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  1. Don't forget that over time you accrue Murmurs that reveal a Requiem every so often. You'll notice that both my revealed Requiems were not in Slot #1, and were revealed BEFORE slot #1's. So you have to adjust the odds for both 7 Wrong 1st Choices AND Both reveals not being the 1st Requiem. LOL!!! And of course this just happened.
  2. +1 This is a very good suggestion, it should be relatively simple to implement and easy for the player to grasp the concept. Having said that, I can already see future irrational complaints. If the Rescue target in male. Someone will post, "What do you think I am! I don't ever want to have the option or play with someone that takes the option to touch men in that way! Dude-Up BRAH Carry your own damn self!" Only with a less articulate statement. If the rescue target is female. Someone will post, "Damsel Complex! Damsel Complex! Patriarchy! Patriarchy! Patriarchy!" Only with a statem
  3. Appreciate it ^^. Maybe if we're lucky they'll adopt the Formae retro-engineering proccess for some weapons. *fingers-crossed* Grats on your mini-feature in Warframe Prime Time! Oh and I guess this also counts as a Ninja Bump. o.O;;
  4. Speaking of malleable. What I'd meant to illustrate was the idea that the string draws out of the ends of the limbs then when released the limbs snapped forward to fire the arrow. Afterwards the string would retract back into the limbs and the resting state of the weapon is as blazingcobalt drew. But that is just supposition on my part. Please forgive me, I meant no offense ; ; As always, the animation mechanics of the weapon are at the artist's discretion.
  5. Hi blazingcobalt, it's me again. I've noticed some people that are curious about how far your Cernos Prime (Formae Cernos) draws back. When the first time I looked at it, this was the impression that I got... ...As you can see the limbs appear to shorten a bit from the side because as they move forward their tips get further apart. Also I've marked the "V" junction points with a dot along the string. Please excuse the crudity of my edit, and if I'm correct about this, I hope it clears up some confusion.
  6. Hey Blast_Hardcheese I tried to find a nice video of Reb Brown reloading a gun, but then I remembered he never has to. >..>;;
  7. Let me introduce you to the M1 Garand. Common service rifle in WW2. Blame the Grineer for using antiquated actions.
  8. "whine, cry, despair, moan, complain about unfairness" ? Er.. I just wanted to know what DE's plans were at this stage and was curious if others were curious as well. Like I stated, I'm fine with any outcome (even if their stated outcome changes as they are free to do). But having said that I am planning my arsenal around the assumption that we will all start focus fresh with no retroactive XP applied. It would only encourage me to keep certain Lv30 weapons equipped and gaining XP in the intervening time if there was going to be some form of compensation in that matter. But it is not for me,
  9. I only two things to offer to this convo: First "Spray and Pray" refers to two real life tactics: (A) is "Reconnaissance by Fire" where you fire at suspected enemy locations and hopefully provoke them into revealing themselves by panic or return fire. (B) is "Blind Fire" where you fire in the general direction of the enemy hoping to hit them by attrition. Commonly due to the enemies' superior defilade or your inferior enfilade. (A) never happens in Warframe, and (B) makes you look like an ineffective spaz. And Second: A bipod system would be a welcome addition to Defenses provided the Ni
  10. NOTE TO MODERATOR: On second thought... this goes under Fan Concepts? Since it's not just a simple feedback on the mods. no? yes? no? This is a rework of a previous post that was archived well before they added the Codex Scanner. Found here. But since the game now HAS this functionality, I think it's worth revisiting the idea and getting the opinions of the current players. So, the idea behind this is to provide the Tenno with more tools to smite our foes or at the very least, add some interesting synergy with other mods (like "Punch Through"). ___ As before, While Zoomed, the player
  11. In my exceptionally humble and completely subjective opinion: Shred and Power Throw are perfect as is. Metal Auger, Seeking Force, and Seeker should be: Tactical Polarity -- 7/8/9/10/11 Rifle / Shotgun / Pistol -- Rare. +0.5/+1.0/+1.5/+2.0/+2.5 Punch Through.
  12. Ahh. That's an aspect I hadn't become aware of until just now. So, as you gain Xp on a Rank 30 item, the XP is "focused" on the path you have equipped a Lens. ? This would essentially render any previous XP (and my queation as to how it would be handled) effectively moot. Thanks for the info ^^
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