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  1. Had to watch it on youtube, bugs out when we try it. Looked cool though.
  2. Changes seem solid, I'm going to miss getting primary wep procs from fast melee, but hey. I'm also spending a whole lotta time running back for data masses, but muscle memory should adapt.
  3. It's a great concept that appears to have skillfully avoided your QA team: Most people don't do 1hr survivals not because "it's too much of a challenge" but because it's freakishly boring The friend requirement is great in concept, but hey, general chat is full of them, unless you have marginal Inet, then it's full of host migration and failure. The points split between the different tasks is poorly considered, since you really can't skip the boring "elite" stuff if you want to keep grinding up the battlepass ranks. The way some of the tasks are just rng dependent, well, theres a devstream or 2 where Sheldon claims to have learned his rng lessons and will be working to reduce, you know, rng. Early days though, maybe all the crap stuff is falling out early and the rest of the system will be golden, and not a dumpster fire.
  4. Oh good, more multiple layers of rng to farm, just what the game needed.
  5. I like the concept, but the implementation is just really bland. It needs a rebalance of the numbers of daily to weekly tasks to slightly tone down the "oh it's yet another unobtainium grind by DE" feel.
  6. It's a good concept but really poor implementation. I'm surprised your QA guys didn't point out that removing a system with multiple rng activities available daily with a huge grind with only 1 daily rng activity was going to produce an issue with perception at least. Weekly quests work in other online games but having a great variety of activities but not having them compulsory, rather than the exact opposite you decided on. Just another grind for unobtainium, in a game that already has several.
  7. We may not know what it'll look like but we surely know it'll be a pain to farm.
  8. Given that this is Canadian Valentines, you ladies better be dressed appropriately. Hockey gear or parkas, it's the only way to be sure. H
  9. Remember when Mag was crap, then good, then unplayable, then OP, then mediocre, then strong again ? Its the circle of nerf
  10. I actually ran some arbitrations, comparing her utility/cc to IDLoki, Slowva and Baruuk. It was far easiest and most effective on the Loki, with Baruuk being a decent alternative and Nova being decent CC (but best dps booster). Nyx is not in a great place right now, as I said, she brings nothing that can't be easily lived without. If you like the place she's in, good for you.
  11. The rework was pretty lazy, not really helping Nyx with any of her issues. She is as useless a frame as any cc frame would be in a game with so many great damagers and debuffers. Brings nothing to a group that a variety of frames can do better, and they can bring more.
  12. Mesa looks good, and whenever I think you guys can't come up with worse accessories, you surpass yourselves.
  13. Nyx will always be a sub par choice, in a game primarily about fast paced killing. A rework based on the same theme will always feel lackluster, especially compared to frames with comparable CC that also include damage buffs. Titania is a solid frame, once packed with enough forma to make 3 frames god tier 😛 Hard frames to rework to be fair, both have problems based entirely on the execution of the original concept, combined with the way the game play has evolved.
  14. So, the new frame can sluggishly kill low level enemies ? The abilities just seem a bit off.
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