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  1. I have noticed that many Weapon Augments have intresting ideas for special effects but often those effects end up being a good idea that sadly doesn't live up to expactations. So I would like to suggest an Weapon Augment rework in which weak and nearly useless Augments get a buff, tweak to make the intended feature practical or changed entirely. Over the next couple of days I will edit this thread and try to add more augments that I think need an improvement. Because I lack time and concentration to do this in one go. But plz leave your suggestion and ideas in the comments. I will use Weapon Augment list from https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Weapon_Augments and speak about the weakest or most useless ones in my opinion. 1.Stinging Truth : Viper/Viper Wraith Mod current effect: flat 40 extra rounds in the magazine problem: Automatic secondaries espacially ones like Viper/Viper Wraith that have a high firerate and quite low effective ammo pool considered how much of your ammo it takes to kill some of the normal higher level enemies on the star chart. So the mod doesn't really offer much because reload is really low anyways and you will have no ammo to fire anyways pretty fast. suggestion: Adding a build in ammo conversion and giving this mod instead of the ammo capacity that it adds now either flat status chance for the weapon (because the status chance on the weapon is low and could become effective with such a buff due to firerate, so the weapon could at least strip armor really well) or adding a straight damage buff. That would help the Viper/Viper Wraith a lot so that those weapons have a good usage just besides providing the syndicate effect. 2.Avenging Truth: Silva & Aegis (Prime) Mod current effect: 50% of incoming Damage while blocking is absorbed and added to the next charge attacks problem: this mod is just really impractical for multiple reason. First of all are charge attacks rarely used and the wiki page for this mod indicates that it is really hard to use with stances. And that is kind of bad because it really limits your choice in that regard. suggestion: The idea was tried but it just doesn't seem to work. I think the best way to solve this is by just making this mod like other Melee Weapon Augments that add 100% extra damage. Because for me at least it seems like the idea of what the mod currently does is just not that easy to execute ingame. 3.Entropy Spike: Bolto current effect: 20% Chance of an Explosion with each shot that deals 250 blast damage that doesn't seem to be affected by mods and can inflict selfdamage problem: The main problem with this mod is that it doesn't really fix the main problem of the weapon and could even make it worse. Most people use this weapon only for the syndicate effect it provides while never really firing this gun. Also it doesn't really seems that this explosion is really that big of an aoe and it hardly gets unmodded shields down on many frames. Also it doesn't semm to be affected by other mods that increase damage. The Bolto itself is not really the best weapon right now espacially with the Ak version having its own syndicate and primed version. suggestion: Give the weapon a 100% chance that each projectile explodes and that it deals 100 blast damage in a 5m radius with punch through (so a group of enemies would be afflicted) while also having 16% Crit Chance and a 2.4 Crit Multiplier just like Bolto and a 50% status chance (Bolto only has 2.2% Status Chance so that would help the weapon a lot). With those changes this mod would turn the Bolto, despite its own low status chance and low base damage into a really good and usefull weapon. Next ones will be Toxic Sequence for the Acrid and Voltage Sequence for the Lanka.
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