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  1. Just to add that - Enemy may spawn underground.
  2. Aside from the heavy gunners which are already fixed. Tusk Command Dargyn uses the same gun ~ grattler. They are much worst than heavy gunners as their ammo will replenish. I died twice to this in less than a minute window. After you destroy their flying machine "dargyn", The grounded pilot's damage output is normal. I'm pretty sure this is a bug as a level 48 enemy should not able to deal more than 900 hit-points of damage in a window of less than 10 seconds.
  3. Meanwhile I'm here wanting the stamina and wall running back.
  4. Growing power is good if you focus on base strength. You can reach 95% dr, iirc. if you cast shield after the proc. On the builds, anything goes as enemy armor now is weak unless you go on endurance.
  5. Please clarify your envision change. Range for the link/aura for the energy to be granted. (If its unlimited = broken) Will this remove the invulnerability to the controlled unit. (All your samples states that it does,... but if the delay applied damage is still present you can definitely gain the +15 energy you mentioned below) **rephrase** If the target is manually killed how much is the energy gain? (if you gain higher amount than base casting cost without waiting for the ticks if target gets killed = replace energy vampire) Does this change the duration of Mind con
  6. Thanks for pointing it out, I think I know now where I got it wrong. About not getting "Blood letting" but getting "Spectrorage - Spectrosiphon" instead,.. as well as "Dispensary". But what you are asking is outright broken, That: Percent damage. It can clearly replace Energy Vampire Same build High Strength & Low duration I just re-read (even making it more unlikely. I like what you are saying but if the "current things you listed" were implemented, the resulting "CHANGE AUGMENT" will have lots of restriction.. sample: Limited A
  7. You cannot gain energy from ability while an active ability like Assimilate is ON. (Hysteria,Peacemaker,etc.) Only from energy orbs. Mind control needs improvement as it is YES , but I do not agree of disabling the AI of the controlled unit. Nyx was my first subsumed frame, and the current usage I've had with mind control is only with the Razorback fight. In terms of energy I STRONGLY believe that DE will not implement such thing, in a sense that we might as well have "Blood letting" as the subsumed from Garuda (sadly; Blood altar was given.)
  8. UdsUds


    Weapon leak?
  9. Perspicacity stops working on consoles; that summons bursa, in the Razorback room after the first use. No Parazon~"auto breach" equipped.
  10. Play type connection set to PUBLIC. No one joins as the fissure is about to expire. After reaching 50 plus minutes the spawn rate of the power cell carrying enemies "PCCE" begin to dwindle dramatically. Reaching the 60 minute mark the PCCE don't spawn at all. There are still lot of enemies still spawning mostly Eximus units. Possibility of enemy type swapping bug? the amount of Eximus units are a bit high. I do not believe that the PCCE not spawning in a window of 10 plus minutes is intended. I've taken some screen shot but the in-game screen shot does not show
  11. Aura forma already has a bundle. Do bundles specifically planned only for forma?
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