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  1. This looks awesome, the Bushudo armor for the male chicken legs not so much. LOL. 🤣
  2. Starting a mission with NO warframe but with a Necramech instead?...
  3. ok then give me " Orokin flashy golden age of roman empire esque Operator clothes." Or clothes they would have worn in that era...😅🤣 I just want my wardrobe back LOL.
  4. Oh thats right I got that mask last year. The last two sets were years apart lol.
  5. DE can y'all please start dropping Orokin style garbs for the Tenno... Please? The Tenno definitely have pulled their fair share of weight over the years...Please dont save them for Duviri Paradox LOL.
  6. *rubs chin....okaaaaayyy @robotwars7 I see you...i'm picking up what you're laying down....👀👀👀
  7. I hate when I have to get petty...😪 Bethesda made Fallout 76...with help from Zenimax Online about the "mistakes" of Elder Scrolls Online. Fallout 76 is also considered a "looter shooter to many" STILL....warframes graphics in my opinion is better than Fallout 76. EVEN THOUGH Bethesda had YEARS of KNOWLEDGE and back end support from Zenimax Studios about how to successfully launch a game ONLINE, It still received one of the WORST reviews of its time with all the bugs and graphics and glitches. What i'm trying to say is...it doesn't matter WHO OR WHAT Company made it
  8. No, Microsoft has Zenimax Online. Please learn the difference.
  9. Hey everyone, I've been watching, reading and listening to the common concerns of the community about Warframe and I get where they are coming from. I can't speak for them but I can speak for myself. I'm personally still having fun with the game. I get it though, the grind is real and being a MR 30 on Playstation I def had/have my fair share of grind. What I'm getting at is I think Warframe will still be giving what some of the veteran players want as well as being new player friendly. I think the only REAL way they can do that vision is through coming into a new era of tech (
  10. yea I saw that. What I was actually saying is that if we can have the same armor set on multiple crew members.... and if they would allow us to change how our Liches look after random generation.
  11. With command intrinsics coming...do you guys think Warframe will make something like this in the future? Also I was wondering if they would sell Cosmetic parts to "replace" limbs head and body parts of Liches... Like I could see us using the Helminth room to customize the look of Kuva Lich and Queen Pin body parts. When You vanquish a Kuva Lich Or Queen Pin then it would be cool to have a chance to drop a leg or arm like how we do with constructing warframe. Basically looking to be able to customize how the Kuva Lich/Queen Pins look beyond just armor cosmetics. like different he
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