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  1. Aren't you an Ash player? Ash melts Steel Path, just use Bladestorm. Don't worry they are lying, they like to feel special, OCD is quite more serious than what you think, the least of their problems is a videogame.
  2. Besides if you build for range you are sacrificing other utilities you could have, including Strength. It's not like 168m of teleport are useful anyways, maybe if you are playing on Orb Vallis/Cetus/Deimos. If it really is a problem then the best would be to leave this distance unaffected by mods. I wish someone at DE could make a statement about this, it's not a new idea and with all the touch ups Ash has had, this was never one of them, it seems there is a reason as to why they don't want Ash specifically to teleport freely.
  3. BasKy

    Melee master race

    Don't know why are you referring to guns as single target weapons. They don't need to be the same as melee, they need to be equally powerful. It can be situational, but right now almost every situation favors melee. I don't know why are you comparing Warframe to reality. If Rubico existed in real life they would be good yeah, no need to be primed, considering a human can handle it's recoil, we don't have Warframes in real life. And in real life one bullet can kill a man, in many situations a simple pistol will be better than the overpowered, probably heavy Rubico. What does that have to do
  4. BasKy

    Melee master race

    None of wich you need when you play melee. So it's fine to be able to go full melee and shred anything, but if you want to do the same with guns you're suddenly a noob that doesn't understand the game. Yeah! You can immediatly heal 100% health AND deal the highest damage in the game lol
  5. If it's gonna remain low at least ditch the casting animation that doesn't even make sense for what the ability does
  6. There's no way to please people in these forums. I remember the many complaints about how Helminth was only going to offer the useless abilities, Spectral Scream was the most brought up example, but we got War Cry instead of Rip Line and there are still complains because we got her good power. Making Rip Line the subsumable doesn't benefit Valkyr, it only makes her stand a little taller in comparison with everyone else that got nerfed. It's a bandaid. Leave War Cry as subsumable and fix Rip Line, that benefits Valkyr without dragging the rest down.
  7. Did you really got a one shot death using Nidus/Inaros? Nidus has a health gating already, 5 seconds invulnerability + 50% healing, much strogner than what you're suggesting. They might not have shields, but they are designed around this, super tanky.
  8. No, no one is asking to make them weaker. Having them separately modded doesn't mean they need to have the same limitations as Exalted Weapons, that's your assumption. I know I'm repeating myself but there's no reason why you can have those mods on the most broken weapon class available and not on Atlas' Landslide, so if that's the main argument, simply remove that limitation. Also I don't want a blood rush on my melee, I want range and to apply status.
  9. I just don't understand. DE knows this is a problem that limits build diversity and implemented separate slots for many abilities. Why are there still some that are dependent on weapon mods? So Exalted Weapons are underperforming and yet they can't be equiped with all mods? I feel like you are using something that needs fixing as an argument since you agree they are weaker than their counterpart. Unless normal melee weapons are too OP in wich case should have the same treatment Exalteds have, that being the removal of acolytes and Riven mods for melee. My point is it doesn't make
  10. Yeah I also think he is fun, but I can't enjoy him in public matches/low level, because of what you said. Some people even want him reworked because of this, they will probably show up here. So I can't give you any advice for using the augment other than don't.
  11. What's a lot of people? 10? 30? 100? And I checked your profile, you haven't used Ash ...I guess it's your second account...?
  12. Revenant is weird. He works better (and wonderfully) at high level, at wich point I don't use my weapons. I can easily keep life support with Reave, and killing with anything else is detrimental, so I don't understand this augment. I haven't tried it and I'm on a break from Warframe, it probably has a use, but I can't think of it right now. My advice is don't use Revenant at low level, sadly. Your team won't let you have fun.
  13. For tools you need a mouse and Photoshop, Krita is a free alternative equally capable. You don't need to study, I didn't. It's just a bit of practice so give it a chance. I can't help you with the motivation tho, I do it because it's fun so that's enough for me. And yeah I hope the designers consider what's been talked about here. I never thought they would revert the design honestly, or give us a flower-less Aksomati Prime. But maybe we can prevent future primed weapons to have their themes changed
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