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  1. Did you select stun rod then fishing rod in PoE? Try picking fishing rod directly and see how it goes, that’s how I fixed this issue on my end.
  2. I seem to not be able to use Void Blast after update 24.4.3. Please check it out.
  3. DE, try to release it on Monday so you can spend the next few days fixing it up instead of releasing it on, say , Friday! P.S, Can't wait 🙂
  4. - Can [DE] George be changed to [DJ] George? - Will we be able to pause the game when in solo in Orbs Vallis? - Pets 2.0 is it in works? - OST 2 when? - Will we ever get the option to de-rank mods instead of hoarding duplicates at various ranks? - Will Focus get a touch up and or reduction in over all cost since it still kinda expensive? - Can we get Dead Space style missions sequence? (restrict Tenno to match Dead Space), why? this game is lacking in Horror aspect!
  5. I suggest replacing hamsters with Canada Geese, this way you will have infinite amount of 'working power' 😛
  6. 1. How come James (DE founder) never shows up on devstream? he is the reason (I think) we have Warframe and he seems pretty cool guy too, so please ask him to show up from time to time!!! 2. Is it possible to release K-drive before Fortuna update? since it can be used in PoE!! 3. When PoE came so did Focus system rework, will another rework will be done to Focus system when Fortuna will arrive? 4. Kubrow, Kavat and Helios are melee based companions, will their melee attacks will be accounted when Melee 3.0 launches or they will stay the same? 5. Will we get 2-man transporter? imagine a 2-man Dargyn to help move around faster while carrying another player, the same goes to the new expansion as well! 6. For Railjack, do we need to build a special room in the Dojo for it or it will be there but we have to teleport to it? 7. To Steve, is the game Dark Sector story-wise canon to Warframe at all? since it seems that how Orokin Empire began! 8. To Steve, When will we get a timeline of event of everything since the supposed fall of man and rise up of the Orokin? we sourly need it. 9. When we switch to solo most game missions can be paused but in PoE it won't happen due to day/ night cycle, will the same happen in Fortuna considering it have no day/ night cycle?
  7. 1. In the New War/ New Wait trailer, we pretty much see a declaration of war, so my question is who will begin the invasion, us or Natah? 2. Who will take over the role of overseer now the space mom is gone? can we elect whoever we want? 3. Will the Focus system get another pass to account for the new faction or Fortuna addition? 4. Will the Orbiter get another expansion for Railjack in anyway since it "may be" part of it? 5. Since Fortuna is Corpus, will we ever get Robot to pilot or something like Dead Space Rig Suit ?
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