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  1. alright, so rivens right? they are designed to give older, less used weapons (and some newer less used weapons) a boost in usage right? why not give us the option to masterkey some of the older, unused pistols, or rifles if you feel inclined, on our existing weapons? essentially, weapons have a secondary fire (some third, some fourth, and on and on) that fires the secondary on the bottom These should be given serious issues, like a serious reduction in ammo reserves, like maybe a clip or two extra, and they have extra reload times, and any ammo you pick up, if its mutated goes to the main rifle, or whatever, and fills it, before handing any to the secondary, and it also takes secondary ammo, before your actual secondary gets any ammo. again, specifically for things that dont get a lot of playtime. like cycron, and stuff like that. bows get to masterkey all the secondary bows, and anything you decide, cause we werent certain how that would function, but man, i would love this extra specific builds, and hey, more plat purchases of the new loadout slots right? cause dang, entire new builds incoming.
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