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  1. same issue here I'm afraid, since 7.7.2~ :<
  2. @ the OP I have farmed mods with a buddy for maybe 10 hours since u7 came out i've both got, at this point: all 3 multishot types all 3 puncture types ap, fire, freeze and electric for all 3 slots (exception being rifle electric and melee freeze) reload speed for 2/3 types fire speed for 3/4 types loot radar enemy radar a ton of pet abilities power strength, power duration, power range armour stamina max sprint speed i FINALLY got health% last night in our last run. Neither of us has shield yet! My buddy has shield recharge, I haven't seen that yet. Basically what I'm saying is
  3. More or less stopped noticing this after a longish session just now. Wallrunning/climbing etc seems to have been tweaked up a lot. The slower fall speed now only feels noticeable when you run/slide over an edge, imho. I guess that's why G3rman said which i now agree with, for what its worth =) this was initially my biggest complaint with u7 and it's not bothering me much any more hopefully future tweaking to come, but i'm no longer desperate ;)
  4. Having played with it some more: they made it easier to chain moves together, right? It's nothing to do with slower fall speeds or so, it's tweaking to the actual movement system's rules, I think. The combination of new floaty jumps and all frames being slow as hell again thanks to the reset feels rrrrreally bad atm though :(
  5. I don't think they should have touched it at all with so many other major changes going thru at the same time :)
  6. It's weird. It does make some movement chains easier but also feels less precise in general. The floaty jump sensation is pretty horrible imho and makes the sliding feel oddly off-kilter- like, gravity's stepped out for a breath of fresh air, but friction is still at his post? I dunno, i'm sure a million halo fans will prefer the floatier jumping. Personally I don't really like it but it's not a dealbreaker by any means :)
  7. random doesn't mean random with equal chances of all possible outcomes...
  8. Probably belongs in UI Feedback, but 100% agreed. Also whatever solution they implement for item use, I hope it won't take away your ability to move and aim like the current one does. This is not system shock 1, I am not more immersed because I have to be helpless in order to use a health kit :-) mind you, to offset actually being useable in combat, they should probably change the heal items to heal-over-time items. (imho this would actually be preferable full stop anyway!)
  9. this'd be funny if stallone had ever made a single good film and wasn't a giant conservative turd of a man irl
  10. OP: this level? :) (F6 for screenshot, it goes into your x:\warframe\captures\ folder and once you have uploaded them somewhere you can post them here with the [ i m g ] http://blablabla.jpg [ / i m g ] (remove spaces)
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