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  1. DaemonFleur109

    Coming Soon: Devstream #106!

    I was going to say new eidolons...but thats coming... The Sacrifice hype! Still waiting on details on that :D Also a buff on relic drop chances in bonuties would be nice too Keep up the good work
  2. DaemonFleur109

    Warframe Builder

    Bug: Ballistica Prime shows a base status chance of 59% which is not right xD
  3. DaemonFleur109

    Coming Soon: Devstream #104!

    Three things DE - When can we expect the Sacrifice? - Next Unvault? - Personal Quarters needs a fix (Cant see other players fish/hear other peoples music/see other peoples warframe in the display) Thanks for the hard work :)
  4. DaemonFleur109

    New Contest: A Full Warframe House

    Behold Warfemon! The trading card game! Here is the beginner set! http://imgur.com/gallery/A9nG0/new
  5. DaemonFleur109

    New Costume Contest: You Are What You Kill

    Freaking 11/10 Right there! Nice!
  6. DaemonFleur109

    Coming Soon: Devstream #61!

    When are you planning to add Prisma secondary Weapons? and New Immortal skins? (Mesa, Limbo etc) More Tonfa? New
  7. DaemonFleur109

    Update 17.5: The Jordas Precept. + Hotfix 17.5.1

    can u give us a high chance to get ember p bp pls?
  8. DaemonFleur109

    Warframe Panel @ Nycc!

    sigh Australia has nothing important :( we melbourne peeps are just "oh, another panel!....in NY" and of course it's....America
  9. DaemonFleur109

    New Comic Contest: Not Just For Clem

    DE What happens if u have 6-8 panels? do u disqualify it or is it still ok?
  10. DaemonFleur109

    The Proxy Rebellion Bonus Weekend Is Now Live!

    Anybody Got Tempo Royale Yet? And When You Hack The Bursas Does It Increase Drops?
  11. DaemonFleur109

    Coming Soon: Devstream #60!

    Will u ever put in Prisma secondaries or will it be mara? Will u put Zanuka as a corpus type kurbrow?
  12. DaemonFleur109

    Coming Soon: Devstream #60!

    When is the moon tileset coming up too?
  13. DaemonFleur109

    Coming Soon: Devstream #60!

    When is Typhus being put in? and when the Pre corpus valkyr skin comes out will the proto armour and Nyx nemiesis be put in too for limited time like the prisma bundle