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  1. That "Orokin Hunhow" looks like he's wearing sunglasses on that screenshot. 10/10 😄
  2. Nova Ravnica - Dimir Storm Tier PC Founding Warlord Since our multi-branch clan (current branches are "Selesnya" and "Dimir") is only allowed to participate with one dojo, I have decided to go with the Dimir branch since the Selesnya dojo still has a single unfinished clanhall. Names are obviously refering to the "Magic: The Gathering" universe, and dojos are colored respectively to the guild's name (e.g. Black and Blue for Dimir, White and Green for Selesnya). The dojo has been "featured" by Megan and Danielle when they ran the obstacle course in one of the Prime Times, and there also was a picture of our duel room being shown on an official Warframe blog entry that was about recommendations for new warlords and such. "Clanhall I" was the first one to be decorated with the new decoration system, so it doesn't look as good as the other halls. The upper part is kind of like a court, with the 3 high-ranking people deciding what's going to happen with the person who stands on the lower platform in the middle. Has some roleplaying opportunities, in case we really get clan traditions that revolve around such things and a little roleplaying for extra drama effect :P. There also is a small trophy place in the very top of the room, including an altar. The second clanhall is a multi-platform room with 3 rings. The outer ring has all the ways to get from one level to the other, and you can see the entire outside of the actual room from there (including the little throne spot). The middle ring is a smaller part in the lower half of the room. There is nothing special here, just some decorations and ways to get to other doors. The inner ring has the trading post at the very bottom, with the two stairs and the hologram-window next to the teleporter. On the platform in the very middle are some benches with a small table (Cetus decoration will soon be there too) where people can chill while trading the camp chat or generally while doing stuff. A little higher above the middle, towards one of the inner ring walls, there is a balcony with more sitting spots, and it also gives people overview over the entire middle platform. On the opposite side of the balcony there's a way up that leads to some kind of throne with a small garden underneath the platform. The third clanhall is based on a club. The middle way has the two bridges, so there's some space and people can see eachother from different levels. When entering it, there's a "reception". When you go higher to the second level, there are some tables with small plant spots. This one is currently our main hall, since Clanhall I is still going to be reworked within the next weeks. The fourth clanhall is a Corpus-ish hall with a trading hotspot in the middle. It also has a few ressources around, and on the level above there are containers for various things. It's also one of the first clanhalls rebuilt with the new decoration system. Next to Clanhall I, there is an observatory with a docking station for spacecrafts. In this case, our spacecraft unfortunately is entirely black because it's out of bounds and the light doesn't seem to be rendered there anymore. In the observatory itself, you'll see several computers and platforms. The spacecraft also can be entered via teleporter, but you'll barely be able to see much in it. Around the ship there are some security drones hovering around, with the purpose of protecting the cargo ship. The obstacle course (which has been featured by Megan and Danielle on Prime Time before) has an infiltration theme. You run through a variety of building, simulating a diversity of situations (e.g. killing while wall-latching, killing while sliding/bullet jumping, etc.). It requires one run to get to know the parcour, but after that, people can compete for the best time. Our dojo uses a symmetrical structure and is divided into a few core points, which you can see in the teleporter name list. There is the Clan Sector, which is the general name for clanhalls, or observatories and alike. Then there's the Technics Sector, with Technics Sector I being for laboratories, and Technics Sector II being for barracks, generators, the oracle, etc.. The entertainment sector has (as the name tells already) rooms with the purpose of entertaining, such as the duel room, parcour room, and obstacle course. There also is the Glitch Sector for various spots in the dojo that you normally don't have access to, and that also might be interesting for people to visit (e.g. the Dark Sector Rail skybox). There also is a skybox of it in another much bigger box, but I didn't get it on the clip below since it has a 50% chance of spawning in that position where I jumped down in the end of the clip. When kingpin is released (DE, when pls?), there is going to be a "Command Sector" which will include rooms that are essential for clan missions. I didn't re-read this text, so if you find mistakes, you'll get an imaginary cookie 😉 Edit: I'll gladly invite people to the dojo if they want to take a look around. Just PM me ingame when you see me online, and feel free to add me. (Twitch) Video for participation, showing the dojo hotspots:
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