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  1. please fix wukong's tennogen skin waist armor, hasn't been fixed since wukong rework
  2. Hey wukong's waist armor on tennogen skins hasn't been fixed yet, its still the original old ones, it has been like that since wukong rework.
  3. Please fix the waist armor of wukong's Mithra skin, its still the one from the standard skin.
  4. Can you also fix the Wukong mithra skin? Its leg (waist) armor is still the one from standard wukong skin, its been like that since wukong rework.
  5. Ive addressed this since the last 2 hotfixes, please fix the jets and reactor on K-drive when you ride it, its missplaced to the middle of the board as it should be at the end of the board and hasnt been fixed.
  6. Please fix the appeareance of k-drives, the jets and reactor are misplaced in the middle of the board instead on the end of the board, thanks!
  7. Hey can you also fixed the way k-drive needlenose looks when you use it? the reactor and the jets seems misplaced when you use it on orb vallis
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