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  1. Due to how Adaptive Exposure makes some major gameplay extremely hard to discern, I've finally turned it off. However, Navigation looks overly bright and it's very hard to read labels when it's off.
  2. I hope we'll get some sort of permanent upgrade for frames to allow them to operate independently. It's what I thought was happening with Umbra, and he would just come with it for free. I can understand the desire to keep us interested in content, maybe have the same 24 hour mechanic as a buff to self-active frames instead of enabling it in the first place? More damage, use abilities, whatever. I'm not sure I really like the whole Umbra theming in the first place, though. At this point, Umbra is Umbra to me (as a frame). Why not have them as some Helminth-driven activity? Transference out, and you could interact with your warframe to tell Helminth to run it while you're out. Activate again to turn off. Suggestion summary: 1. Earnable, permanent upgrade for frames to enable "Helminth-assist" mode 2. Interact with your frame as operator disable/enable once installed 3. Consumable "Echo of umbra"-like buff for "Helminth-assist" mode as the reason to go back to the game mode -- perhaps giving them full damage, more health, or enabling ability use
  3. Most of these changes are nice, thanks, but why do we ever need augments to recast or refresh buffs? Roar doesn't do anything but buff baseline, not letting you recast (like, say, Volt's speed!) just punishes an ally unknowingly dodging you. Edit: Also, 1. Please let us drag and drop loadouts 2. Please let us select the config for the Warframe and, ideally, weapons from the loadout screen. Mousing over each item in the equipment list could have the abc flyout.
  4. #1685178 Venus defense navmesh leading to units not approaching
  5. @[DE]Glen I'm very appreciative of the max framerate option to reduce system noise, though thankfully I don't need dynamic resolution's downscaling. Glad to see it's getting even better. This is related but a bit the other direction, is there potentially work towards allowing us to oversample with the dynamic resolution option? I know Steve has worked a lot on TAA, but you can only polish a pixelated you-know-what before it just gets smeared. Previously we could force SSAA in drivers (AMD) but this hasn't worked for a couple years. Games like Destiny 2 and Planetside 2 have a similar option.
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