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  1. She's had 2 reworks, making her progressively worse each time. Her main problem is there is no area that she can compete vs other, better frames. Scott smashed her kit in the name of "balance" but gave her nothing useful in return. She's still playable, but is the very definition of mediocre.
  2. Wisp seems like a mess of unrelated abilities dumped in the general location of a warframe Her 1 is immobile, so useless in any mission with movement Her 2 is great, fit with the theme well Her 3 is bad, really really bad, look at the arguments Scot was making about Vauban being immobile Her 4 could be good, on a warfrane with a different theme Passive fits well If you work on a custom move set for a frame, it seems a waste to saddke it with immobile skills
  3. Changes seem solid, I'm going to miss getting primary wep procs from fast melee, but hey. I'm also spending a whole lotta time running back for data masses, but muscle memory should adapt.
  4. It's a great concept that appears to have skillfully avoided your QA team: Most people don't do 1hr survivals not because "it's too much of a challenge" but because it's freakishly boring The friend requirement is great in concept, but hey, general chat is full of them, unless you have marginal Inet, then it's full of host migration and failure. The points split between the different tasks is poorly considered, since you really can't skip the boring "elite" stuff if you want to keep grinding up the battlepass ranks. The way some of the tasks are just rng dependent, well, theres a devstream or 2 where Sheldon claims to have learned his rng lessons and will be working to reduce, you know, rng. Early days though, maybe all the crap stuff is falling out early and the rest of the system will be golden, and not a dumpster fire.
  5. I like the concept, but the implementation is just really bland. It needs a rebalance of the numbers of daily to weekly tasks to slightly tone down the "oh it's yet another unobtainium grind by DE" feel.
  6. Given that this is Canadian Valentines, you ladies better be dressed appropriately. Hockey gear or parkas, it's the only way to be sure. H
  7. Mesa looks good, and whenever I think you guys can't come up with worse accessories, you surpass yourselves.
  8. Nyx will always be a sub par choice, in a game primarily about fast paced killing. A rework based on the same theme will always feel lackluster, especially compared to frames with comparable CC that also include damage buffs. Titania is a solid frame, once packed with enough forma to make 3 frames god tier 😛 Hard frames to rework to be fair, both have problems based entirely on the execution of the original concept, combined with the way the game play has evolved.
  9. So, the new frame can sluggishly kill low level enemies ? The abilities just seem a bit off.
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