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  1. Only preliminary feedback as yet, the mechs tool kit is ....... not as good as the Voidrig by a huge margin MEATHOOK Doesn't seem to have a point, hard to get to work, does no damage that I can tell, bugged maybe SHIELD MAIDEN Not as good as Voidrig's shield, also doesn't seem to do anything vs corpus in fortuna FIRING LINE Just terrible, diesn't fit the theme of the mech, doesn't do much damage, seems to be blocked by slight variations on ground level EXALTED IRONBRIDE Gotta compare it to Voidrig again: do a metric ton of damage at range, vs almost
  2. That takes tedium to a whole new level. The fight crashed out 3 times, each time I had to redo the "puzzle" and after the last crash out, realised I don't want the sword after all.
  3. It seems to be a step backwards, to add further layers of grind and RNG to a system already infested (sorry) by it. A whole bunch of the new syndicate seems to exist for no reason at all, unless it's to pad out a really thin amount of content.
  4. Many years ago, on a Dev stream of yore, a fresh faced Sheldon stated that DE has heard the player feedback and would be taking steps to reduce the grind. Have you tried turning him off and back on again ?
  5. I'm just not looking forward to hunting down all the oxygen cannisters. Also, I'm pretty sure Carrier can fly, so most of us will be fine.
  6. Torrid needed a total rework but got a very slight "buff". Hence, DEScott has gone out of his way to prove the maxim: You can't polish a Torrid.
  7. Yep, but lets be fair here, he's the only frame that can bypass a little bit of the grind.
  8. It looks to me like the devs just discovered Deadspace.
  9. Works really well on Corpus, and easilly modded to make it good vs anything else. Decent enough, just don't expect Dakra levels of pwnage.
  10. I never looked at the levels. Nor did I really take much damage, or even come close to dieing soloing the missions I needed. Since I was using my recently formad valkyr, I was spending a whole lot of time hiding behind stuff and not acting very ninja like at all, which could have been why I wasn't having issues. Was using my Braton Vandal too, with a mag/toxin setup. Just pretend you're playing Spec Ops: The line and not a bad &#! space ninja and you'll be fine.
  11. It's a solid build, crit builds can do more burst though. All in all, good to see another Lat Prime user :)
  12. You should really try a certain prime burst weapon, modded right, it does amazing dps. Not as easy to use as the boltor I admit, but hugely ammo efficient and hit scan, with minimal lift on follow up shots.
  13. I never noticed tbh, in fact, I used the event to lvl up my forma'd Valkyr :P No shield mod fitted, but max health and armour mods, she took minimal damage, if any. I did wonder why she was getting the large xp though, and I did probably play more like a standard shooter than a "ninja" game.
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