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  1. Wow thanks! I was actually hungry ! You are awesome mate! There is the bye and the salt on it too ! You mad lad!
  2. Me too! (waiting for a salty comment quoting me and say bye or other toxic stuff)
  3. It's nice to go postal on each other because some one posted a cringe story? If it's bothers you so much why you don't just ignore it? People who comes up to complain are just haters right? I'm sorry for your friend leaved because of this, it's an overreaction but understandable, it happens, take a break from the game. I hate necramechs, archwing, RJ, and I'am still here. Just play the best parts of the game what you like, hate or love it DE doesn't want to stop here, they want to connect most of the parts of the game. I agree that necramechs are hot trash right now, but in the future proba
  4. What's up with the unreal skins? They still messing up the kuva weapon stats .
  5. At least we can use operators? Cool! I will do the event then before they "fix" the operators🤣
  6. I have to use Nacramechs? Sorry but nope, this whole operation is skip for me. Anyways I hope others at least gonna enjoy it :)
  7. I have to use necramechs ? No thanks this is a pass for me.
  8. 110% Agree with you. You like necramechs? Use them if you like it, but don't force people who don't like necramechs to use them. Off topic: Same for forcing RJ into the lich system if it optional then it's okay.
  9. Same problem here to, some corpus and kuva fortress tilesets have a lot's of them. Verifying did nothing but worth a try.
  10. I greatly against forcing RJ into the lich system. Its okay if its an option, but i would like to avoid RJ because I got motion sickness not one time (wasn't a pleasant experience) spiced with boring missions. I like the idea of the RJ crew , it's nice, only for RJ so it's a pass for me to. The new event forcing to use necramechs is really left a bad taste in my mouth, but what ever. Lavos looks cool, the signature weapons has great sound! The new ephemeramas are amazing but concerning that they going to block the screen so the player can't aim which is a problem already with certain syandanas
  11. The sad thing is that people are arguing here for days, then nothing happens. There are great argument on each side! But don't go postal on each other which usually leads the closing of a topic. The trading system has it's own flaws, of course! An auction house is a bad word, what would be actually good. The exact same system what we have on a third party website, would make things just a little bit easier. The auction house is not the best thing for warframe. (Of course there was one game, which actually made it good, and it was spiral knights. There the premium currency could be exchan
  12. I don't know why it would hurt anybody if these skins would fit more weapons. I personally wouldn't mind if the flak canon would fit on all of the shotguns , but if we really want to be fitting to the weapon (which i don't understand why is a really important thing meanwhile we got already universal skins and they work just fine and well) there at least one weapon what would deserve the flak canon skin and its the zar. The rocket launcher skin ? In unreal tournament the rocket launcher was able to shot grenades up to three in ut3 but in the first the rocket launcher was able to s
  13. I use the butterfly (Sari) syndana and it's always blocks out half off the screen, if I aim or not. I love the my syndana but it's just messes up my aim so much near for 3 second that is ridiculous. If it would instantly close I would say okay... A button would be amazing to select if want it closed open or auto transition. I mean if I paid 10 euros for it, the minimum is should to be usable without flaws or impact on my gameplay. There is two images about the problem:
  14. Only for the ogris, stahlta and the drakgoon what a waste ... I mean a like those weapons to, but hell it's big thing to ask to make them universal for each weapon class ?
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