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  1. I'm curious what we going to see in the stream! One question : could we get an option for aim switch and manual switch on weapons with two different firemodes? Some of us would like to use these mechanics allaraound on all of multifire mode weapons ! (also heard that borderland 3 made this possible after some feedback from the second game! )
  2. Yeah I would like to see this happen! I just can't get enough of the quartakks reload sound!
  3. Last time when I played the game, I could turn off reverb, this option no longer exists. My I ask if it's is intended or will be fixed ? Personally I greatly dislike reverb for I only use one side of my head phones beacuse I have to look out. I also note that the option to turn of reverb existed even when advanced reverb was introduced to the game.
  4. I made a topic slowly a year ago, I had the same problem like you. I just want to enjoy the kuva quartakk like i mained the original for six hundred hours. We need and option to change this machanic all araund on different weapons! I would love to use aim switch with a zarr!
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