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  1. Sigma Engines MK 1, 2, and 3 does not update the stats page in reference to the speed increase (KPH) stat. It does increase the Speed Boost stat and at least this part of the engines work in missions, but the KPH speed increase does not work for all 3 upgrades in mission.
  2. I can confirm that the Sigma Engines MK III's increase in speed (km/h) does NOT update in the stats page and it does NOT work in mission. The Speed Boost multiplier does update in the stat page and it does work in mission.
  3. When can we expect to be able to bind a hotkey to the Omni Gear? Having to use the tedious gear wheel every time is frustrating, to say the least. Thank you to all the devs for their hard work. 😃
  4. Good evening Tennos. As much as I was seriously looking forward to Railjack, unfortunately, it fails right out of the dry dock. Where to start? Well, playing the first lowliest level mission is brutally difficult even in a squad because resources to build things in-mission are practically non-existant, and resource you have collected OUTSIDE space missions HAVE to be built beforehand. This needs to be changed so that ALL resources collected, whether in space missions or ground missions, are in ONE pool of resources. Secondly, the WHOLE concept of manually repairing the ship with the omni tool is a colossal chore that should never have been even place on the design board. In an age of truly advanced technology, did the cephalons forget how to operate an automated repair system??? Get rid of this terrible omni tool idea and implement an automated repair system. I'm fine if the Engineer needs to keep omnigel (or whatever it's called) supplied, but FFS get rid of manual repairs. Or at the very least, have these no-name NPCs do it. Isn't that the point of having NPC crew anyways? Third, being swarmed constantly by never ending waves of fighters that spawn right on top of you kills your new ship pratically instantly, and keep in mind that this is on the LOWBIE mission. I can't even imagine if you go to a tougher mission. Space these waves out and have them spawn FAR away so that they need to close the distance to the current fight for a level of realism at least. Fourth, and this is a BIG ONE. Aiming your cannons with the mouse should not instantly move the ship left or right. Let there be some dead zone so you can actually aim at fighters in order to better shoot them down. And dear gods, where the hell is my missile tracking? Dumbfire missiles? Seriously? Why am I spending a ton of resources on dumbfire missiles that do next to no damage to large ships? And these are level 2 ships? DE, you released Railjack WAY too soon. It's in a state of mission failure ad nauseum. How can we possibly progress if we can't even keep the resources we loot because every mission ends in failure because our ship can't take any sort of punishment, AND we obtain zero resources needed to fix the damn thing? I have tried 10, count them TEN, missions with my brother, and ALL of them end in failure. Whether we try to fight the enemy ships with the Railjack or use our Archwings, or combos of both, EVERY mission ended in failure because NO RESOURCES drop from kills. And the Omni Tool needing omnigel, which you can't make in mission, the ones we could make before the mission got spent SO QUICKLY we couldn't even keep up with repairs. TL;DR: Railjack, in this broken state, is NOT FUN. It is another endless chore that ends in constant mission failure because the mechanics and resources needed to make this FUN are NOT THERE. Railjack needs to be seriously taken back to the drawing board. Hopefully, it'll be a game system that might be fun come this Spring. For Xmas, I'll play Battletech while I wait.
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