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  1. i'm shook. ...WHAT did they do to me?...
  2. The Duviri Paradox = N64 Zelda Ocarina of Time...I am calling it now. We will be able to go there and be adults and when we leave...back to operator kid mode. I dont think warframes will be involved and it will show us the potential of the operator and what we COULD have been if we never learned transference...
  3. Y'ALL REALLY THINK DE is gonna let Destiny 2 Shadowkeep which is dropping on September 17th 2019...on steam with cross-save snatch the crown? LMFAO...I think Empyrean will be releasing ON or BEFORE September 17th, 2019 for PC at the Earliest. I believe starting next week the whole crew at DE is working overtime. There is no way they gonna allow anyone to try it. The Marketing at Warframe is God tier lol.
  5. Its all good, I wasn't serious. I am genuinely happy for everyone. Guess its my fault that my sense of humor is not being translated well. SMH...🤷‍♂️ I also gave your post a like! 👍
  6. ...I LOVE when I make a GOD TIER post and I see the Warframe forum community benefiting from it by getting far more haha, satisfied, woah, applause, upvotes and likes than I get. Someone told me the trick is to live on the forums and be the first one to respond with a shady comment to farm upvotes and likes. LOL...I guess I need to master this tactic. 🤣
  7. we both shoot aliens. They are talking "MODS"...and "RPG"...coming to Steam..."fully customizing your heroes" the list goes on. what we have in common is where we choose to spend our time...and money...
  8. wait you play ESO? Where is that friend invite though?!?!?! lol
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