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  1. If we are talking about augments here, can we actually revise on Energy Transfer augment for Equinox's Mend & Maim? Why is this still an augment to bandaid a core problem of lacking synergy/ connection and fluidity of both stance instead of making it into the base kit and make an augment that really augments an alternative/ additive playstyle?
  2. 1. With the introduction of Wolf of Saturn Six being a controversial field boss, will you be revising the implementation of future field bosses that will be more enjoyable to engage, better spawn mechanic, and versatility-friendly opposing to the current bulky and bullet sponge design that the wolf has which has limited the frame and weapon choices as opposed to the free-for-all concept that normal mission brings, besides the unfairness to newer players with limited frame/ weapon power? 2. How is the progress on adding back replayable quests apart from the reworking Vor's Prize? 3. Can we see any implementation of set selection when choosing attachments and skins in the arsenal? In addition, will there be any QoL feature such as "remove all" or fastkey like RMB to remove an attachment? 4. Will we be able to also change the operator's amps through the link to the focus section? 5. Can mandatory attachment restriction on certain frames like Banshee be lifted? 6. Will there be plans on revisiting the codex or do a clean-up? 7. Hydroid prime trailer when? /s
  3. How exactly will the resource and standing grind be improved in the upcoming Orb Valley and Solaris United compared to the grinding experience from PoE and Cetus? And would the grinding in PoE and Cetus be changed in the future as well? And as for melee channeling, how will mods involving channeling be changed or reworked, as well as the changes to channeling melee abilities e.g. Exalted Blade?
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