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  1. Still no fix for:
  2. October 29th, 2015 to be exactly.
  3. The revive bug does also exist in JV and there it is much more an issue. Maybe this gets caused randomly because of the new waypoint system.
  4. Stats & Rank doesn't matter. PM or reply to this thread if interested.
  5. "Just found an amazing glitch." If you think it's amazing, why do you report it then? I know this is the general thread but still you mentioned it public...
  6. The numbers are right. Have you ever noticed that people care about records & WRs? How far a human would go just for a World Record and or a very decent Personal Best? Have you ever seen on twitch people who are trying to speedrun a very long game over a week (because the 12K run was 15-16 hours)? That basically means also no breaks because it's like at a speedrun and in the event you cannot really take a break as well. And that much people from my clan or brother clan do care about records & WRs like recently speedrunning raids in Warframe is nothing new if you'd check the leaderboards of trials.wf as example (where I am also the current World Record holder of all raids) Also the Ignis Wraith is mastery fodder at least for me. I dont play with it and it has a lower base damage which could be almost an issue for dropping & destroying the bomb in LoRs fast.
  7. They still die randomly in the high level. 2 Limbos are a must have to avoid that while they're moving.
  8. 2x Maxed Maiming Strikes + 1x Arcane Energize I'd buy it (not higher)
  9. Who was arrogant? Look what you did and wrote in Discord and begging everyone because you want to join SGRun.
  10. You had your chance but if you like "cry" because you dont have a single World Record in a Raid and mean to report it, then I'm not helping you anymore. Other Speedrunners who wasn't in those runs also didn't report anything that might make a record impossible to beat. I need to remember that you also reported the Operator Puzzle Overflow while it was of course possible to break the WR. Also your Video includes voices by other people and their names you recorded and released it without their permission.
  11. Title says everything. PM me if interested.
  12. Gas or Toxin dmg is needed on the weapon to allow the spores to spread. I prefer weapons like Torid, Mutalist Cernos, Zenistar or Pox for that.
  13. Raids in a normal mission. Aww, want that feature.
  14. First of all: Glitches ARE part of Speedrunning. Look at Speedrun(dot)com and you will basically always find games with categorys with or without glitches and specific glitches. Cheating is if you use as example third party programs to manipulate a game which would be anyway a ban in Warframe if you try that. Telling like every single good reasons and making a big discussion about it is more something that I want to talk with DE about it since it's just killing the Speedrunner community too and there are improvements for Raids and their stats too. I know it isn't easy to make but imagine some categorys for Raid Speedruns. One is for glitchless, one is with glitches, I guess people who doesn't like glitches would like that. I understand that people are playing Raids for fun, but after a time if you're a glitchhunter or speedrunner as example and you run daily Raids for arcanes and credits because you know about the good rewards, then you play them every single day, and then it starts getting boring if it's so slow like the first day so you try to do them faster :)
  15. Also I've seen that someone is hiding angry comments here. It is understandable to hide the posts which are full with hate but people should have their own opinion and to tell them and it is definitely understandable to be angry and not appreciate this fix since there are still other issues where people sended daily EE.logs and since years nothing changed (no bomb spawning in Stage 3 LoR as example). Also like I said it's speedrunner unfriendly and no developer can be perfect with creating their games BUT other developers also dont fix time-saving exploits and it's simple to explain why: There is a living Speedrunning community of the game, and that can be even that popular till the game actually gets as example into AGDQ and more.