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  1. The new Index map's energy orbs don't work. They often just float there, while I stand on them, and don't give me energy.
  2. I just tried the new disruption mission from the event. During the mission one of the defense targets was a nullifier, and there were several nullification type enemies that spawned. One of these caused a permanent nullification effect on me for the rest of the mission. I couldn't use abilities, I couldn't transference out, and I couldn't be healed by the group's trinity. The rest of the group was not affected. I'll keep an eye out if this happens again to try and get more details about what specifically is involved with the bug. Jumping off the map didn't fix it. I didn't die or get downed so I don't know if that will fix it or not.
  3. The only thing I want from the inclusion or removal of bait blueprints is fairness to all players. If the blueprints aren't going to come back, then forcibly remove them from us older players and reimburse us for the cost of buying them to begin with. Otherwise put the blueprints alongside the completed bait and give players the choice. I want new players to be on the same level playing field as the rest of us.
  4. I like the Nightwave system as a replacement for alerts. In general it's great to remove some RNG from such a huge list of potential rewards. The cred offerings in particular are well made. I like the weekly list that is partially randomized to keep certain alert rewards always available (potatoes, nitain, vauban) while others cycle through (helmets, skins). I like most of the objectives as well. I do have a few... okay, many, suggestions for improving the overall Nightwave system though. The first thing to work on is the post rank 30 rewards. Either they need to require fewer points per rank, or the cred rewards need to match the pre 30 rewards that had them. If the goal is to stick with 15 creds per rank, then make each rank after 30 only require 3000 points. 15 is 3/10 of 50, and 3000 is 3/10 of 10000. If the goal is to keep the rank progression a static 10000, then make each rank reward 50 creds, just like previous ranks that gave creds. The current setup of 15 creds per 10000 points makes it a painful grind to earn anything more, which de-incentivizes people from doing any more objectives once they reach rank 30. The cred offerings are great as is. The only thing I'd request here is the addition of some way to get forma. Add relic packs to the offerings list for the same price as potatoes, or even just forma by itself for that same potato price. They're already a rank reward, so why not add them to the offerings list? Some of the weekly objectives need work. Use forma 3 times? That just tells me it's bad to use forma outside of the event just in case it's next week's objective. Gild an item? Same deal. Even putting stars into ayatan treasures has this problem. They're not hard to do, but they de-incentivize doing these things outside of when the objective is active. Instead they prompt people to wait, holding off on things that might otherwise make the game more enjoyable. There is, thankfully, a very simple solution to these objectives. Don't make them weekly objectives. Take the current weekly versions and make them repeatable around three to five times during the entire event, at any time during the event. The exact times they can be repeated could be based on the average chance of them appearing in the first Nightwave. It would also be a good idea to reduce the amount of work required overall for many of the weekly objectives. Many people just don't have the time to complete every objective during a week. They probably have jobs, school, or family taking up a lot of their time. A few objectives could be reduced, and converting others to event long objectives while reducing the total number of weekly objectives would also lessen the time constraints. Maybe someone who is normally busy will have a few days to spare here and there during the event to work on the big event long objectives, while the lighter weekly objective load would take only a couple hours to complete. On top of the time requirements, there is also the balance of them all that really needs worked on. Just reducing the required number of completions for each problem objective would fix both of these problems. Some suggested reductions: Find all the caches in a sabotage mission three times (Cache Hunter) should really only be finding all the caches once. Especially as a weekly objective. There is another weekly to just complete three sabotage missions (Saboteur), no caches required. The relative difficulty and time requirement of objectives in the same category need to be much closer to each other than this. Invader (complete 9 invasion missions) should be reduced. Almost all of the other objectives that require completing a specific mission type only require 3 completions. Invader should match. It's three times the work for the same standing reward. The Earth/Venus Bounty Hunter objectives have this same problem. Reduce it to three bounties to match the other weekly mission completion objectives. Supporter is another one. Drop that the three times. Perhaps the worst one in the weekly category is Vault Looter. It requires a minimum of four completions, and the missions aren't even guaranteed to count unless the player has a group of four well coordinated people. This means random matching won't work; it requires a preformed group of four to guarantee that the vault can be opened. For people working with