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  1. Nice art. The more infested the better. nekros got a brother why not nidus.
  2. The syandana is decent and tentacley. also will make hydroids happy. Nechromech skin is NUTZ! Orbiter deck's are a nice bonus but its just regular infested not the gold blackish infested like nidus prime is. looks like something you buy for 85 plat. Overall they look great but too pricey for me at the moment. gonna stick with the Larva pack
  3. Infested orbiter dec's look's like it dosent even fit with nidus prime. it's not shiny gold blacky infested it's just regular infested. defently looks like something i would pay 85 plat for. But if i want some infested around my ship i just put neurodes and nano spores decerations everywhere so it's not needed.
  4. The weapons look great but nothing special. With Prime Shotgun and Giant Prime pistol. wouldve preferd Djinn prime and machete prime. just getting the Larva pack but jesus was not expecting that nechromech skin!.
  5. Reveal Nidus Prime release!
  6. Waiting for annoucement of when gara prime's ending already and if djinn prime is real.
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