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  1. It’s entirely possible there were people mashing face onto the screen and guessed right, or latency working out in people’s favor. I got a few 19,500+ answers right, but no 20k.
  2. I placed 35th but didn’t get a prompt. Was very upset in the moment but I’m glad you worked quickly to resolve the issue 🙂
  3. Saw it coming the moment I saw the infinity symbol by the combo duration. Didn’t bother building it because of that. Thanks for not senselessly nerfing everything but the problem this time.
  4. Count me in- I have completed an Arbitration Mission.
  5. Been thinking of this one for a while. It would be in response to using the same frame twice or more: "Oh.. That Warframe.. Again? Operator, maybe you should *QuIT SHoWInG OfF* try to "reach" for another some time! Once again, Ordis, you "crack" yourself up! *aHAAAAAA-*" (transmission cuts out) I think it works because it's classic Ordis with his bad puns, along with awareness of his glitch, without addressing it directly, since his programming forces him to be happy and (almost) never addressing sadder topics (sorry, just tacking this on for the other lore nuts).
  6. Assuming you're not blowing hot air, it is a challenge for the majority of players. If you've been playing for years then of course it'll be easy.
  7. Railjack is in a much better state now. It coincides well with what Warframe is as a game. You do the grind, you get fast. I know it left a sour taste in all our mouths but if you haven't tried it again you're only kicking yourself.
  8. Big disagree on forcing people to engage in Liches. It's a massive pain if you haven't already done all the grind to make them tolerable. I know I could handle it, but a looot of people in my alliance groaned at seeing that's coming up.
  9. I foresee this causing a LOT more Limbo use among the masses. Endgame/flexible players will continue to adapt, but many, many more are just going to swap to Limbo. Also Wisp is now yet another tier higher than any non-energizing support. I'll do more testing and give serious feedback in a bit.
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