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  1. nope. still a few cases of this.
  2. I can confirm this. my rank 30 Kogake is missing too.
  3. host migrations can reset the ropalolyst's back things, with no way to regain lost ground because the capacitors are gone.
  4. heres a bug, can't sell spare Wisp Blueprints.
  5. what, no Ducats rewarded from twitch? that was what was suppose to be for last week's that got postponed.
  6. @Gucy36 you're thinking Profit-Taker, i'm talking about the Exploiter-orb, which is a different one ENTIRELY.
  7. ok so I update my bug report. Apperantly just trying to grab the canister RIGHT after it finishes makes it vanish @Gucy36 they drop from Coolant Rankoids that follow the Exploiter Orb around.
  8. Bug report: Coolant Canisters in the rift Cataclysm vanish when you try to pick them up.
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