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  1. The coolant cells for sealing the thermal fractures in the event are outrageously glitchy. Sometimes my Warframe drops them for literally no reason. Sometimes the cannister empties itself for no reason, resetting progress on sealing four fractures. Sometimes the interior of the cannister vanishes altogether. A majority of the time when it bugs out like this, Vazarin void dashing is incapable of healing it to prevent its destruction. I've also noticed that attempting to do more than one back to back in a single outing into the Orb Vallis seems to guarantee it will glitch out. I've no problem with the event itself, but the fact that it's this buggy is making it incredibly frustrating to complete.
  2. The drops probably need some rebalancing, because of the ~15 drops I've gotten, pretty much all but two of them have been credits.
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