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  1. pls revisit the blink nerf ty ๐Ÿ˜„
  2. Hi id like to join Quasars, i was urged to by one of my real life friends and long time Q member --Q--Vey after i told him id have joined rv. I really enjoy hunting eidolons and im trying to get into long runs. I joined rv because i was looking for likeminded players that still enjoy playing the game even though they already put a lot of time into it, but didnt find any. I also am a bit of a pad addicct and love to farm polymere and nano spores (ferrite as well occasionally, for ciphers for hunts/general use). Back when I started of playing my main goal was to have high mr but now that ive had some experience with the game i generally hate leveling frames/weapons for fodder and am therefor stuck at mr 22 and i probably will be for a long long time. Ty for considering me IGN Wambo MR 22 1.7k hours ingame Country Germany Languages German and English EDIT: forgot to put discord name in: Wambo#9311
  3. i love pizza new york style, chicago style, thick crust, thin crust i just love pizza except the pizza at my school the pizza in the dining commons here is absolutely atrocious
  4. title says it all, damage doesnt apply but increased charge speed does
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