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  1. Good evening DE and to every Tenno out there. I am curious to know if you have any plans to update/revamp the web page to buy platinum here: https://www.warframe.com/buyplatinum?gameplat=1&msi=1 I believe it has been some 3 years perhaps since this has been changed or updated. I do recall the last change was before Second Dream. My questions is, would it be possible to change the page so that we can purchase platinum, and if you do insist on including bonuses, then consider things like Endo or Kuva, or better still, Focus, instead of mods. (New players can store focus until they have done the Second Dream quest.) Or better yet, offer players the choice of what they want. With the new system to ranking up mods whereby we can no longer use duplicates to rank them up cheaply, it simply makes no sense to be selling mods anymore. I thank you for taking the time to read this and consider updating the web page. Cheers!
  2. Seriously, what is this passphrase for the gateway console? This is one of thousands of questions in this game where the information we require to progress is sorely lacking within the game. Why do we constantly need to go to the forums or wiki or whatever for the very information that should be in the game? Seriously DE, this is simple basic programming. At the very least, put the information in the Codex so we can do a quick search! Just, something! Anything! I'm just so sick and tired of playing a game that I like that endlessly spikes my frustration levels for no good reason. This and the damn grindfests have truly burnt me out on this game. Massive grinds are not fun! Missing critical information to progress through an event is not fun! The plethora of resources required to farm and farm and farm, is not fun! Why are you so intent on making this game NOT FUN?
  3. Just noticed that my Clan Affinity has not increased with the completion of the Kreska research. Our clan was missing 5000 affinity before the Kreska research (which gives 5000 affinity), and we're still sitting at 5000 affinity required to level up our Ghost clan to level 10.
  4. Thanks for the fixes! There is a serious bug however with Lua tilesets. You get Lotus's alert stating Oculysts are coming, you get the screen that flashes blue, but the Oculysts simply do not spawn. I have been trying to make them spawn for 4-5 days now to complete a riven, and nothing happens. I simply am unable to make the sentients spawn.
  5. Thanks for all the great work DE! 🙂
  6. Have gear spiral slots #10 and #12 regarding custom keybinding been fixed? Currently, only the key press of 0 and + work for those two slots. On my key configuration, I bound those two slots respectively to Num0 and Num+, but it has not worked since the new gear spiral was introduced. Please look into this bug. Should be a relatively easy fix.
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