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  1. yeah i know. the railjack resource costs are pretty bad. some other non railjack stuff seems ok. but the ones i dont like are, 15000 Copernics, should be 6000 1000 Fresnels should be 300 5000 Asterite should be 3500 225 Nullstones... ew, should be 125 12500 Cubic diodes seems okay but maybe 9500 would be nicer. compared to the rarity of the others its questionable.
  2. kept seeing 4 fass. host doesnt get most the glitches, just client-side issues. still need the host migration issues addressed on ESO. if host leaves it still takes focus timer and efficency still counts down as you wait for a migration. its really annoying on Sanctuary Onslaught.
  3. i have almost 50% of them spawn in rocks. and the hunts in general are bugged and wont respawn. many get stuck in the map.
  4. woo. I'am on 6 subsumed warframes already. but now i can rush it. that esophagus glitch was really common too. -can there be a hotfix to reduce required bounty excavators from 5 to 3 max. 1 solo, then 2 and 3 after. 3 at 4/3 players and 2 at 2 players. and the corpus engineers mission needs a tweak to the sample droprates and upload time increase. he always stops at 14/15 19/20 24/25. the samples really need to drop a bit more. the vault esophagus would be handy if it plopped you right at the next bounty mother for the 2nd 3rd vaults. players do vault 1 and leave, h
  5. i got an idea for the ultimate sergeant, 1. he has 4 spider orbs in his boss room. each has a power disabling aura that disables 1 of 4 powers. all 4 combined disable all 4 powers. he himself uses 3 decoy cppies of himself. he has a red light on his back to distinguish himself from the other 3 which have a blue green yellow light. the room has wind turbines that lnock you around and cryo floor panels to slow you. to kill the sergeant you must turn off 2 engines that make him invincible. the engines give him shields that prevent damage. simply kill 1 spider grab its fuel cell and insert it to o
  6. warframes only content is the grind time you spend. remove the farm time and it becomes shallow. theres nothing left to do if you get everything with 0 effort. effort = reward. took me 1 try to get xaku parts. but my friend 8 hours. took 1 week to get 1 ivara chassis. another guy. 1 try
  7. Added the stats. strange gun Goo all over the place, like splatoon
  8. as i was waking up i saw a vision of a new weapon in my head clear as day, it was a grey metal big gun with a bladed tip on the end, it read Ghul Stug Groodhug Blueprint. looked kinda awesome. its a ghoul based improved stug primary. the gun was grey like steel. with a inflated casing and blade on the end. its functionality is intriguing. Primary fire fires stug bullets, the balls explode on impact for impact blast, then leave pools of DOT corrosive acid on the floor for 4 seconds that deal scaling damage over time to enemies in the pool. ammo per shot The secondary fire sprays the g
  9. new segment that requires mr 30 to build for helminth, that allows you to swap 4 powers per config. not just 1
  10. all 4 powers need to be explosions of varying size and nothing else
  11. or why not let operators have shields, buff the amps to deal %eh scaled damage. buff operators school powers. adult form would have 2x health, 300 shields and move like a warframe. super operator vs teenage edge angst ones.
  12. All id want is a MR30 only Relay. only mr30 players can enter it. itd have rewards and other whatever.
  13. Rebuild Shields cost reduced 20% on hildryn, animation sped up by like 25%. great power on hildryn but it cost 350 base and 775 with blind rage Infested mobilitys base duration increased to 16 seconds Perspicacity, could work as a ranged hack, the idea being like Volts shock, you zap a terminal and it auto hacks from a distance Masters summon could revive your downed pet, tap for yours, hold to heal someone elses Empower is good as it is. though itd be nice at 75%. 50% is great. ---would also be interesting to replace all 4 powers on a config. but would require
  14. First Legendary cores should actually be obtainable. ive run sorties for 3 years almost everday. and got 0. the 1 i got was handed out for free. the price was 1500p. then they give us all 1. and it drops to 40p. Seriously stupid rng for them
  15. theres no reason it should be that excessive though. 75000 rep vs 50 tokens is different simply based off the costs to acquire grandma tokens. its extra hassle. jump through hoops to get loot to get tokens to get tokens to get tokens to get a scene that is pretty much worthless. like all scenes. captura is ok or whatever but the lengths to get scenes is never worth it.
