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  1. Excalibur is the best warframe in the game.

    He can. Has been changed a long time ago. Flying units like some Grineers, Corpus & Infested drohnes etc. can be affected and cc'ed as well
  2. Excalibur is the best warframe in the game.

    Nova = from one disctance to another one. Volt is just giving speed and wastes a lot of frames which is bad for Speedrunning and doesn't make any sense. Stomp has more range, isn't LoS and is a "full cc" and you have to press a button once. For constantly overall cc something like Vauban is better but in much cases not worth it.
  3. Excalibur is the best warframe in the game.

    Ye. I can't take this post for serious as well.
  4. WTB Atterax, Orthos, Zenistar Riven

    Title says everything. Stats & Rank doesn't matter. PM me here or ingame with your offer.
  5. Warframe Drop Rates Data

    The drop tables for Arcanes are looking more than just weird for me or also as example Arcane Avenger isn't a rare Arcane. It's an uncommon one.
  6. Octavia’s Anthem: Hotfix 20.2.4

    Still no fix for:
  7. First of all: Glitches ARE part of Speedrunning. Look at Speedrun(dot)com and you will basically always find games with categorys with or without glitches and specific glitches. Cheating is if you use as example third party programs to manipulate a game which would be anyway a ban in Warframe if you try that. Telling like every single good reasons and making a big discussion about it is more something that I want to talk with DE about it since it's just killing the Speedrunner community too and there are improvements for Raids and their stats too. I know it isn't easy to make but imagine some categorys for Raid Speedruns. One is for glitchless, one is with glitches, I guess people who doesn't like glitches would like that. I understand that people are playing Raids for fun, but after a time if you're a glitchhunter or speedrunner as example and you run daily Raids for arcanes and credits because you know about the good rewards, then you play them every single day, and then it starts getting boring if it's so slow like the first day so you try to do them faster :)
  8. Also I've seen that someone is hiding angry comments here. It is understandable to hide the posts which are full with hate but people should have their own opinion and to tell them and it is definitely understandable to be angry and not appreciate this fix since there are still other issues where people sended daily EE.logs and since years nothing changed (no bomb spawning in Stage 3 LoR as example). Also like I said it's speedrunner unfriendly and no developer can be perfect with creating their games BUT other developers also dont fix time-saving exploits and it's simple to explain why: There is a living Speedrunning community of the game, and that can be even that popular till the game actually gets as example into AGDQ and more.
  9. It is speedrunner unfriendly still and also speedrunning for an WR is NOT possible without that anymore. That doesn't have anything to do with expierence to do it legit. As example WFRSB is always teaching newbies legit at every part too because they know it gets fixed anytime even if nobody really wants it fixed, and people are having good reasons why time-saving exploits shouldn't be fixed. Anyway... people are talking and want fixes and more attention for Raids, what DE maybe missunderstood about that is that people want to get fixes for issues which makes the Raid impossible and there are so, so many bugs even if some are rare they still happend and interrupt the players.
  10. He means content.warframe.com. Wfchristx is not stable. trials.wf is at the moment the most stable fansite about Raid stats. Content.warframe needs also an update about updating objectives LIVE and fix the reseting Timer in Raids for most accurate stats but... some people know that DE "isn't likely going to care enough to fix". If the community is doing so much stuff about Raids, then they deserve also something nice from DE
  11. The Glast Gambit: Update 19.8.0

    Why? Just why? I guess the Raid gets now again unpopular :(
  12. The Glast Gambit: Hotfix 19.5.4

    Why did you remove this? It was a feature that was added since release of it like skipping Stage 1 once or dmg Overflowing the Golem in Stage 3 once??
  13. The Glast Gambit: Hotfix 19.5.1 + 19.5.2

    This also affects the Jordas Verdict?
  14. Tennobaum Wishlist Exchange!

    I wish some Formas and Potatos, hehe.
  15. Coming Soon: Devstream #80!

    Is a new Raid/Trial right now in development or when will be the next Raid released?