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  1. Cooking up something for a lonely Amalgam 💘 -Love is in the Arrow Contest Entry Used:
  2. It finally happened, an unvaulting with stuff I already have cuz I paid full price.
  3. Said it before and I'll say it again: Please consider either increasing the drop rate for the Tenebrous Ephemera or make it/the crate guaranteed after so many attempts. For example, making it worth it to smash the crystal again by giving it, say, a 20-50% chance to drop semi-Rare container loot, like with the music puzzle room on Lua. Just shooting ideas, from the perspective of someone who already has this ephemera. When I finally got it, I shouted "thank god I NEVER have to do this again". Is that the reaction you want from your players?
  4. This is a massive yikes. The dmg and armor/health changes on paper (Especially rhino/saryn nerf) are just reinforcing the notion of ignoring the railjack and just going out in AW. Also, I see now that the players who didn’t know about the Ivara exploit or didn’t do it out of fear of ban are gonna be punished by being stuck behind the ones who abused it. Brilliant. Doubling the chance for a 80% chance for a S#&$ reactor is not addressing the issue (what if warframes rolled their capacity?)
  5. Without giving away too much, there’s a certain ephemera that came out recently that’s caused a lot of fuss over its rarity. Me and my squad FINALLY got it after well over a hundred runs, but many, MANY more haven’t even seen a single ‘drop source’. It really shoots down the idea that ephemera were ever meant to be elite cosmetics earned through challenges, being a (roughly) less than 1 in 750 chance to drop with the highest allowances for rng. At the very least can you make this a guaranteed drop alongside regular loot (like sigils?) many in my own clan got really upset with me when I had to choose which three got it alongside me when I saw the drop source (didn’t even know it was gonna be what I wanted yet).
  6. Guy who was using Limbo strats here: WE FINALLY GOT IT after 100+ runs Key notes: we got it from a Red container in the same end tile as in the previously posted video, just on the lower level of said tile. Also in the open, plenty conspicuous. Parsing the other info in this thread, it seems as though the loot given may be indicative of the location it's in (unless others have gotten the ephemera from non-end tile). Also, my strat has changed: Four people pre-agree to be the ones to form a squad, then all go Limbo w/ scanner on their own individual solo runs of the anomaly, scan-sweeping for Rares (or rush to the end tile if you want), then, if one finds a red, invites the other members, who abort their missions and join in. The host DOES NOT break the container, and tries to lead sentients away from it so they don't break it either. Once everyone has loaded in (non-invincible health bars- V key), the host breaks, and if it's the ephemera, screams while everyone picks it up and finishes mission (important step). Another note, being together in a private voice chat helps. Best of luck to everyone else~
  7. My method has become Limbo speeding through the tileset w/ max loot radar, ignoring enemies, while pinging with a scanner having scanned everything but the rares. Saves a lot of time and chops down runs to ~2 minutes after entry. While I neglected to get a screengrab of the gold winged container I found last week (which was in an end tile, not behind a hidden door), I do know that the red ones take one hit and the gold ones take three. So it could be that red = rare while gold = reinforced, but further testing/testimony is required. Unfortunately here, we only got the Concourse Scene (we got Balcony from our gold) \ Apologies for cluttered map.
  8. You picked the perfect time with the perfect wepons. Already have rivens for both, and the semester just ended. Bout to hard save for these bad bois.
  9. Immediate huge problem: The Dry Dock is massive, and I absolutely cannot build it anywhere in my dojo. I tried going a floor up, with nothing above, below, or out to the sides, and it still says insufficient space. Is there some discrepancy here?
  10. So ashamed of this community now. Jumping to the negative without ever even considering the big picture. We'll see what happens.
  11. I retract my previous statement, and deliver this instead: It seems like people have forgotten the original idea of Rivens in the first place: "Give new life to old weapons." I know I'll get endless flak from A******s and salt miners, but I really think this change is for the better. The system still has a ton of issues that are too deep-rooted now to fix, but this is a step in the right direction. However, I agree with the criticism of others that this change could make mundane variants superior to primes, which doesn't fit the power curve of the game, and may result in big shifts in the market (which is volatile enough as is). Edit: Also, saw this coming a mile away as soon as I saw my Kuva karak didn't have as strong a riven.
  12. This will be an interesting change. I expect to see a lot of meta shift, and *hopefully* a softening of the riven market as a whole.
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