smaller groups, there is a chance (1/4 for each spot not filled) that the vault will be the wrong one and nobody can open it. This objective needs to be drastically reduced if it remains as a normal weekly objective. Require only one completion. To complete it in one shot, much more work is required than the other complete 3 missions objectives. Herding cats (players? no, cats) is hard! To complete it solo, or even as a group of two or three, it will still probably require extra attempts. Murphy's Law is strong with this mission type. An alternative would be making this one an elite weekly instead of reducing it. Elite weekly objectives all seem to require more planning and coordination. This actually makes Vault Looter a great candidate for being an elite weekly, as is, with no other changes. I think I'd prefer that option. As for the existing elite objectives, I like most of them. They're not ones you can complete all of with just an hour or two, but an hour or two each day will probably finish them off fairly quickly. These are a great way to give a little something extra to the people who can put more time into the game, but not so rewarding that people who can't spend that much time are missing out on very much. I think it's important to balance the overall Nightwave ranks to have rank 30 be achievable by completing about 3/4 of all weekly and daily objectives and none of the elites. This allows people to be flexible and still be rewarded for doing what they can. Busy people can still get that rank 30 reward, and people with a lot of time can earn even more points by completing the elites. Killing 100 Eximus or 1500 total enemies are great objectives because they require either a fair amount of time or good planning and coordination. Most of the elites should require some planning and coordination or at least a couple hours of less intensive work. There are a few that need tweaking though, and one that is outright bad. The bad one is killing the Profit Taker. While I like the idea of killing superbosses as an objective, the problem with this one is the required standing to even attempt it. It requires having the maximum rank with Solaris United, which is no small task. Even with a 20k+ daily standing cap at MR20, and having friends carry people by using their already high standing to buy echo lures and such, it takes a long time. A couple weeks at least. That timeframe skyrockets if MR is lower. MR10 with a 10k cap takes at least four weeks. Double that again to eight weeks at MR5 with a 5k cap. That's the entire Nightwave event right there, even counting the MR that someone will probably earn while working on other objectives. It's fine if the elite weekly objectives have some requirements, but maxed standing is not a good one to use. This is especially true for Profit Taker because other people can't carry players without standing along for the ride. For comparison, the Hydrolyst objective does allow carrying (coordination!) and even attempting it solo without any standing requirements, so it's a good superboss objective. Day Trader could stand to have the "in a row" part removed, but it's doable in its current state if the right setup is used. Perhaps it could be changed to "in one session" so that players can miss a perfect match once and still complete it if they just push on to a fourth harder match and succeed that time. Elite weekly objectives are the ones that really should require more coordination than the normal weekly objectives, and this one certainly requires coordination. They can also require groups, such as the "with Friends" objectives, again because elites are where coordination should be a factor. Hold Your Breath needs to be dropped to 40 minutes. This one isn't about the difficulty, it's about the real life time. Some people literally cannot sit at the desk for a full hour, and even 40 minutes can be hard or impossible for some people. On top of that, most health advice recommends taking a break to move around after every 30 minutes of sitting or standing in one spot. Pushing that 30 minute mark every now and then certainly won't do much harm, but it's much better to at least get it closer to that point. For the same reasons, Survival with Friends and Defense with Friends need to be reduced to 40 minutes and about 40 minutes worth of waves, based on average wave durations, respectively. I can usually end up deploying 4 sentry turrets (which requires 30 minutes minimum of total cooldown time) by around waves 20 to 25 on an easy defense mission, so 30 would be a good wave limit here. It isn't ideal for the loot drops, but then the extra B and C rewards would be optional for the players to decide if they want them rather than being required by the Nightwave objective. The daily objectives, on the other hand, are perfect. They are all easily done within a few minutes for players that know what to do and how to do it. They are still easily done within an hour for newer players that are still learning. The newest players may have trouble with the damage type objectives due to lack of mods, but mods can be traded. It's entirely possible for them to ask for help getting the right tools to complete the objectives, and they even get three days to do so instead of having to do everything all at once right away. Daily and weekly objectives really should be doable by just about anyone. They should also be doable by every single person who is willing to ask for help. The current daily objectives nailed this. Keep up the great work DE!
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