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  1. Is it possible that Nyx will get her rework of some sort? Also Nyx Prime is permanently unvaulted, does the unvaulting still provides relics with her? (probably yes?)
  2. Trippy when your in the "game" and checking how efficient your loadout only to find you are getting worst at killing things
  3. Mission timer starts at 4 minutes random minutes edit addition: EDIT: Title Mission Timer Steel Path (Capture) Bug.
  4. Experience this today 2021. At least in my case I did not lose any gear I THINK?!
  5. What does Tunguska Cannon do?
  6. I see what you mean but there are other sustain you can subsume instead. High STR/Low Dura = Elemental Ward (Heat); Base Stats = Gloom; Base on %HP = Blood Altar; Healing Well etc.. Voracious Metastasis is unique as it also restores energy without the need of range mods unlike Energy Vampire.
  7. Thanks for the earnest PR. Gift of the lotus tomorrow?
  8. Yep same here. Was consigning my pet, subsuming and trying to play via pub cant create a session. - Logout to Relog, voila cant login. - Exited the game, voila launcher wont load. Wait: Maybe because its flooding all over the world?
  9. Too many players today, got kicked from the game.
  10. Got in now :) Thanks everyone 🎆🎇
  11. Parazon Mercy, not sure if intended, but.. Enemies under crowd control wont let you execute parazon finisher. This is true as well with heat and electric procs.
  12. Defiled Requiem Transmuting Transmuting 4 of the same Requiem to be the same one. Currently this is still random.
  13. While everyone is fighting over EXP and stuffs, Imma repost myself :D
  14. Please remove quit rate stat when returning via abort from a free roam during the quest.
  15. RIP TIDE : Area of Effect from straight / plain target acquisition, make it sphere like. (Add some range if possible) ALSO I want bigger water bubble like the "Moon Sphere on Lua" that big! :D MERULINA: Stuck with most tile set and cannot utilized full speed (Usually just put helminth ability atm) AQUABLADE: Ability to mod for range SEA SNARE: GOOD but will like for more amount to be present at a time (There is a max cap of amount of snares) SYNERGY: 4th to 1st , Casting Riptide near Sea Snare will consume all remaining total damage potential of Sea Snare (Burst)
  16. TYPE: IN GAME SPAWN MECHANICS (ACOLYTE)DESCRIPTION: Steel Path exterminate missionVISUAL: REPRODUCTION: Steelpath exterminate (Stealthy Gameplay)EXPECTED RESULT: At least by 6 minutes acolyte shall spawn (before update maxed spawn time is 8 minutes)OBSERVED RESULT: In the image Acolyte wont spawn until 10 minutes+REPRODUCTION RATE: 4x times in row was doing Simaris target
  17. NOT A BUG Element combining logic is like this: Mods > Base Element of weapon > Bonus Element from Kuva/Tenet
  18. Because there is Spellbind (edit: somebody pointed already sorry)
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