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  1. +1 at least you are still open minded. Maybe if we make the thread long enough a change might come, finger cross. +1
  2. As a host on exterminate sometimes I afk just for the fourth man to load in. Only to get in to NO enemies left because the 2nd and 3rd man already cleared the map. The 4th man decides to flame the host. ~ In terms of the WAY of the relic Why not make all enemy corrupted even before the mission start, instead of having it require that void hole fissure thing to make them corrupted? Similar to invasions. Removed it completely and adjust mission objective to be harder as some players wants to be challenged. (see.. 3rd major bullet below.. NM effects)
  3. Good point there but on the quoted part, RNG is already a thing. Relic mission is designed for free players to grind for the stuff which in terms IMO is FUN. Frustration really comes from reactant. Old tower days we only pray for RNGesus; Now you would pray that your teammate is NOT a Volt nuking the entire room in mach speed "before you even load in OR before the enemy turns corrupted".
  4. ~ I'm angry but... You should be asking to bring back RAID if you really wanna OVER perform. In your example, excavation you can just increase the amount of excavation to 400 cryotic to open the relic. You baby sit the players, but if the 400 cryotic is required you will need to EXPECT everyone one in your group to do a DIG themselves and it is more engaging don't you agree?. ~ I'm calling "DE-Scott" coz slashing enemies like butter is bad, relic not open. hehe
  5. Its the level 5-15 ones and with the right build you can do it in less than 1:30.., that is if you want to be like me and getting surprised that the relic did not open.
  6. To add to this when I'm blazing solo on low level exterminate sometimes I fail to open my relic. I know its bad on my part but still.
  7. Yep this is a bug which have been posted sometime ago.. search for it.. Play flappy Zephyr or logout (Band-aid).. I don't get what you are trying to say.... But learn more about lich may solve your issue. eg. Murmur count 30, 1 count per thrall mercy, on last stage for reveal of the last requiem it's 70ish. Doing all nodes on the planet will also increase the level of the lich.. Murmur count is different from lich level; lich level only affect how high level the enemy will spawn at in a mission so if your lich is level 5 level 80+ iirc will spawn compared to leve
  8. Git gud.. Just kidding.. I found all clues in less than 20 minutes this time. Only to die 5 times on the fight.
  9. Here is my post a few months ago: Each time I'll see a "Remove Reactant" I will AUTO UPVOTE so maybe the devs will listen.
  10. Primed resistance. Combination of all the +60 elemental resistance. (heat/radiation/cold/toxin/electricity/etc.) I'll personally use it in the index. Primed blunderbuss Primed zoom Primed rush Primed enemy sense ANY PRIMED AURA (WOA)
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