORE resources to just get to same level as before. Why thou ? This update should have helped new players to get to our scale not other way around. The problem is not that i hate the grind, the problem why should i be grinding more when i already done this. I seen people defending this on other forum posts, why ? How can you defend us losing the fruits of our hard work. Why would you do something so stupid its againts your best intrest. Railjack feels redundent as hell, i can park the ship and do the quest with my archwing and the most insulting part is, it will be easier imagine having a tank but a bike is more efficent in combat. Corpus Crewships, okay i cant stress this enough, did an intern with a day experince design these enemies? Railjack feels more redundent than ever and you bring more enemies we have to fight by getting out of the damn ship. WHY, what in the world made you guys think to say, THIS IS A FUN THING TO FIGHT AGAINTS i am sure players will be delighted we made them use their god damn RAILJACK less in a god damn RAILJACK mission. Crew is barely sentient and they are weak as hell, i got one boarding party in my ship while i was out there doing the quest, and i said well these guys have maxed out endurence and combat they can take them with my win maxed weapons. All 3 downed in the next 3 second. Oh nice, i wanted escort mission added to my list aswell. They also dont help with raditors, and pilot parks infront of enemy artilary. Engineers rejoice, you are more useless then ever now. My friend mains Engi/Gunner and oh boy they are only usefull to craft dome charges. They used to be the backbone of the mission, crafting energy, munnition, repairing. Endless fighters on Corpus Missions, so yeah i play solo, i clean the area, gona take my butt to the objective, oh no another wave is here. I am inside the enemies flagship getting the side objective done, my ship is boarded all of my people dead and the dude i left it as a pilot parked it RIGHT INFRONT OF THE SHIPKILLER STATION. This grinds the missions into a damn nightmare, forcing me to use damn archwings to play a railjack mission. Come on man this is not even bugs anymore its just bad design choices.
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