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  1. Great changes - give us more control over weapons (which ones we want and what we do about damage). The murmur farm remains disconnected from the overall core play of warframe, but frankly I can live with that now, knowing that I'm farming for an objective I chose. Great changes, can't wait for the update on PS4 🙂 Thanks DE
  2. I wouldn't be as negative as you regarding public matchmaking. I love the Tridolon fight. I have the gear and experience so I can, most of the time, solo one trio per night (this is not world record level, but I could not care less) However, I usually go with randoms. The cases you describe -the "occasionnal idiot", the begineers with no idea what they're doing here, killing instead of capturing- happen, that's true. But from my experience, it is not the majority of the cases. Most of the time, I'd run into a decent group, with the right level of experience and gear for the fight to be enjoyable for everybody. Occasionnally a begineer or two, who's made the effort of getting intel about the fight, doing his/her part even if not with the most efficient gear. I'd say that's a good 80% of the time. On the other hand, I don't understand why adding some time would be the solution to what you're describing. When the s**t hits the fan (meaning when you run into the occasionnal idiot, or tourists with HawaIan shirts), I usually quit the group and finish the thing solo.
  3. Interesting questions and answers. i've been doing tridolons for quite a while now, most of the time with randoms. I just love this fight. I'm trying to have a load out that's independent from whatever other people bring. My load out has converged to Trinity + Rubico w/ riven +CC +CD +Elec, sarpa with shattering impact, 427 amp, magus vigor and replenish for the operator, virtuos strike for the amp, and focus madurai for void strike. I do not consider myself good at the thing, I can do a trio solo but usually not much more in the night. My questions are basically : - Rubico riven disposition has been going down steadily down to one now, I have to empty a full clip plus some more bullets to get one limb (granted, I miss quite a lot...). Wasn't the case before. This is Trinity so no damage buff (solo), but still... In the list of other candidate weapons that were put up there, did you guys actually try any ? What are your thoughts ? I hear the Chakkhur is good. - I'd like to try something new 🙂 Have you guys tried Limbo ? I've tried Volt, the damage output is just excellent, but I loose lures in the Gantu and Hydro phases. I've tried Vazarin to heal them (void dash), Unairu for the damage reduction (void mode) and the wisp (hard to use I think), but not quite convinced they're easy enough to substitute from Trinity blessing. Well - have you guys tried something fun different than the meta, but still reasonnably efficient ?
  4. There is also this (at least for PS4 rivens) : http://n9e5v4d8.ssl.hwcdn.net/repos/weeklyRivensPS4.json which are, I believe, the actual transactions extracted by DE, but can't remember which period of time For example, OGRIS unrolled says average 97.35 pl and median 55.
  5. The idea of the Lich system in itself isn't that bad, however there's way too much RNG given the amount of time it requires to complete one. Having to farm murmurs -excluding everything else- for your third Kraken is... not fun. Some of the rewards feel ok -can't wait to try the Kuva Kohm or the Kuva Quartakk- but some are not. So, all in all, there is potential but a rework is needed to improve the thing. And it's not a question about whether or not a given player is good/efficient at completing a Lich.
  6. Revenant. Shooting mesmerized ennemies with my Riven-kohm and watch the procs cloud melt them while they can't do sh*t is just insanely pure evil fun 🙂
  7. I used CP a lot in my early days of warframe, just learning the mechanics of armor, damage mitigation, etc. Then I discovered all the armor stripping abilities, the corrosive and slash procs, and pretty much gave up CP that day forward. I usually run a frame with armor stripping ability, or stealth, and/or weapons with either corrosive procs or slash/viral combined procs, plus any type of Aura (rejuv, ES, growing power...). An you can run any type of usual missions with a set-up like that. This being said, I can understand that a squad would equip 4 CPs (or 3 + coaction drifts) for long runs, just to not have to bother with armor whatsoever. But I never did it myself.
  8. Well - as OP said, depends on what you like/want. Personnally, not a big fan of Grendell, I leveled him and put him on a shelf right after, but that is just an opinion. Is it a good use of your plat ? Not sure. Grendell can be farmed with a squad with some smart matchmaking, can even be solo'ed with the right setup. As said above, some other frames are tougher to farm.
  9. Defection and Archwing are for punishing people only 🙂
  10. Ok - let me rephrase -and distord- your question : Knowing all that I know now (I'm MR25), which frames would I focus on to be able to complete most of the missions ? People will yell at me no doubt, but here is my take : - Trinity ; yeah I know she's old, there are better frames for some of what she does, but... healing, damage reduction, energy... she'll carry you up to Eidolon hunts. - Octavia : stealth will keep you alive, her damage abilities will wreck havoc. Ivara, Loki, so good too. Ash can strip armor too, on top of stealh. - Rhino/Nezha : because up to a point, tanking and making damage is all that it takes. - Saryn/Equinox/Ember : map nukers for low to mid level missions, even though Saryn is kindof the meta for ESO right now But hey, that's already 10 warframes... So no, I have no "main" really. Depends on the job. Experiment, Learn, Enjoy 🙂
  11. Thanks DE, there is a lot of work in this update, can't wait to explore it all 🙂
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