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  1. Yeh! I want to mass mind control and to lift the new gas barrels from NEW Jupiter tile set with my awesome psychic powers, Not just sitting with absorb all day
  2. I was wondering where are the other "Upvote Type" goes.
  3. Agreed this is annoying
  4. Plot-twist: Little Duck is part of the sentient spies. She has the mission to ensure the survival of the sentients, while monitoring the tenno. (Thats why murex raid score reset out of nowhere...)
  5. NO Space is far easier than Ground. Ground takes longer completion time as well as is more straining to the fingers bullet jumping and all. They Nerf Limbo? Never mind me then . But with all seriousness space is still easier. Even with the Limbo nerf or the "more enemy spawning" Just GIVE the ground squad more rewards as in MY experience I DO more Space Murex than Ground and what it kills me is that the Flottila I joined in has so low ground squad players, bottle necking the progress. Rephrase: Why would anyone wanna do ground if they can still CHEESE space and have better rewards doing it? At least give the once who are sacrificing for me (space squad) a better reward than me for taking the longer/harder gameplay.
  6. I want something like the Gwent (from the witcher) if possible too
  7. Cernos Prime's projectile does not explode while Artemis Bow on the other hand have an augument that make it explode. So NO x5 exploding arrows, although if you are not using the augment is kinda weird to consider the Artemis to be AoE.
  8. OR make either x2 forma BP / Crafted forma
  9. Only my opinion: This might crash the market, and is why DE is not doing it? Option for consideration(COMPROMISE) is : To locked this Feature > trade / offer to resource or credit trade ONLY. eg. I have spare of Rare Mod but I have problems ranking up mods cause I need credits or endo, Then with the feature you can trade spare for extra credit/endo even resource.
  10. I see, thanks. Sorry for wrong bug. On another note: In similarcrum again, when aim gliding the explosive round will sometimes stick/explode behind the frame when firing. Tested with Zephyr Prime again and was using mod sticky grenade with Tonkor.
  11. if i remember correctly Zephyr Prime, will retry it. EDIT: RE-tested, I think its solved was using primed sure footed eliminating any animation. (not sure if intended tho)
  12. In the similarcrum firing until I'm out of ammo. Tested on feet as well as firing in point blank to walls
  13. TYPE: [In-Game, Spy] DESCRIPTION: [Operator mode all through out mission NO EXP gain, also checked if it went through my "school" - NON] (Mission takes less than 5 mins completion) VISUAL: [none] REPRODUCTION: [Using operator in spy mission and leaving you warframe at the beginning of the mission] EXPECTED RESULT: [Should have gain EXP with my weapons or frames] OBSERVED RESULT: [instead of having atleast 12k EXP on weapon/s I got 1k probably from killing a few things. Additionally on 2nd test notice that the mission EXP reward is not recieve by any of my weapon/s or frames (did not kill anything and rush it with my operator).] REPRODUCTION RATE: [2/2 test]
  14. Ogris does not prompt any animation when you fire it at your feet. Bug / intended?
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