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  1. Any information about ray tracing in the future? Any Canadian reward system feature about contributors in the clan?
  2. Would we able to drive the corpus vehicle. I remember seeing Rebecca doing it on one of the devstreams.
  3. Is there a way to get the code with google authentication app using in my smartphone and make it capable to enable or disable every time we want?
  4. -The new Scaling day-to-day scales better 👍 -Separate rewards in categories it limits you in future reward creativity? -Primed Mods and Weapons, never have to be tradable. -I think Lodestar Brand are the most anticipated ,so the Cosmetics too as th Weapons need that feeling to have an unique feature. -Personally after i reach 400+ logins .I am more happy to start my daily by getting more often 3h daily booster and not like to get them from sortie.I suggest to change the 3d booster reward with 4000 kuva.
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