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  1. As title. With toggle sprint enabled and on, I can dash-jump and glide, shoot, or dash. If toggle sprint is enabled but off, I can't.
  2. The Kavat mod, Sense Danger, """highlights""" already visible, nearby enemies with a faint darkened energy color outline. In my experience, it also goes away very quickly. I thought it was just broken before I tested it. If it were bright and had a higher range, it could be useful. If it were bright and could go through walls again, it'd be useful. Right now it's a waste of a slot.
  3. The good: Tokens allow stockpiling Setting/family/rewards/etc are great. The bad: Conservation encourages me to not engage with the system (hunting) and farm random spawns instead, because hunting is so broken and frustrating on deimos, especially with birds. There's no real balance to difficulty of acquisition to amount of rep gained, which is to say, no way to do something harder to get more rep. You'd think conservation, fishing, and mining would count there, but it doesn't, since the rep gain from those activities was basically deleted compared to fortuna
  4. Necromechs: Fun. Sound great. Not sure about the corn cob crotch. Combat: 1. Keep mechs from being impacted by Warframe abilities at all, because.. 2. I would really like a more gameplay-involved health and energy economy in mechs. "Fixing" mech health/energy problems with warframes isn't interesting gameplay, neither is just making health or energy orbs work. Perhaps something thematic with the associated weapons. You build up a resource bar by hitting enemies (Should be scaled around number of hits normalized to firerate, not damge done, otherwise it'll s
  5. So, answer this, in the middle of a 4 person v necramech fight: Does gray bar mean... 1. The Mech is invulnerable, and ignoring damage 2. The Mech is reflecting damage, and should not be shot 3. The Mech is actually vulnerable, and must be shot My suggestion, if you can't make a proper indicator, is to graybar 1 and 2. In stage 3, take the absorb stored in "Iron skin" and turn it into shields, and make them immune to damage that goes through shields if necessary.
  6. It's great to have missions (Isolation vaults) that chain into other outdoor missions. However, they really need clear indications that they can be continued right after you finish the first mission. Even a continue Y/N prompt to automatically start it, maybe. As a side note, if Fortuna bounties had ended securing an area and then prompted the group to do a new bounty from that area, more than two players might have realized that each area has unique bounties. Also, if I have to kill enemies closer to a point, please stop spawning turret enemies that stay at max ra
  7. Something visual depleting instead of a color change would be nice, but either way some indication.
  8. If we're in fortuna, the shock spear. If plains, one of the plains spears (Whichever is on the gear wheel, or whatever), and if Deimos, that one.
  9. > SCYPH DIRIGA SKIN It would be awesome if this were a universal skin (And the other sentinel skins, para and dethcube's don't really represent their sentinel anyway)
  10. Temragon

    Launcher Size

    Also having this problem.
  11. Count me in - I have completed an Arbitration Mission.
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