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  1. Literally begging DE to give us a toggle for Ghouls and disable thermia fracture alerts if you’ve already acquired everything. My OCD hates it with an immense passion. Filters for navigation in general would be lovely. As it stands it causes me genuine pain. Also duplicate cosmetic rewards need to give a different reward.
  2. I have and will continue to advocate for the back hatch of our railjack to deploy vehicles. These are all very intricate, good work!
  3. These are lovely, also; mastery rank coaster set and plaques.
  4. I might suggest a dedicated toggle for Nightwave encounter dialogue, it would work season to season and I wouldn’t have to lose myriad other transmissions.
  5. They are pretty reasonably territorial considering they’re surrounded by Grineer expansion. Especially because we aren’t the only ones taking their eggs. Which of course do have the capacity to incubate within the nest... otherwise there wouldn’t be any kubrows. I think the inference that they are feral in contrast to domesticated kubrows is inherently facile. Our companions are the weird ones, not their wild equivalent. At least, not after hundreds of years of adaptation.
  6. If they’re using the accented “ō” warframe wouldn’t like that.
  7. I... I liked Warframe when it was a tactical game. I’d be over the moon if there were a mode that restored that playstyle. The game shifted from “subtle” ninja magic to grandiose, legendary, reality warping magic. That’s fine, a lot of people grew to love that. I do too, to an extent. But strategic stamina usage, limited but impressive feats of athleticism, finding cover, and archetypical group dynamics were deeply satisfying too. Where modern Warframe defines fluidity as non-conflicting systems, old Warframe saw fluidity as learning to seamlessly transition between systems.
  8. Naturally restore old parkour, wall running was much cooler. I confess I was very fond of gaming the stamina bar and repeatedly kicking off opposing surfaces to reach new heights. Bullet jumping definitely made the world feel smaller, less imposing. Especially the void.
  9. The difference between holding people accountable and vocalizing vague, generalized dissatisfaction is a point of contention. We’ve experienced a limited capacity for a balance between the two. Largely incapable of differentiating free speech from hate speech. Digressing from that... Ordis has incredible Alpha 5 energy. Can someone please edit The Glassmaker Nihil over the Rita part of the MMPR intro.
  10. Finally someone who shares my lifelong passion for Power Rangers in Space. I’ve meant to cosplay Cassie for literally decades but d e p r e s s I o n. I want to be able to deploy necramechs, kdrives, and a rover from the back of my railjack. Ive tried to make my operator or mag look like rangers before. PS. The PR: Lightspeed Rescue PS1 Game is like, a formative memory for me. I still have it actually. Pss. More like Beatleborgs or VR Troopers
  11. I want them to mail handwritten letters to everyone I grew up with (family/peers/caregivers/teacher & exes) explaining my accomplishment, including my total playtime and my total forum karma. Who’s never accomplished anything now dad?!
  12. Tbh adding the ability to give your Warframe the umbra passive would be enough for me. Thematically appropriate and satisfying. Whatever it ends up being, it can’t be a feature, or a place, or a unique non-cosmetic item. It can’t be temporary, and more than anything it can’t be interesting or beneficial enough to make anyone covetous. So what can you do with those boundaries? idk, +1,000 daily standing, credits, endo, and kuva a day? 5 un-tradable plat a day? A permanent slight affinity buff? A unique cosmetic for your operator, companion, weapon, Railj
  13. Toggle full funding from vault on placement, remove build time, objects should only be ethereal (Yellow) if the decoration is open to donations. Plus the fund all button for a room. It’s maddening to try and build with opaque yellow/blue blobs.
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