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  1. For cross-play, all systems MUST be the same build which means DE have to release updates to all systems at the same time and we have another issue and that is Sony and Microsoft, but these 2 won't work together :/ Cross-progression/ transfer can happen if the system holder (Sony, MS) allow it but not everything will carry over. Planning to migrate to PC? you have to start over :(
  2. Welcome back. - I would like to ask a question about Railjack, can we still man the ship solo, like everything will be automated, processing the collected material, turrets and whats not? - Can we have the dry dock early so we can place in the dojo? there is a space limit to rooms or atleast a dummy/ PH room for the dry dock! - Can we have an emoji that allows us to pet our companions mid mission?
  3. Did you select stun rod then fishing rod in PoE? Try picking fishing rod directly and see how it goes, that’s how I fixed this issue on my end.
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