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  1. I will continue to be cross about losing operator crouching until the day I die. Also, the belt and amp issues in particular are very noticeable.
  2. I'm glad I'm not the only one, I was beginning to think I was crazy(er). It looks like one of the joints lacks the animation/physics it needs.
  3. I had this happen with my equinox prime generated Lich. I believe it may have been due to multiple people stabbing the larvling, but I couldn't say.
  4. Dunno if it's related, but one of the NPC's in the railjack room (by the end of the righthand side) becomes a floating head on and off.
  5. Experienced the same on my ship as well, very blinding, thought there might be a tridolon behind the pitcher plants.
  6. Not to intrude on your post, but there is a hole in the floor just past the Transference Room doorway now, I didn't bother to show the abyss beneath it.
  7. I just wanted to say my operator gets bugged into attempting to uncoordinated-ly fist fighting when thrown by a lich. Honestly would appreciate not the removal of this, but allowing operators some low damage simple combos. Bring back crouch 2028
  8. Only thing I have had issues with is that his 4 bugs out, a lot. Usually getting stuck in a weird half-transformed state with hilarious proportions. Sometimes as an animation-less small ball. You know, the usual.
  9. I was very skeptical at first, but I am really enjoying the reworks. However, Vauban's 3 has had it's windup time / visual / sound removed and it was easily the most satisfying part of his kit. I really would appreciate it being reconsidered, without it everything seems very... paper thin gameplay wise. Even allowing casting speed mods to speed it up might help assuage some while maintaining the original ability? Also, Ember's rework is nice, her four feels very fast though, too fast... similar problem I suppose. While I love the meteors of flame, a fire that spreads would be nice, from enemy to enemy, but the wider spread the more drain? Just here about the Vauban thing honestly.
  10. Very interested to see how all this turns out, hoping razorwing doesn’t cancel when moving to operator. Skeptical of the Parazon but willing to adapt. I wanted to offer a suggestion, Orbital Strike might be more satisfying to use if you consider a hold+aim targeting mechanic. Selecting a target area using a disc matching the aoe you guide with the reticle. I’m thinking Sienna’s Conflagration Staff from Vermintide 2 Honestly it ties into my only real grievance, I loved Vauban because he was deploying stationary gear, things that felt like he’d actually modified his environment. It wasn’t much but the trip-wire and laser grid augment were to me the entire appeal of the Frame. I hope we can get these back somehow. The new kit feels... superficial to me personally. I don’t have a reason to use him now. But I am glad for those who will enjoy it.
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