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  1. My luck got turned up to 11 and me and my bud immediately got the mask, but I haven't gotten any of the non-exploiter ephemera yet.
  2. Can we have this for Oberon's Hallowed Ground ability as well? You used to be able to cast it if slightly above the ground, preserving momentum.
  3. *PTSD from 4 hours of grinding kicks in*
  4. Eidolon gems are just another word for the rare gems you get sometimes from the gem spots when mining. No fighting required!
  5. As someone who literally JUST finished crafting my quills arcanes, and am almost done with Cetus arcanes, I am incredibly saddened by this, and, understandably, quite frustrated. However, I chose to do that grind, so I can't be angry. I am immensely grateful for these changes, as I lead a Ghost clan that helps new players for extended periods with grinding for different things, and these changes will ensure I never have to repeat that grind.
  6. Well that's gonna make the 8 people with that combo rather upset.
  7. What will happen to the three mods that dropped exclusively from these incursions?
  8. Clearly I wasn't the only one who suggested this change.
  9. That exploit fix right there is exactly why I never did it, and told no one about it. Not a "cool bug" if it offers such an unfair advantage. Very glad DE patched that quickly, and also happy to see the worst offenders getting ousted.
  10. You guys just don't quit, do you? Eager to see what's coming up!
  11. Thank god for that. I have fully decked out gear and I still ended up getting one-shot as Mesa with only lvl 40 enemies.
  12. You sure Smokefinger does that? Thanks for the hard work, DE! Glad to keep my fish parts, though it's happened to me with gems as well. Has that been fixed?
  13. Presenting to you Proud Patrons: my Pink and Purple Prime Valkyr! Featured in this Powerful Picture, atop a Preserved Plinth in the Plains occasionally Pulsing with Power, Posed with the Paris Prime (with Prisma Projectiles too!), we have her adorned with the Pantom-like Pakal Chest Piece, the Provoking Provvok Pauldron, the Passionate Prisma Naberus (with Praise to Plague Star), the Pair of Porta (and DoTD counterPart) shin Protectors, with a Pryoclastic Pyra Prime Plunging down her Posterior! To Provide Prosecutors with a Paddling, she wields the Pyrana Prime (with the Perla Pistol skin), and her Personalized zaw, the Pedlek Punisher, with the Pazza Sugatra for added Panache! I am Positive you'll Percieve my Provisions to be Pleasing to you fine People! ~kPa732 P.S. Loadout is at the top
  14. Interesting event, but I sense only the clans that have like 4 in-practice interior designers winning this. There's no way I, as the only active member of my clan, could posibbly sink resources into decorating the entire dojo before the 18th. Got Uni to do anyways. GL to you all.
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