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  1. This is starting to sound like "Revenant, but as a snake".
  2. Yeah that's basically it, but I'd like to add that you only need to have one person in the party with one Diluted Thermia to trigger the boss battle and this can be done at any time. If you want I've got plenty and I can start up the mission for you.
  3. I'd recommend you get more frame slots. Limbo and Nyx are both great warframes (though some people like to rant about people who can't use limbo well). Even without mentioning the frames I think you should get more Warframe slots anyways as three is kind of a small amount.
  4. I think it's fine as long as your alt is only using it as a placeholder to keep the clan existing. I don't exactly know for sure though.
  5. This would be great, but it's probably not for a while.
  6. I guess the nose is quite something. I was too focused on how he's right in your face. Has Konzu been taking lessons from Simaris?
  7. There's also TennoGen, which is a system where fan made skins are added into the game.
  8. Farm whatever you want to get. Personally I'd recommend getting random things, selling them for plat and then using that plat to buy from people what you want. Make sure that you check the prices for what your buying and selling though(This site: https://warframe.market/ works really well for that).
  9. Yeah I did that with reg Equinox, Day form as black and Night form as White. Had to swap the other colours too and it took a while, but now I've got inverted Equinox.
  10. Your mastery rank really shouldn't effect this too much. If your capable of doing the missions then you can try to farm it if you want to. Strain mod refers to the Strain Mod Set. It consists of four mods(Strain Consume, Strain Eruption, Strain Fever and Strain Infection) and it's buffs focus around the Helminth Charger companion (That infested Kubrow thing).
  12. To be completely honest, I'd recommend just purchasing volt prime from other people with platinum. It wouldn't really be conceivable to farm Warframe relics at MR1. If you are going to purchase it then use a website to check the price (I personally recommend ). You can get plat from other people easily by getting random prime parts from relics and selling to people. If you do decide to farm for Volt Prime then I'd recommend you just focus on getting the relics right now as you can open them at any time. Even if the content of the relics are vaulted then you can still open the relics and get the vaulted things from them.
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