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  1. Is another competitive event planned for this year?
  2. Nah. There is an actual memory leak in the game. As example stay 20 hours in Fortuna and you'll heavily notice the difference, that something is wrong and it's not because of the own hardware, it's the game itself behaving weird and becoming more laggy. Same case in really long runs unfortunately as well but because this is Fortuna in this example it is even more weird in my opinion.
  3. Da hat mich einer durchschaut, hehe.
  4. any news about primed chamber coming back?
  5. Deck 12 Scene isn't availabel right now. It's in the game but not farmable.
  6. Can you please make Nova's portals Client-Authoritative? Like casting portals + taking them not depending on the host as it can be frustrating if the ping is huge.
  7. How long is the Prime Vault open? Can't find anything about it.
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