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    Thanks for the update.
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    Hotfix 18.5.3

    Arigatou DE!
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    Mirage's Prism - Game-Breaking Skill

    As a frequent Mirage player, I noticed that with efficiency build and duration it is a breeze in Void-Interception IV whereas I only have to press "4" over and over again while the enemies got blinded and didn't do anything to capture A/B/C/D point while my team mates killing after them when the capture percentage goes to 100%. From doing this, I managed to go up to Wave 30 and above (If I want). I recommend DE to reduce the radius for Prism to blind enemies so other players cannot abuse this easily. Even though Mirage is a fragile warframe with low armor, she is totally invulnerable when Prism is cast all the time. It also goes beyond walls and limitless. Edit 1 : The "blind" duration for Prism is stacked around 8 second while the "uncontrollable" disco-ball is actually "controllable" because you can toggle it on/off to ensure the explosion radius would proc enemies with "blind". People also uses the same tactic during Raid-Nightmare. Moreover, the radius is enough to cover the entire map at Void-Interception IV.