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  1. Rivens for newly released weapons should be given the 0.50 disposition value, and have its values changed during the subsequent Prime releases. If the weapon is indeed truly powerful, and a large amount of the playerbase uses it, expect the disposition to remain the same or go up slightly. If the weapon is mediocre, and less people use it after ranking it for mastery, expect the disposition to go up by a larger amount. Having newly released weapons being with at the lowest disposition value makes people think twice about "investing" their time/platinum/kuva. Have people not figured out by this point that when a powerful weapon gets released, becomes meta, that the riven dispositions will tank? Then they complain on the forums about spending "thousands" of plat, talk about quitting the game, getting upset and making threads about having the riven system scrapped? Lmao people need some foresight. When Catchmoon/Fulmin got released I knew immediately after maxing the build out that these weapons are way too powerful even without a riven, and investing in a riven would be a poor choice if one expects it to not get nerfed heavily
  2. As per title, the Iliac syndana is not attaching properly to Oberon's deluxe skin. Please have this fixed!
  3. DE makes a killing off the riven system from players purchasing platinum to trade other players. I've dealt with so many people who have told me they are recharging just to buy a riven I have for sale. They might as well close their studio if rivens were removed.
  4. The "what should DE do about the riven mod system" topic has been beaten like a dead horse countless times. Frankly I don't think we are going to be anticipating any changes to it at its current state other than the periodic changes in disposition. I would suggest keeping the lowest disposition at 0.75 so it does not seem like slotting a weak disposition riven is a waste if resources while raising the maximum disposition above 2.5 as there are many weapons with very high dispositions that perform poorly compared to those even without a riven. oh, and more slots.
  5. I saw this coming months back when they indicated sentinel rivens would be available again. RIP to those who paid too much for their Artax rivens
  6. RIP previous Artax owners who paid too much for their rivens haha
  7. It's a solid riven. If it was mine I'd price it well above 10k. There are a couple on riven.market priced at 5k with the same positives but less desirable negatives and they have been sitting. Granted the riven is unrolled, it should be inherently more valuable to the right person. I would consider it a collection piece. However Grinlok rivens are not popular and only a handful of people in the game would consider purchasing it for that price. Realistically if you wanted to sell it it will be hard to get above 5k. It would be a relatively fast sale at 3k starting
  8. I enjoy the riven system. I used to heavily invest my time into rivens as it gave me something to do (looking for the best rolls, experimenting with different positives/negatives, etc). I used to keep a high profile with respect to trading rivens; this allowed me to keep my farming at a minimum by simply buying what I was after and not having to worry about RNG. I've been through well over 600 rivens at this point, of nearly all varieties. There are a lot of changes that could benefit the riven system for both the database and the players. I feel like a lot of RNG from the riven system should be removed as it causes more troubles than it should. - The database can be streamlined by removing range of values for more static numbers based on riven disposition, and the naming conventions should be streamlined because we don't need 6 different variations in names for a riven with 3 of the same positive values. - Rivens should be given their own polarity, instead of 3 different ones as well. - MR lock on rivens should be removed, with the only requirement being the MR required for the weapon. - Riven cap should be removed if retrieval of rivens can be more streamlined (with suggestions above to help) - Kuva should be available for purchase with platinum, this offers a good platinum sink. - Having a weekly resource that updates players on the most popular/unpopular weapons so people have an idea of what to expect during next riven disposition changes - Values for certain positive stats need a boost in values to make them slightly more desirable so people aren't too concerned over the main ones (damage, multishot) such as magazine size, reload speed, reduced recoil, etc. Some extreme suggestions: - perhaps the introduction of a type of riven where the weapon and the stats can be chosen, with a heavy reduction in disposition, untradeable, and purchasable for platinum (kind of like rivens that can be used for testing certain stat combinations) for people who don't like the RNG at all - Veiled rivens should be available from an NPC. Even better if veiled rivens can be available from the Market for platinum (at higher costs than current trade economy, so you can pay more if you don't want to deal with others. Players should understand this is an option if you don't want to trade others or if you don't want to farm from Sorties/alerts.)
  9. Every melee weapon should incorporate Condition Overload, to me it's more essential than Pressure Point. Every melee weapon also needs scaling damage from critical hits, even if the weapon has a lower critical damage multiplier. If the weapon has non-existant critical chance, critical chance can be boosted through other means such as pets, Arcane Avenger, Naramon, etc. This makes running Blood Rush also a must. A good loadout can offset weaknesses that certain weapons have.
  10. DE, you guys would be getting way more sales if you stopped offering the junk mods in all these packs. The credit amounts are also too low. The packs are honestly a noob trap and value wise it's not there. I.e. Reflex Guard Pinnacle Pack Reflex Guard and Heavy Impact are included - and are fairly useless from a gameplay standpoint. Only 60k credits are included. Even a low or mid level Index mission awards that much. If these packs are targeted towards new players, add mods that would actually be beneficial to them such as Continuity, Intensify, Streamline, etc. Selling point mods could include rarer stances mods, powerful mods such as Condition Overload. Bump up the credits amount to at least 250k, add things such as slots and Orokin Catalysts/Reactors.
  11. Curious to see what will happen to platinum that is traded between players and if it will migrate over to the Switch version. Also regarding Riven mods as I'm sure those will take a huge chunk of database space.
  12. Thanks for the hotfix. Have you guys considered changing bounties to be able to award syndicate standing similarly to how doing syndicate missions can grant extra standing above the daily cap? There's a lot of Fortuna content that's locked behind syndicates like kitgun parts, gilding, and even the materials required for Garuda are locked. Low MR players have more difficulty raising their Solaris standing with the cap in place
  13. I hope DE will allow Artax rivens to come back as well if the other sentinel rivens can be acquired elsewhere. Market speculation is nasty, paying 15k+ for an Artax riven is terrible 😂
  14. I don't agree with leaving the Kohm and Detron untouched. Leaving things out of the picture like this means DE is willing to NOT adjust the disposition for certain weapons which further skews the value of such rivens. Does this mean as the Kohm/Detron become even more popular DE is unwilling to touch them because they can't achieve their 100% status chance with a riven build? We already have mods such as Nano-Applicator which players can still slot in for shotguns which will bring Kohm up to 100% status chance before multishot even before a riven is required. If you're going to adjust riven disposition at least give these weapons a hit as well.
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