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  1. Oh god, please make sure Kickbot is up ASAP after the upgrades. It was awful last time.
  2. Glad I sold my Rubico riven. They're getting to be borderline useless.
  3. A little known detail about the Second Dream: when the Stalker first gets Hunhow's gear (and when he first directly confronts the operator), the energy color on the Pakal armor is Blue. In this scene when he suddenly appears aboard the Orbiter, the armor normally glows the same red as the War, implying he took control (an indirect consequence/backup plan that came with Hunhow's "gift"). The issue here is that the red appears to only take up one Emissive slot, which is all that needed to happen back when this quest was first released. Unfortunately, the colors are conflicting, and the effect becomes incomplete. I know it's so subtle that no one would really notice, I just happened to both be doing a second playthrough and am a bit of a lore nut. Edit: Conciseness and Spelling
  4. I second the notion of adding Conclave to Universal Medallions, since the current Uni Medallion isn't worth hardly anything for conclave items. Actually playing (and getting matches) in conclave is radically faster. FUN FACT: If you complete all your conclave weeklies, you get 50K bonus standing ignoring the cap.
  5. TFW you literally just got finished optimizing the cache, and you come back after a shower with a screen asking you to do the exact same thing again.
  6. My luck got turned up to 11 and me and my bud immediately got the mask, but I haven't gotten any of the non-exploiter ephemera yet.
  7. Can we have this for Oberon's Hallowed Ground ability as well? You used to be able to cast it if slightly above the ground, preserving momentum.
  8. *PTSD from 4 hours of grinding kicks in*
  9. Eidolon gems are just another word for the rare gems you get sometimes from the gem spots when mining. No fighting required!
  10. As someone who literally JUST finished crafting my quills arcanes, and am almost done with Cetus arcanes, I am incredibly saddened by this, and, understandably, quite frustrated. However, I chose to do that grind, so I can't be angry. I am immensely grateful for these changes, as I lead a Ghost clan that helps new players for extended periods with grinding for different things, and these changes will ensure I never have to repeat that grind.
  11. Well that's gonna make the 8 people with that combo rather upset.
  12. What will happen to the three mods that dropped exclusively from these incursions?
  13. Clearly I wasn't the only one who suggested this change.
  14. That exploit fix right there is exactly why I never did it, and told no one about it. Not a "cool bug" if it offers such an unfair advantage. Very glad DE patched that quickly, and also happy to see the worst offenders getting ousted.
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