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  1. As someone who plays with large map all the time, the new legend is useful for the first five seconds then just gets in the way. If it could only show for a few seconds when you open large map mode, that'd be great. Additionally, it's missing an entry for teleporters. Also we have faction icons in the UI already, why are the labs using something else?
  2. Splitting them? This is about people doing highly specific challenges, not a general game mode.
  3. That's fine. Or make a way to cancel activating life support in general (Esc/B while activating). Whatever way you want to do it. The challenge UI could easily be buttons that start a mission with that limitation. DE has plenty of flexibility to make custom mission restrictions, they've done tons of unique alerts before. Having challenge-specific missions going forward would be useful in general, not just for this.
  4. An hour survival is.. fine. Whatever. But losing the challenge because someone purely accidentally hit X too close to a tower at 48 minutes is absolutely infuriating. It's not hard. It's not challenging. It's not fun. It's just enraging.
  5. It snaps to to the core of the ship and won't target or chain to the engines. Caracol, Saturn.
  6. The effect is nauseating.
  7. #1685178 Venus defense navmesh leading to units not approaching
  8. Also Adaptation into Seeding Step here.
  9. We also were shown Adaptation and were given a seeding step.
  10. I spend a lot of time idle in Warframe, it'd be great if I could set it to slow down in the background to save on power (and heat) when I want to tab out for a few minutes without closing and reopening the game. This is a relatively common feature, present in most Blizzard games for example.
  11. @[DE]Glen I'm very appreciative of the max framerate option to reduce system noise, though thankfully I don't need dynamic resolution's downscaling. Glad to see it's getting even better. This is related but a bit the other direction, is there potentially work towards allowing us to oversample with the dynamic resolution option? I know Steve has worked a lot on TAA, but you can only polish a pixelated you-know-what before it just gets smeared. Previously we could force SSAA in drivers (AMD) but this hasn't worked for a couple years. Games like Destiny 2 and Planetside 2 have a similar option.
  12. Feels like I'm just shouting into the wind right now, but Limbo's teammates not being able to interact with things while in the rift is a major part of the problem. Not killing things easily is one thing, literally not being able to do the mission is another. It's not a common thing, nor a thing most Limbo players (including myself) would do (intentionally, we've always placed a bubble too early at least once), but it's a thing that is done and is a problem.
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