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  1. It's really buggy, I just got 3 perfects in a row and my NW is 0/6 Since all 3 perfects were on differing species, it negates the whole "all have to be different" that usually gets trolled out, also.... 0 out of 6 *edit* The count resets if you reenter Fortuna, which I wasn't aware of
  2. Wow, the Saryn augment is great ! It's an ideal way of nerfing players who don't really read descriptions.
  3. The 10 choices were mostly minor variations of existing frames to be fair.
  4. Not getting bonus credits anymore, two flotillas in a row, getting emblems as normal though.
  5. So, you made the ground portion even more worthless, neat.
  6. It's a good concept to be fair, just really badly implemented: More points and easier railjack portion, but depends on there being enough ground squads to feed codes, will get worse when people realise how comparatively bad the score rewards are too. Seems it was rushed out without much balance testing, maybe screwed up last min by staff relocation, although it's been a long time coming.
  7. New prob for me with the mainline, more than half my missions don't end once all objectives done, can't access the nav console either so straight aborts necessary, losing intrinsics etc. Your bug creation team is doing a fine job 😛
  8. Nav console doesn't show up in completed railjack missions now, so you broke something.
  9. It would be nice if you'd fix not being able to access the nav console after finishing a mission for real this time.
  10. Are you supposed to lose the forma invested in your weapon when you combine it now or is that a bug ?
  11. That kuva bow looks really bad, horrible drop off, no ammo efficiency and high self damage (Reb almost killed herself with an unmodded wep and, er god mode on)., needs a rework or a different dev to look at it. Lich changes look nice.
  12. Just because they farmed it fast doesn't mean it's ok that it's that bad. I think I managed an 8 intrinsic recently, so hopefully it'll be better by the time I get to a 10.
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