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  1. Issue with Railjack Aura's! The Railjacks Health/Armor gets Dropped In Mission If Another Player Doesn't Have IronClad Matrix Equipped. Same Problem With the Other Aura's Too. Running Solo The Aura's Work Fine. but If you Invite Other Players You Suffer from a Stat Drop If they Have Another Aura Equipped. If They Have a Different Aura you Lose 1k Hp and 500 Armor with IronClad Matrix as your Equipped Railjack Aura With 1 Other Player. that Drops Even More With 3 Players Running Different Railjack Aura's. This Happens 100% Of The Time.
  2. Can you Please Fix the Wings Constantly Fading While Host in Missions around Enemies? Its Super Annoying and Most of the time you don't see the Wings.
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