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  1. Thanks for the earnest PR. Gift of the lotus tomorrow?
  2. Yep same here. Was consigning my pet, subsuming and trying to play via pub cant create a session. - Logout to Relog, voila cant login. - Exited the game, voila launcher wont load. Wait: Maybe because its flooding all over the world?
  3. Too many players today, got kicked from the game.
  4. Got in now :) Thanks everyone 🎆🎇
  5. Yeh using mostly launchers tho. Single target like mah braton prime still sitting with dust :(
  6. Pilot seat forward artillery place holder Using will make the Pilot seat WITHOUT any gun for use at the moment
  7. I kinda did actually but not on the main topic.
  8. After doing Granum Zenith sister wont spawn. (75/75) Both tested before and after completing spy objectives.
  9. Just find a longer race? The Race Near Nef's statue is available currently.
  10. Megan stole Rebs thunder hehehe
  11. Boon races be like : "Mumsie Dadsie"-"Grindin the Void"-"The Hard Way"
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