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  1. DX12, Enhanced. Nvidia, 1080, latest drivers. 60hz normal monitor. I'd like WDM's vsync to continue working in borderless to provide low input lag vsync, tearing is far worse than the minor delay that causes for me, and far far better than any of the other vsync options that cause hilariously terrible input lag. I don't have the money for adaptive sync monitors. It used to work that way, I'm fairly sure. I think it may be connected to the new flip mode, and I recall reading another thread with relevant comments. Linked below. Relevant:
  2. How easy was it to understand the new quest and what you have to do to succeed? The destroy the beam generator segment was unclear about how I should proceed. (See below) Everything else seems fine. What was it like having Railjack involved in a narrative quest? It was pretty cool. I'd like to see more, but I would also like it to make a little better use of the Railjack. Thoughts on gameplay, difficulty, visuals, or in-game guidance? Good: The visuals were all cool! Very neat to get the ship as a skin afterwords.
  3. Last update was the another time that the structure of the drop table structure has been inadvertently changed and then fixed, breaking parsing of this version of the resource for many tools. Please provide a machine-readable/json version of this file.
  4. I posted earlier with mostly criticism but I would also like to agree with having a lot of good feelings in other areas. Lots to appreciate, big issues aside.
  5. I agree that there's a lot of good (or eventually good) changes. Missions feedback: As everyone is saying, friendship-gating the on-foot segments feels bad. Suggestion: Overhaul friendship gates. (oh boy this is a common one) A normal friendship gate should just be a hack in singleplayer. In multiplayer, both terminals should have to be hacked - but if a second player interacts with the other terminal, just open the door. This slows down fast players a bit but allows railjack+warframe gameplay to function separately. * Bonus: If the "mission overlay" mockup
  6. Due to the long contiguous straps on the front of Zephyr's skin (unlike Operator, which has a belt), any animation sets that morph the pelvis look really bad in that area. Ironically, Harrier's own stance is one of the worst offenders. I have other feedback about the skin, or.. design disagreements, but this is pretty straightforward.
  7. Having the jacket as an optional attachment seems like a great idea (though of course not easy to do) I get the theme for the skin, but I can't cram it into making any sense in my head for warframe.
  8. You know, no other game I've linked to twitch has had to have me unlink/relink my account, ever. I've lost count of how many times I've had to do it for Warframe..
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