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  1. Tried Reave with Revenant some time ago. Build with 200%+ power strength. Supposed to take off around 20% max health at each go. Frankly, it did not look like I was doing any damage... The red bar above the Wolf was not really moving. Has anyone else tried ?
  2. I recently ran Hildryn at the sortie-3 Eximus defense mission. Everybody (Chromas, Rhino...) died left and right, as Eximus lvl 110+ spawned. Hildryn did not. I feel it is a strong, even though not perfect, warframe. Excellent vs Corpus, good vs Grineer, nearly useless vs Infested. I run it with Adaptation, which makes a tremendous difference as it triggers on damage inflicted to the shields. You pretty much end up at 90% dmg reduction pretty quick with enemies at lvl 60+. Plus Arcane Barrier and Aegis (the shield-related arcanes). Besides this, my current build revolves around spamming the 2, having 3 on all of the time, and occasional 4.
  3. So many stupids deaths I can't possible recall them all lol
  4. 3 bounties to get the 3 Hildryn parts, but 11 radiant relics to get the Equinox Prime system. Go figure RNG.
  5. The only differences between low, mid ang high MR are the game hours and the gear people own. Morons can be found anywhere, anytime, as stupidity is not a function of either game time or gear.
  6. I used it yesterday for the assassination mission (sortie 3) - didn't seem to be different. The charged throw mechanic works with a single-hand secondary, ie dual wielding. Extremely powerful.
  7. Hum - That is going to require some serious thinking. Either keep it for future use. Or use it on some of my frames whose main build has Umbra mods : Trinity (Eidolon hunt), Rhino (Profit Taker), Saryn (ESO). But frankly, I feel the improvement in performance would then be minimal...maybe an Exilus slot. So, in short : I have no idea lol
  8. Same here. 45 minutes Kuva survival just gone during the double resource week-end. Probably around 20k Kuva. This calls for 30-mins solo runs, period.
  9. Good question. I personnally never enjoyed raids, as I was always the beginner/noob trying to keep up with the meta team trying to speed run the thing, and trying to contribute to the whole thing the best I could with little success. For the same reason, I don't enjoy the tridolons slayer teams speed running the Cetus night, even though I can understand the search for performance. But at least, now I can solo a trio, and THAT gave me purpose and required me to strategize, get organized, craft a lot of stuff and gear, test and retry, etc. I enjoy taking new guys from the clan to trio hunting, even if we have a hell of a time finishing the damn thing 🙂 So - I'd propably enjoy a raid that, apart from the inevitable meta speed-runners, could be enjoyed by slower, less structured, groups, and could possibly be done solo after some serious research.
  10. I like the new NightWave system. Challenges go from easy/transparent to requiring a little bit of preparation, and can be tackled by beginners and vets ; once you've maxed up syndicates, focus, etc it gives you a good purpose to go after ; it removes rng from the alerts-timing-randomness we had to go through ; rewards are good. Anyway - DE can not please everybody. No matter what they do, there'll always be some very angry people.
  11. Thank you DE - I love the -beginning of- new melee, as I find the automatic switch between primary and melee when aiming or firing perticularly fluid and intuitive. This is completely natural now. The buried debts operation is a new thing with interesting rewards, that I'm looking forward to. Great update.
  12. The current trade chat system coupled with looking at Warframe Market to get an idea of the price, is not player-friendly, to say the least. Sure, we can imagine a system in the game, where players would put their WTS or WTB items, along with a price, and other players would click in to trade. Trade would be much easier. Number of transactions would likely go up. But what about prices ? Frankly, I can't say if average prices would go up, or down, or converge to that 'supply/demand price equilibrium' economists love to talk about. We'd likely go into some kind of stock market behavior, where people buy or sell based on what they think other people will think and do. Which is pure BS and has nothing to do with demand and supply (look at oil prices for example). In the end - I think it's worth a shot. It would make players' life easier. And in the end, if that means lower income for DE, let's shut it down.
  13. Thanks a lot DE for this event, this is a nice change, with missions of increasing difficulty and nice rewards.
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