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  1. She's not supposed to be a body-builder, she's supposed to be a strength athlete. These are different body types. You also picked an animation set with laughable, painful looking pelvic tilt. EVERY frame looks potbellied on that. Feedback: Balefire is weak as hell. I'm scared it'll be buffed to "almost as good as a gun", and never worth using. That it consumes shields is insult to injury. Give it some distinguishing characteristic or mechanic that means it's worth putting my gun+melee away for, please! All the fun factor ended up the larkspur instead, I guess... Shield pillage: astonishingly "who cares" ability, but it would at least have been useful if you'd been able to cast it during aegis storm...? Haven: haven't adequated tested. Aegis storm: hey remember after the devstream when everyone said "boy, i hope her ultimate gets a lot more mobile because that's absolutely laughable"? Yeah, that. This is an AWFUL ability which is a shame cos it LOOKS great. Please allow her to use her jet-dodge while in aegis storm, greatly improve its movement characteristics, make it actually auto-equip/holster balefire, allow the use of Shield Pillage and buff the crap out of balefire. Put simply: the main point of aegis storm seems to be that you can fly around and shoot balefire. You can fly around a lot better if you stay OUT of aegis storm, and balefire is not worth equipping. Her passive is just helpless in the face of slash procs and toxin atm. I mean, I'm not sure the passive is actually working, but even if it was, how would it help with those issues? Do you expect us to mod her for health? Final thought: shield arcanes, aegis and barrier, have pretty lousy %'s compared to grace and guardian, for example. This means not even arcanes can currently salvage her survivability imho. If the 80% status resistance arcanes were 100%, you'd still be screwed: magnetic, slash or toxin are all able to annihilate you and you can only block 2. I suspect rapid resilience and adaptation are about the best you can do atm and it feels inadequate.
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