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  1. 3 hours ago, (Xbox One)ShadowBlood89 said:

    fusion cores have been replaced with the endo system to allow you to get better control of ranking up mods without wasting a core at all.
    draco used to be what alot of people used to rank up but now is changed to a differnt mission type an killed the fast road to ranking up. Alot of people go to stolfer an akkad.

    lets see you missed alot of events that granted sweet weapons an mods,
    event weapons of wraith an vandal have been changed to invasion battle pay items.
    sorties are now locked behind doing the war within quest.
    you have to progress through junctions to get to other planets if you havent already had them before your leave.
    your codex has alot of new new things to it that help out, as there some stuff that better viewing it to understand.
    Codex has what you need to do to unlock quests so it easyier to understand that.

    your tenno gets power up from a certain quest but spoilers for you so cant say too much on that.

    Dude, OP stopped playing after The Second Dream

  2. As someone who entered warframe without any friend to guide me and not a native english speaker, I made relatively few mistakes in my entire warframe playtime. Mostly because I'm used to google something I don't know. And after reading some post in this thread I feel like I'm the smartest gamer in the world :facepalm:

  3. 1 hour ago, Danzen00 said:

    Hi everyone, I have found the solution. You might not like it, but i t worked for me. I had to REINSTALL the game and it finally worked. I think it was primarily SEA servers issues. I have encountered "network not responding" notices while in game. There might be other ways, but this has worked for me so far. I hope this helps.

    SEA server here, and I have no issue. Download speed is also normal. I would suggest optimizing your cache, or runjing ipconfig /flushdns then ipconfig /renew

  4. Dear Santa,

    I have been a good Tenno this year. I followed Mama Lotus' orders, I train with Papa Teshin, and I always helped uncle Clem and miss Maroo. This year, I have killed 10.345 grineer, 9.236 Corpus and 21.399 Infested.

    Santa, for this year I only wanted DEATH TO ENEMY OF THE LOTUS  Excalibur Umbra  The Tekelu Collection.

    P.S. Watch out for the Kubrows and Kavats

    P.S.S Don't come near the infested door

    P.S.S.S Come quickly or Uncle Clem will pop a cap in your &#!

  5. 8 hours ago, X3Evanescence said:

    The Cyan star is the supposedly more "common" variant out of the two Ayatan stars, maybe a bit too common. Personally, I have about 100+ Cyan stars, with 30+ Amber ones. 

    It makes sense as you need to install more Cyan stars into sculptures, as compared to Amber ones. Well, in short, it's all about RnG.


    Sure it make sense because we need more cyan than amber, but since I started actively playing again 3 weeks ago, I only get cyan which is weird for me. I only have 26 stars, ALL of them are cyan -__-

  6. 8 hours ago, Maicael said:

    I'd noticed something similar, but wasn't sure if it was just me. I asked on the forums earlier and it does seem to drop more Cyan than Amber (which makes sense given more Cyan is used in each statue than Amber), but Amber stars seemed to become nonexistent for me for a time, and are still so rare compared to Cyan.

    Here's my post if you want to look at some of their answers as well: 

      Reveal hidden contents



    Amber stars are not specific to the Void. Got one today on the Corpus ship.

    Too bad I don't play at the time amber star drop from lockers :(

    Well, RNG is RNG

  7. Great post. I agree with your points, OP.

    DE needs to lower ducat and credit prices, or raise credit reward. And relic drop from eximus thing sounds good.

    But DE said they'll monitor sales first, which means they'll wait until we ran out of relic, ducat and credit. But that won't be a problem for veteran player who have thousands of ducat and a few dozen million credit. Worse,they won't spend those because Baro doesn't bring new stuff -__-

    Think about the new players, casual players, returning players and 'poor' players DE! Think about them!

    P.S. Sorry for bad english and formating 

  8. Cannot update to SotR because update is too slow and unstable. As a guy who have to go to internet cafe to update, this is very bad. ISP or firewall is not the problem since I can update other game or download stuff just fine. Updating warfarme is just borderline impossible for me now.

    Anyone can upload SotR download cache so I can download it?

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