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  1. Indeed, we are ALL victims of the Orokin. We are victims of their wars and even their very way of existing. The Sentients have made their choice and committed to a path of actions that will exterminate all life in the Origin System that is, not only Orokin, but that which was designed by Orokin hand, as well as that which is Orokin by ancestry. This includes not just the Chidren of the Zariman Ten-Zero. It includes The Entrati, The Myconans, The Solarans, The Ostron, and many others. You speak of an "overly militaristic policy", and that the Sentients "are potenial[sic] allies"... Yet that alliance is not OURS to seek, but THEIRS. It is THEY that refuse to ask for it, It is THEY that instead... choose to invade. In turn, as it was our duty to end the Orokin oppression, so too our responsibility is defend. We have chosen the mantle of protectors. Not just of those freed from the Orokin, but those who have peacefully flourished in their absence. And I will not abandon Konzu. I will not abandon Eudico and Teshin. I will not abandon Palladino and Maroo and Darvo. I will not now, nor ever, abandon Clem or any other, to be slaughtered in the the name of Single Minded Judgement and the Scorn of an already defeated Villainy. So seek your Parlay if you must. I wish you luck, But remember your Honor when the carnage begins with the spilling of innocent blood by Sentient hand. - holyicon
  2. Fair. I balanced them like that as a concept. If DE adopts the idea, whatever balancing changes they do would be fine. Not all of my ideas can be winners, lol.
  3. Note: These Legendary Auras are not tradable and cannot be improved. As always, have fun out there, be kind to each other, but equally mean to those that oppose the Tenno! - holyicon - Righteous Steve - of harrowed code - of hallowed patches. Speak. For an age you've guarded the divide between Update and Reinforcement. Speak. From within your everlasting sacred office, you've held the lidless bourbon. Speak!
  4. ATT: NATAH of the SENTIENTS I am a TENNO. I do not speak for all of us, but this is what I believe. The Lotus is alive. She lives in us now: in our hearts and in our will. The essence of what she was: what she was supposed to be, will guide me regardless of if she herself was real or not. I recognize that you are a victim of the OROKIN the same as I, and for that I offer you this one opportunity to make a choice. Leave the ORIGIN SYSTEM and never return. I will not track you. I will not hunt you. You are free to take as many of your kin with you as you wish. Build a new empire in another galaxy if you wish. However if you stay, and you choose to aid in this NEW WAR, you will be shown no quarter. You will not be forgiven. And you will bring ruin to your family. Behold! This is "Matricide". You do recognize her shape. Know well both the meaning of her name and the conviction it brings. And be warned, while I only speak for myself, She is not alone. I have no desire to shackle you once again as an unwilling surrogate. You have suffered enough, and for that you have my pity. Do not throw away your life in a misguided attempt at revenge. Perhaps one day our children can find The Undiscovered Country where our peoples may live in peace. But today, these will have been the last kind words I can offer you. If next we meet in battle, it will be your end. Please, my friend. Choose to live. - holyicon, Warmaster of the Albion Alliance, Thane of Clan Sangraal, Defender of the Origin System.
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