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  1. "Veiled Sentinel weapon Riven Mods can now be equipped on any Sentinel weapon type instead of a specific type (e.g. shotgun). All Veiled Sentinel Riven Mods are now "Companion Weapon Riven Mod"." And we sure this is working as I've just bought Sentinel weapon riven from the syndicate, unveiled it and it says it specifically for the Artax only?
  2. My bad, must use spellchecker more😀. That would be great looking forward to it being added👍
  3. Okay sorry for the delay I didn't get notification! I'm unable to link an image from my Google Drive for some reason, why? Anyway the stats on the river and are: +117 % critical chance + 73.9% cold +84.4% critical damage which for its disposition and unrolled I would say is pretty good 🙂 really would appreciate an update to the Sentinel weapon warframe builder website to test various builds to see the true potential of this new riven. Thanks once again for all your hard work.
  4. Would it be possible to add a blank sentinel weapon option as I currently have a Mulron with a wicked riven which currently isn't in the section, many thanks?
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