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  1. any news about primed chamber coming back?
  2. Deck 12 Scene isn't availabel right now. It's in the game but not farmable.
  3. Obviously everything including turning off screenshake can be nice too for aiming.
  4. In the settings on Discord Nitro, scroll down to the regular Nitro prices and check if the buttons are grey for you and if it says something like "You have to cancel first...", etc. when you hold the mouse on it which would basically tell if you got Game Nitro or not.
  5. Can you please make Nova's portals Client-Authoritative? Like casting portals + taking them not depending on the host as it can be frustrating if the ping is huge.
  6. How long is the Prime Vault open? Can't find anything about it.
  7. Are there maybe any news regarding Primed Chamber coming back in future content? Because it's pretty much getting overpriced in the market
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