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  1. thought it would be spelled "Bansh", but what do I know about slang.. personally I think her current resonance Augment is already good enough: even if it doesn't paint the weak spot first time, it can be stacked via multiple casts or by chaining resonance.
  2. still can't get over "Bigg Fapp", a Brakk-wielding lich that was summoned by my clan leader. he may be gone, but his name lives on in the greatest sidearm in the Origin System, the Bigg Fapp Kuva Brakk.
  3. IMO Hydroid could use Kraken the way Khora uses Venari. command it to attack enemies, heal you, defend etc.
  4. Frost and Ember obviously, they never get released often enough.../s Nekros and Oberon would be nice, I don't think either have been unvaulted and everyone should enjoy the Tigris prime and Galatine Prime IMO.
  5. personally I prefer Chilling Reload for it's low drain, and a lot of shotguns work really well with Viral. even Magnetic is good if you run a lot of Corpus missions. I just wish Blast was better... in the old days, the Supra took over 7 seconds to reload. as someone who uses LMGs in a lot of games, I learned to plan reloads carefully, and try to do them only when the room's clear.
  6. kinda hard to beat a flamethrower that shoots through walls, has insane reach and damage and tons of ammo, and doesn't require any skill. nobody's forcing you to use it.
  7. I'd like it if there was an increased chance for relics you don't have as many of, that would help tremendously with newer prime farms. too bad DE will probably never implement it, because it's a good idea.
  8. Tenno, get the Ignis Wraith.... the 5-forma Ignis Wraith.. scratch that, bring the Cortege instead.
  9. we have this. "The Grineer used to be be builders, but now all they make is war" "These Corpus are just like the Orokin, Selfish, greedy." it's not great admittedly, but for newer players, they won't know about how the grineer built Orokin architecture, or that the Corpus are a money worshipping cult. I do think that maybe new voice lines should be added for players who have progressed their questlines, but that means writing and recording new dialogue, which takes time that DE may not want to spend on something that isn't new.
  10. more saws probably, don't hold your breath on a Atance: we still have several melee classes that have gone years with only one stance. and I'm still mildly peeved that the Split-Sword was never given it's own unique stance.
  11. in terms of actual elemental use, Chroma can only use basic elements while Lavos can use both basic and complex elements. Chroma is arguably a better tank however, while Lavos only really has Ophidian bite and a big health pool to keep himself alive. so I guess it's like this: - if you just want an elemental-themed frame, or a dragon themed tank/buffer, go Chroma - if you actually want to keep using different elements on the battlefield to devastate enemeis, use Lavos.
  12. all setups are viable, but my personal setup (all MK3) - Vidar plating: more armor is better than having the most amount of health. - Zetki shields: reason being that the recharge delay is so short that by the time fighters can circle around to attack again, my shields have already started recharging, so they can't break through my shields without the help of a crewship's sustained fire. - Vidar Engines ( I think): went for more speed, less boost since boost still has to regen. I have maxed pilot intrinsics, so Railjack Blink makes up for it somewhat. - Talyn as pilot gun, good balance of damage and fire rate without overheating too quickly. - Carcinnox Side guns. technically you want high fire rate vs fighters (look at AA guns in real life), but really these can be literally anything with an AI crew and I doubt it makes much difference. it is also important to have a good crew. I run Defender/Gunner/Engineer, with gunner also having piloting skills to move the ship and destroy radiators for me in Grineer missions. it can take a long time to get to this point, but it's worth it, as even Veil missions are a breeze.
  13. he is pretty strong, but I think most people (perhaps myself included) don't really understand his intricacies as the few Xakus I see go for the "floating armory" build where you just use 2 and 4 and build for range and duration, allowing you to run around as the floating guns just blast everything around you. it's definitely viable, but not making use of all his kit.
  14. Kahl any day of the week: - only needs one grakata, Clem needs two because he can't hit the broad side of a Railjack. - carries big sharp machete, Clem has no melee. - can use Orokin weapons, Clem would either have a meltdown trying to understand it or be distracted by how shiny it is. - can actually talk, Clem only says his name - capable of thinking under pressure, as demonstrated by "food is bomb" strategy. Clem doesn't seem to think, and even if he does, we don't know what he's thinking. - earned the respect of Councilor Vay Hek himself, Clem meanwhile is a filthy defector who will be shot for abandoning the Queens.
  15. interception has always been more about rapid movement between points than killing enemies. in solo interception you have to focus on taking points, enemies will start by taking every point back after you claim it, but because we can travel between points much faster, you eventually gain an advantage, until eventually you get all 4 points. you don't have to worry about the enemy because they always "follow" you, going after the points you just took. then once you have all 4 towers, just do your best to stop them from being taken. mass CC frames like Nyx can help tremendously, and you can use Void dash or powers like Sandstorm to ragdoll enemies off the points too.
  16. inb4 next patch notes says "fixed a bug that made Chesa desecrate enemies"
  17. IIRC they teased a new Sentient Bow weapon in the past, but either way, it's highly likely we're going to get a new Sentient weapon or two in New War, and those might require the shards, maybe. otherwise no, it's just another forgotten resource.
  18. but if something happens to the goods, then you don't get the goods, EVAH!
  19. must only be for a split second, my operator always has his cringey Mohawk (better hair options for the kids please DE...), but there is always going to be a tiny window between frame and Operator. Excal is the placeholder for things that haven't loaded in, you can see this when you first enter relays and it has yet to load other people's frames, they walk around as a shimmering black/blue Excalibur until it can load in their frame and fashion. would be kinda neat if for April fools we got that as an actual Excalibur skin lol. "I may not have fully loaded, but my gun is!" so don't worry, it's just the spaghetti code doing what it's supposed to.
  20. I think the only change needed would be slightly more telegraphing before they use their AoE cast, and maybe force them to wait a couple seconds between using Ripline and the AoE: several times in the past I have been reeled in and then immediately downed, so that would help too. Forma is the way. unless we're talking slots, in which case I'd assume you have Primed Flow on so try Quick Thinking instead and keep your energy up, then you basically have a second health bar. between that, shield gating and recasting Polarize, you should be pretty hard to kill as long as you pay attention.
  21. if people want to leave, you can't force them to stay. deliberate host migrations will always be a thing, but accidental ones... those are tricky to solve, outside of dedicated servers,. and those aren't flawless either. everyone hates host migrations, but they're basically a part of the game at this point, and DE likely haven't found a viable solution to this either.
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