  16. like really DE, why are scenes always so expensive for something so useless. the insanity of grind of 50 grandma tokens per scene should be dropped from 50 to 5. Realistically 15 instead of 50 maybe. but yeah. Deimos has a bunch of issues but those scene costs are obSCENE. Loids Tenno Necramech thing needs a fast travel, hunts need fixed and allowed to respawn, there's bugs where hunts like avichea spawn in the ground, or the footprints wont spawn, Son tokens are insane to acquire, the latrox corpus bounty is busted and almost always never finishes, and samples seem to be exceedingly rare
  17. The idea is attributed to transference, if you notice, a tenno can move its warframe this way across distances, so i was thinking when you unlock your tenno, later youd be able to swap frames or loadouts this way, being able to swap on the go would be nice. also itd add the loadouts to another angle in the game. some old mechanics could really be updated in warframe, like orokin labs, alliances, dark sectors, conclave, many bosses and tilesets, loadouts, extractors, but one idea ive been thinking about is, why cant we equip 2 secondaries or 2 primaries?. i think being able to have 1p 1s,
  18. duviri paradox was mentioned about 2 years ago. and well yeah. also trials and dark sector alliance pvp armistice stuff. 😞 itll be here SOON i think de forgot The orokin lab exists
  19. -SOME steel path changes- Steel path should remove all bronze drops from its loot tables. Eximus units should spawn 2x more often in Steel path Steel essence needs a higher drop rate off eximus endo drops are 80 only not 50 or 15 in steel path no more 5000 credit rewards, 10,000 or 10,000x3 only endo loot rewards are 400 600 800, nothing under 400 Every steel path mission should reward 50 or 100 kuva per mission round or mission completion syndicates are 2x more likely to invade, and assassins as well. g3 stalker zanuka higher amber and cyan ayatan
  20. lichs need more personality depth and variety. also, wheres the slash puncture viral blast corrosive gas progenitors? i think lichs should level up to 10 times. and should have more dialogue pools. 3rd murmurs reduced by 15%, and should be able to invade your dojo. but your converted lichs could work on your railjack. the elemental % buff should scale with the lich leveling up. so it can start at 25% and each level adds 1-2% more.
  21. What if we could swap the mod configuration in a mission for our frames and weapons in a mission, or on orb vallis or plains of eidolon? Maybe change our warframe, Cycle between 3 as well in a mission like in Warriors orochi 3. Instant swapping between 3 preset frames or even our loadouts in the game. we get tons of loadout slots but its not really integrated in a good way. but if you place a frost globe down and switched it would destroy whatever you cast, like zenistars secondary disc would vanish or something. Also i really wish we could ready up for eidolon bounties on the plain
  22. that would be pretty fun. but easily countered by iron skin. warding halo. sure footed or primed sure footed. and atlas passive. really think that the 6000 kuva reward should be removed from daily sorties, but instead added as a 100% reward for completing them alongside the other loot table. doing a sortie gives 6000 kuva upon completion alongside the other loot rewards.
  23. well nothing should be under 1% drop rate but.. condition overload, Vengeful Revenant, Berserker took me 2 years to get 1 vengeful revenant mod drops with 0.01% 0.02% 0.03% just why
  24. Werewolf frame in my opinion needs to have 2 forms like equinox. its 1 lets it swap between on 2 legs or beast mode on all 4 legs which people wanted. 2 leg mode and 4 leg mode have different powers. ----cast 1 in 2 leg form. gains 3 second invincibility while swapping, damage taken converts to armor and damage like defy or vex armor. cast 1 in 4 legs, damage converts to bonus health and power strength
  25. my gripe is tilesets. europa pluto ceres grineer neptune take a look up and youll see rendering worse than bethesda or anthem. i was thinking of posting all the locations and rooms you can escape tiles in. but eh.. after finding like 5 per planet. its become exciting. every room now i search to find the textured garbage stuff. like really. go to neptune. jump up a bit. and every room is terrible. warframe only has grind. and that's the "content" push new weapon new frame to grind. new skin to buy. rinse repeat. the flaw being the actual Content islands. dude its great. but
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