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    Hotfix 15.5.7+

    Why the hell ammo cap decrease?! Damage still to low, and fire rate increase with ammo nerf means you will be shooting this gun even less. I wasn't this dissapointed in a while.
  2. Guziol

    Mesa Update

    I'm downloading at the speed of 65 BYTES PER SECOND. LESS THAN 1 KB/S
  3. Guziol

    Mesa Update

    5kb/s. So wednesday update turned into saturday one?
  4. Guziol

    Warframe: Archwing

    Where is Braton Prime buff?!
  5. Guziol

    13.4.0: Serro + Psa!

    Can the damage multipliers be looked at please? Most combos deal less damage the normal EEE button mash and carry no reward for the little extra effort, some combos go as far as dealing half the damage of standard swings and not always it can be justified with slash proc or wide are of effect.
  6. Guziol

    Update 9: Vor's Revenge

    From being super hyped to play the game and embrace update 9, to compilitely not wanting to play the game after 30 minutes thanks to artifact system change.