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  1. (PS4)Pumba_Beneator

    Current Top 5 Warframes

    Octavia for long void survivals Trinity / Volt for Eidolons Nekros for Kuva survival Gara / Equinox for the fun And so many others....
  2. Hi all - well the title says it all. I've started looking into the "long" Void Survival solo runs (aka Mot), and I'm currently using an Octavia with amp and mallet moded for range and duration, a little bit of power, some efficiency, and a Radiation-built Zenistar. I basically try to find a good spot with lots of spaw, and there I stay, spamming 1, 3 and 4, picking up life orbs, etc. I did one hour so far, just getting one shot by "accident" (ie wrong place at the wrong time, not even being shot at, yes stupid I konw). Anyway - what frames / load outs / strategies do you guys use ?
  3. (PS4)Pumba_Beneator

    Harrow systems...

    I agree with most of what you've said... I don't like défection. I'd be curious to know what are the missions and mission types that get played the most.
  4. (PS4)Pumba_Beneator

    Openworld bounties leech problem

    I am not blaming anyone for anything, I perfectly understand the feeling of being taken advantage of. It is a big deal to lots of people obviously. My only point is - how do we ensure that a kick-function or votekick does not get abused, and that it does not create other more harmful toxic behavior. I don't see how. To be honest, I met many more elitist players telling everyone how to play and being insultant, than leeches.
  5. (PS4)Pumba_Beneator

    Eidolon woes

    I think I even participated in a hunt where one guy couldn't go into operator form ; he had not completed the war within, it seems. However, he did the best he could, putting shields with his Volt, once we explained to him.
  6. (PS4)Pumba_Beneator

    Openworld bounties leech problem

    That's your opinion, and I respect that. My opinion is, you just don't stand what those leechers do, want to stop it, and boom next step is we prevent people from using Limbo stasis, or low MRs to hunt Eidolons, etc. Imo leeching is not abuse, it's just rude behavior, I don't want to open Pandora's box.
  7. (PS4)Pumba_Beneator

    Solo Survival: Long Runs Near Impossible

    Sure about the 'doesn't stop stacking up' and the 'refined relics' parts ? Never went beyond 1 hr survival myself, and Kuva only.
  8. (PS4)Pumba_Beneator

    Openworld bounties leech problem

    The issue I have with that type of thread is that some players want to put in place a system to punish/prevent other players for a certain behavior. This is highly subjective, some behaviors may be acceptable to some, unacceptable to others. If a player is mining 3 clicks away while I'm doing a bounty, yes I agree with you, this is rude, and I tend to put him/her in the a-hole category. But other than that, I forget about it right away... I just don't care. I mean I feel this is not that big of a deal, and pushing a 'solution' through would leave the door open to abuses (players not fast enough, not doing dmg enough, not MR enough, etc).
  9. (PS4)Pumba_Beneator

    much needed RIVEN change

    That's an interesting idea... at least for those who don't like the amount of RNG in the current riven system. So let's say I unveil a riven on my dream weapon. I'm going to invest a significant amount of grind/time/ressources into locking its stats and making it OP. Which I would have done anyway by spending lots of kuva to reroll it in the current system. The only change -for me- is that I trade pure luck for playtime and ressources. I like that. Consequences. The market for unrolled, unlocked meta-rivens (for meta-weapons) develops. The market for god rolls expensive meta-rivens drops. Impact for DE ? No idea. I have not seen their books. The use of rivens for low and mid tier weapons increases, as people are ok to invest ressources to lock stats and roll, whereas they would dissolve those rivens today. Is there a powercreep ? No, as there are no more meta-rivens as there are today, and they get rolled either way. Frankly, I love the idea, as long as the locking cost is significant, and as long as it does not hurt DE financially.
  10. (PS4)Pumba_Beneator

    We need Rivens 2.0

    Lots of interesting opinions here... My 2 cents : the official purpose of the rivens was to create a RNG-based mod system so that low and mid tier weapons get a chance to be at par with high tier weapons. Has this failed ? Yes and no. Yes because most people want a riven for their prefered meta weapon. No because from time to time you (at least I) spend 20k kuva on a 'trash' riven and get some fun with the associated weapon. Is that average result a reason to overhaul the rivens system ? Maybe. Review dispositions and stats ranges ? Yes. Remove RNG ? No, unless we're ready to accept a huge powercreep. As far as side effects : driving plat sales, being a new timesink for players (same as focus farming, arcane farming, syndicate reputation farming, etc.), yes rivens probably are. Personnally I can live with those.
  11. (PS4)Pumba_Beneator

    Maiming Strike nerf in the right direction

    So why exactly should maiming strike be nerfed when used with blood rush ? Because some players don't like it when someone spins to win in their PUG ? If this is the reason, then it is very selfish. Next are Saryn spores (kill too fast), Equinox maim (same), Limbo cataclysm (don't like rift), etc. We've heard it before. This is a game. Let people have their fun.
  12. (PS4)Pumba_Beneator

    Problem with Primed Quickdraw

    One idea is to use the PvP mods that reload when the weapon is holstered. (can't remember the name)
  13. (PS4)Pumba_Beneator

    Regarding the shotgun status chance calculation...

    Yes agreed, this is basic calculation of chance of an event occuring at least once during n trials, when given the probability of the event in one trial. Same goes when you calculate the chance of getting a rare item with a radiant relic - one run is 10% - two runs is 1 - (90%)^2 = 19 % (and not 20%) - 4 runs (or radshare) is 1 - 90%^4 = 34% (not 40%) etc. Now the status chance per pellet is interesting in case you can proc several effects (corrosif + fire etc) or effects stack.
  14. (PS4)Pumba_Beneator

    (All Platforms) Proxy Rebellion Weekend Event

    Thanks a lot DE for this event, this is a nice change, with missions of increasing difficulty and nice rewards.
  15. (PS4)Pumba_Beneator

    MR16 restriction on teralyst needed

    I used to spend time setting up groups for Eidolon hunt through the recruiting channel : looking for a Volt, Chroma etc. to get to the "meta" team composition. Result : lots of time spent on the chat, negotiating who's taking which gear, etc. Then I got to a level where I can solo the first two with my Trinity. I then chose to start public hunts right at the beginning of the night. This is when I believe you find the people interested in the hunt. Frankly, I've never had too much trouble with leeches in pug. I found beginners learning how to fight Eidolons -we all did- and doing their share once told what to do, one or two guys without Operator who just took sh*t and left, one or two who couldn't jump to the altar to place the shard (and yes that sucks), but more importantly, some very good specialists with whom I did my best runs. I almost exclusively run pugs now, and don't regret it. In my experience, the advantages way outweight the drawbacks. Overall - I'm not in favor of blocking access to such or such mission to a certain group of players. I believe this is unfair and against the principles of that game.