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  1. Had to quote this, as your reply to mine got "lost" within the greatness of songs you create. Here's Dr. Robotnik with his recent music video. But it's actually a YTPMV by iteachvader.
  2. Darn. I'll find another. I think we all have some style of subterranean homesick blues.
  3. I got lost looking for my previous comment. But why can't every Tenno love every Tenno sometimes?
  4. You think that the Tenno get caught between the Moon and New York City once too many?
  5. You need to adapt to change, man. This is an ever evolving game, and it probably will take some time getting used to the new reward system. Besides, Nora offers a bundle of Nitain Extract now instead of a single Nitain Extract.
  6. Comin' up next on the nightly Nightwave broadcast, Meg' n' Reb' layin' down the law! (Came up with that "radio ad" on the fly) New reward system is a tad odd, but I still love the game for what it is. I'm all for change, and introducing Nora is awesome. Keep up the awesomeness, DE.
  7. you're welcome. X) Honestly, some of the songs I bring you (the ones that aren't from video games), I hear them on Sirius XM.
  8. (Notifications prevented me from finding you quoting me here) I think I found General Sargas Ruk's theme.
  9. https://imgur.com/a/D7pd3UM This is my entry, the Gemenge Mask. "Gemenge" is German for "mix." In this case, it's a mix of the blades of Kronen Prime, the basic color of Lotus' helmet, a "potential" sigil for Red Veil (the 3 claw marks over the left eye), and ribbons inspired by the Ki'Teer Syndana. The ribbons can either hang from the mask or be tied around the Operator's head. The colors of the face, slash marks and ribbons can be changed.
  10. I see. Here's a couple to maybe try out. 1) Practice makes Perfect 2) Doomsday Zone If they don't work, I'll keep searching. And you are still the God of the Mandachord.
  11. aʻole pilikia. Still a good song though. But I'm a tad curious as to why (or where) the notes wouldn't work.
  12. I asked the moose again. He said: E ho'āʻo hou i kēia lā.
  13. Mele Kalikimaka, Buff00n. I know the key is odd, but this is a great Hawaiian Christmas song.
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