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  1. Mainly this is directed at D.E. and its Devs. If people here want to comment that's cool, but it's aimed at D.E. and D.E.'s Devs.
  2. What are the main reasons why people do sorties? I suspect Rivens and Kuva are the main reasons. Rivens give the game an enjoyable random chance and Kuva helps fuel the random chance. So with the continual change/nerfing of Rivens, this will probably cause a gradual decline in people doing daily sorties. The logic being, why hope to get a riven that you will put time into, only to get it nerfed? Now these nerfs don't really bother me(I kind of expected them) but D.E., will it bother you if/when the number of people doing daily sorties declines noticeably b/c the main rewards being Rivens can't be trusted to keep their value/stats? In reality the main reason why daily sorties are so popular is b/c people want rivens b/c rivens so far are the greatest reward in the game to date. We all have known that you D.E., have had a hell of a time coming up with rewards so nerfing the main reward that motivates us to do the most popular of your content, might have been a what decision? D.E. I could be wrong and if so hey I'm not too proud to admit it. I'm curious what you're response will be when/if the number of players doing daily sorties starts to drop. Or maybe you plan on changing or eliminating daily sorties all together and I'm down to see what you might have to replace them.
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