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  1. well I guess we need to get weaker as the content gets stronger to add difficulty or something I guess rubico prime got used to much sad to see my phantera riven getting weaker that was a fun weapon to use every now and then ah vectis, you were once useful to me now your even weaker, if only there were a way to make other weapons than snipers effective against eidolons, I guess the only way is to make all weapons weaker against them so we cant see the difference lanka is used mostly cus it has the best damage against edolons other snipers are discount damage and aren't accepted by the broad farming community because you use to much time to kill, for most missions you really wouldnt want to use lanka grenade weapons are more effective there
  2. after playing alot of saryn lately, I more an more noticed how spores and lash work, on solo everything works like a clockwork, in team not so much if you have bad host or clients high damage weapons seem to kill enemy before lash triggers therefor not spreading, I fixed this by equiping an dragon extinguished key and my experience was improved my spore uptime was increased and spread worked in team settings more consistently
  3. From playing with the re re rework her spore spread seems even more inconsistent, if the target dies when you cast spore you loose full stack, attacks sometimes seem to kill before spread and derefore not spreading, spores seems to spread when they want to spread, and stop spreading on a whim, lash dont seem to make an difference. Overall to be able to re cast spore to spread is nice, but it didnt fix the inconsistent spore spread that was present before the removal of spread by death. Then you have the on going meta battle of having team players counter picking equinox to stop you from spreading spores all together, not much you can do to fix counter synergies, I gues. heres an idea that might not be popular remove damage on miastma increase range and have it spread spores at 2x range or something ot even 1x
  4. Saryn re re re rework was something most players knew were coming from when the re rework was shown on stream first time and it was stated that the spores would cap out at 100k. In regards to meta there seems to be a trend to try inhibit saryn from working by countering with another saryn nuking map with equinox etc. it has been this way since i cant remeber when, is this the last time we se a saryn re re re re work?, no probably not, will trinity have her anual nerf soon?, probably. Is excalibur exempt for this?, yes, (bacause of plot armor) Does anyone care about my opinion?, no definetly not, thats why i state it...
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