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  1. My question is: any chance of remodeling the older primes to bring then to current prime design standards? I was talked about years ago but never brought back
  2. Any news on the archwing reworks that were supposed to come out with railjack? Please note that the Amesha being the only working option for high level railjack is getting boring... c'mon at least do the Odonata please
  3. I remember a couple of years ago, maybe 2016, Steve brought up the idea of redoing the models for the oldest primes (Excal, Frost, Mag, Ember, etc.), to bring them up to current prime design standards. At the time it was talked about like it was a near future thing, but it was never mentioned again and still now the primes remain unchanged. So, what happened to that? Was it completely discarded or is it still a possibility? I personally would pretty much like the older primes be updated, because it's just kinda unfair that Mag Prime has the exact same model as Mag while Equinox Pri
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