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  1. Meant to include a response to this; I'm thinking silver craft scissors but otherwise I love the comparison. Doll-like joints/arms would be fascinating and the attack sounds are precisely what I'm alluding to. I have been thinking of Moirai as "The Fateweaver", and keep turning around little "introducing video" Lotus concepts like "Take life into your own hands, Tenno" etc. Grace over creepy, but a mix of both is always fun.
  2. I thought I'd leave the ability names open, though I do have some ideas. I welcome any suggestions or interpretations on appearance or functionality etc. Honestly keep thinking of Khora's Deluxe, but could you imagine a prime with golden, cage framed spindles in the arms and torso, spooling red thread? It has come to my attention however that the singular eye between forms is not Moirai but the Graeae, I've never claimed to be an authority on the source material. A thought on animation; smooth movements, precise, and punctuated by the cold sound of gliding metal, sharp and nerve-wracking. Widespread scissors snapping shut at the end of a combo like a guillotine.
  3. Augment Idea: Life-Line 2nd ability replaced, just the needle, but you pierce allies to connect them to you. As their HP drops, you replenish it from your Thread supply. Hold to sever the bonds. Augment Idea: ? Replenishes your hp automatically from thread reserves. Amount based on efficiency/strength.
  4. I tried searching quickly for a similar thread or wishlist thing that wasn't from several years ago but as I did not come up with one immediately I will be posting regardless. For the sake of all decorators sanity and creativity, please add building blocks for each material type, maybe under a separate tab idk. Rectangle, Circle, Cylinder, Triangle, Semi-circle, Block, Arches, Dodecahedron, whatever else. Orokin Gold, All Rocks, Ice, Wood, Sand/Grass, Marble, Orokin Wall Meat, the list goes on and on. Very simple concept, you already use texture shifting on rocks and such, they're real basic shapes and they add the closest thing to functionally infinite creative freedom short of Voxels. Maybe when you select an item you can also choose it's shape so that they don't have to be listed as individual entries. Thank you this concludes my Tenno Talk.
  5. I was debating if I should make a collage of all prostheses within the game already, which would include much of the Grineer, especially bosses (whom are augmented more significantly than grunts, in an effort to both extend their lives and expand upon their utility), the Solaris, and a number of major Corpus characters most notably Parvos Granum. Thing is, if you're here, you more than likely have seen these NPC's... even if you may not have noticed the prevalence, nor significance, of these "augmentations". Admittedly it's quite fascinating to puzzle over the lore and practical applications of these observations. But it strikes me as odd that, when I think about it, almost all of the examples we have are intended to be a variety of body-horror. The Grineer are meant to be severely malformed, clinging to life (and in some ways weaponizing) via these means alone. The Solaris, in their entirety, are posed with a similar scenario, forced to continue replacing parts to contend with otherwise lethal occupational hazards, all through the lens of debt. I am hesitant to say it's reminiscent of the animated film "Robots". Little Duck, I believe, is one of the voices that mourns the idea of dying in a body that isn't their own, and if they're the same person if everything has been replaced. I will say that some instances in the game are unique in that they come across as 'cool' rather than alienating, such as Tyl Regor and Kela De Thaym. But to put a finer point to my meaning, there are a range of representations within Warframe already, from the artificial legs of heavy gunners, the sacred golden hand, to Vay Hek... and even Ballas's Sentient 'revival'. But with these examples it is obvious to me that it's largely considered by the narrative to be a "bad thing" to augment oneself, or to have limbs replaced. A notion most represented by New Loka's ideology of such things being a blight upon a "pure humanity", and while yes they are considered overzealous the origin system is entirely founded on the nature of humanity as it splinters into countless branches, all vying for survival with their own means. So do you play Sea of Thieves? Because you can have a peg leg, hooked hand, or patched eye and be fashionable doing it. I might suggest that in tune with the Somatics operators already bear we might tend to this heavy narrative bias by offering a variety of prostheses. I recognize that some in the past have called in the extreme examples of requesting wheelchairs and the like, but this is both ill suited to the setting and tremendously difficult to implement. What I would ask is that it be considered for future operator customization, available at the conclusion of the Second Dream. The Operator begins with a standard set available to them, ones that are of Tenno-make, or at least the aesthetic of our orbiter, highly uniform and practical, matching an organic limb (and thus explaining your appearance when removed from the Reservoir). I've no inclination to attempt to sketch examples for your consideration, but I would mention that I've seen a great many examples of such application in the Fanart Warframe has generated. I imagine a lot of variety in this vein, as each faction has their own approach to the concept, we have many examples already modeled in the game itself, and it leaves room for Tennogen or even Deluxe concepts. I do wonder what other's think on this matter though, be it for the sake of fashion or a healthy representation of 'disabilities'. TL;DR (rude) - Warframe uses prosthesis very negatively and there are very reasonable means of applying positive representation while also generating revenue. Also yes our hand could still do the void thing, besides using it through clothes, we've multiple means to channel our void-borne power through catalysts.
  6. Warframe Concept Moirai the Fateweaver
  7. Inspired by the mention of the sisters of fate warframe mentioned during tennocon. Forgive me for this being relatively bare bones, and I'm too depressed to draw this so imagine it with the utmost generosity. Appearance: Three models, three sisters (Equinox vibe) Hollow torso and limbs, metallic and cage-like, a large spool of thread within the stomach, a few threads weave through the limbs from the core. Two tiny dolls based on the other two sisters move, imp-like over and through the body of the active sister. Sometimes hanging off a leg or shoulder. Animations utilize them, teasing. One eye somewhere on the outfit of each sister, different locations, only present on the active form. * Secondary Resource: Thread, visible on a HUD meter and on the large spool. Killing enemies reclaims their lifeforce, replenishing thread. Abilities: Kit focused on fourth ability, an exalted weapon that has a different form for each sister. Form Change Akin to Khora's Whip, Form Specific A. Large Needle (Foil), [Puncture] Chaining this ability "strings" enemies together using thread, the damage is spread evenly amongst linked enemies. B. Large Spindle (Club), [Impact] Strike your enemy, hold to spin thread onto it, increasing damage. This buff is sustained while exalted. C. Large Shears (comically large Scissors), [Slash] Slashes enemy, stealing additional thread. Sacrifice your HP to spool thread. EXALTED - Fully realized Needle, Spindle, and Shears. Idk this was just my immediate thought when the sisters were mentioned. I haven't thought much about it to be honest as this was all within the minute after it was mentioned. I really want a giant scissors warframe and the imp-dolls are rad. K thanks have fun bye.
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