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  1. I think part of the problem, aside from the alt-fire potentially being broken, is the audio cues for remaining shots and recharging are almost impossible to hear and missing, respectively. The almost instant recharge is great but it feels really bad to hit the full reload (Unless you want to, and then only on the primary fire! But that's good when you're using it), and there's no "recharged" sound. Feedback here:
  2. It's a fun gun to use but it's hard to take advantage of the fast recharge delay in combat without clear audio cues. At first I thought it didn't have magazine pitch shifting, but it does, it's just really hard to hear and impractical to rely on in combat. The alt-fire seems to be missing a reload, and the magazine doesn't seem to have any recharge/battery charge effects.
  3. The floating gems look neat, but the body effect doesn't make any sense and looks especially unfortunate as uniform gradients swiping past highlighting geometry that doesn't get effects, like attachments.
  4. Was thrown down a level against a railing and took a long time to get up, once I got up I was stuck. Once I unstuck, couldn't do anything but run in one direction.
  5. I'd post an image, but imgur seems to be down. The reds don't match on some rocks.
  6. I don't see addition listed anywhere, but when a grineer drone is blocking your radar, it now heavily fades the minimap (INCLUDING the terrain!) and overlays a large block of text, obscuring the rest. Formerly it would just make it slightly harder to see and remove enemy markers. This may be thematically appropriate with interrupting the map, but it is very frustrating and visually distracting/obscuring to gameplay when the map is in large mode (Which I keep mine in all the time!) I would rather something like ghostly enemy markers flickering over the image of the minimap (unfaded!) with some slight distortion if some additional effects have to be shown. The revive screen changes are nice.
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