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  1. ShawzinBot is a program which converts a MIDI input or file to a series of key presses for the Shawzin. Any MIDI input works with this script (a MIDI keyboard, a virtual MIDI channel, etc), as well as Standard MIDI Files (SMF). About What's ShawzinBot? ShawzinBot is a third party software that can read midi files (.mid) and play their content in-game. It simulates key presses, and that's how the Shawzin is played. Is it safe? ShawzinBot does not in any way interfere with gameplay, nor does it inject new code or modify existing one, thus is can't be catalogued as a cheat and should be safe to use. How does it work? ShawzinBot is built on the C# DryWetMIDI midi library by melanchall. This library loads a MIDI file and plays it. Every note event is intercepted by ShawzinBot and depending on note's ID, a different combination of keys is pressed to play the sound. ShawzinBot also allows the usage of external MIDI devices, so you can connects to your computer as a MIDI device (keyboard, synthesizers, etc). Download You can always get the latest version of ShawzinBot here. Getting Started Using ShawzinBot is quite easy. As long as you don't separate any of it's components, it can sit anywhere in your computer. No installation is required, all you need to do is double click ShawzinBot.exe and you'll be good to go! Please note, you MUST start with the chromatic scale in game! Usage Once the program is running you'll see the following window: On the top left corner there's a button you can click to open and load MIDI files. Once a file is open, all you have to do is click play and tab back into game. ShawzinBot will not mess with your keyboard unless you're tabbed into Warframe! To use an external MIDI device, all you have to do is select if from the dropdown menu and start playing. If you do not see your device, just click the reload button to the right of the dropdown. There is 3 settings you can change at this moment: Vibrato - This will enable the vibrato to reach G#4 and B4, which can't be reached otherwise. Default off. Transpose notes - This setting will attempt to transpose notes that are unplayable. Default on. Play MIDI through speakers - This will play the MIDI file through your main sound device. Useful for testing songs. Default off. Special Thanks @lilggamegenius - For helping with figuring out the key presses in game. /u/T2k5 - For making the original full keyboard script. Notes The scroller is purely visual at the moment. Moving it won't change the song's time. Multiple keys at the same time don't really work correctly due to Shawzin limitations, you can offset notes by a tiny bit to fix this issue. Changelog v2.1 Added support for the Yo scale. This means the bot should now work with the newest Warframe patch Fixed G#4 to use Yo scale instead of vibrato. So, you can now play almost all the notes! Only B4 is missing now
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