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  1. Tether grenades mod tend to not work sometimes. The grenades would go under the map or through the surface of whatever which renders the mod useless sometimes. I would have to randomly guess what part of the tile set works for the grenades sometimes. A working tether grenade is a grenade being able to stick on a surface, latching enemies towards the grenades, and slowing the enemies down.
  2. Does anyone know if oberon's phoenix renewal, Loki's savior decoy, and nidus passive (with stacks) would still save you on the Arbitrations: Lethal Alerts? I'm at school so I can find out til later.
  3. Also in them Lith and Meso captures, I sometimes have to leave the capture target to bleedout so that the void enemies can spawn. But seriously up the spawn rate of corrupted enemies in void fissure missions because most of the time I'm just like great I don't have enough reactants because there are no void enemies and or I have to slow down the rate of finishing the mission so that the void enemies can spawn. The spawn rate of corrupted enemies in void fissure exterminate is excellent, so please make those void fissure missions like that.
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