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  1. Welcome, welcome and welcome. 1. Clear star chart. (if missions became difficult then ask for help in Recruit tab or from clan members) 2. Do Nightmare missions to gain Nightmare mods (really useful). 3. Do Orokin Vaults on Deimos for Corrupted mods (also really useful). 4. Spend some time in Cetus to make good melee Zaw + some good mods from bounties. 5. Spend some time in Fortuna to make good primary and secondary Kitguns + maybe some good mods from Bounties. (Also look for and NPC called Ticker) 6. Do Glast Gambit quest to unlock Index! It depends on the mission and how well you can manage yourself with under leveled gear, if you can do well then bring under level gears and if not then level your gears slowly one gear at time! BTW when you are leveling there is a chance a hit squad may attack, when that's happen rush to your team and try not to face tank the hit squad, let your team deal most of the damage. Hit Recruit tab and either host or look for a leveling squad, if you join random matches it will be like this: A) They will do few rotations then quit the match. B) Rush the mission which means you gain the least amount of EXP. C) Get super lucky with randos willing to stay for long enough to level up few times, but these type of players are rare :( If I helped you then you are welcome :)
  2. Dear Corey, First thing first, thank you for your hard work on improving this app non-stop :D On to business, I would like to ask if its possible to use the app as a second screen (real time in-mission) and have shortcuts for gear wheel items? since we can't (I think) ALT/CTRL + (any key) in this game like in some MMO to use/ repurpose the same hotbar for something else! Second thing, use the App to create a 3-D space where we decorate the dojo freely? yes we can do that ingame but the App will help even more IMO! Third thing, transfer the mini games to the App! let's face it, KBM is good but some games its......... just not fun + 1 mini game will definitely benefit from sensory function in the phone :) 4th, take care of yourself and don't overwork yourself :D
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