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  1. So many "veterans" getting butthurt over their decision to spend countless hours farming/saving to purchase a questionable mod in which the value is purely subjective. Good on those who managed to flip them for a healthy profit knowing the risks, sorry to those who held onto them. I predicted Artax rivens making a comeback, and no surprise the same thing with Primed Chamber.
  2. LOL. As a retired trader I saw this happening at some point years ago. While I do feel sorry for people who saved up and paid over 6 digits for one, I'm happy seeing DE doing the right thing and giving more players the opportunity to try this mod out.
  3. Lol why would you bring up drugs as a comparison? Apples to oranges. We're discussing systems in-game, not narcotics/drugs. I highly doubt a small "fraction" of players list on warframe.market. WM is a resource the majority of players are aware about. Only the most clueless players don't take a look at warframe.market before posting on trade chat. Welcome to the free market where prices can drop in an instant. The market corrects itself over time. Warframe.market just compiles buy and sell requests, I don't see what the problem is. I don't see prices tanking on most items, only stuff that has been in circulation for over 3 years. Trade chat is the same thing but 100x more disorganized and cluttered. Instead of typing something every two minutes in trade chat, and waiting mindlessly there should be systems in place that facilitates trading easier that aren't automated which is what most people here are against
  4. The only people who generally pay 5k or more for a riven are people who have already immersed themselves into the riven market or have done lots of buying/selling of general items. 5k, 10k, or even 100k does NOT equate to any monetary value outside of the game. 5k platinum does not cost $200 unless you're the person actually recharging it. People converting platinum value to a monetary value are absolutely wrong in that way of thinking. A 5k riven costs absolutely nothing to a lot of people - it just costs time to acquire. Unless someone is able to cash out their platinum balance for real money, platinum in the game has NO VALUE outside the game. There's literally an endless supply of platinum circulating in the game from people recharging. When there's more platinum to go around, riven prices inflate. 2-3 years ago the best rivens were like 2-3k, now something good is that standard price. It's stupid easy to make platinum in Warframe aside from the riven market with not-so-much effort. Earlier on you could farm Shedu parts in half an hour and net at least 200p every rotation. Every Prime release just farm the parts and sell immediately, easy way to make 1-2k over the course of a day or so. Also a note is that all rivens on the market that are in the high figures may not ever end up trading hands at all. Asking price is not the sale price. There is literally no demand for rivens in excess of 4 digits
  5. The fact that warframe.market exists and a resource that thousands of people use gives a clear answer to the demand of such system. A system such as warframe.market should be implemented in-game, why are we relying on third party websites/resources?
  6. OP is complaining about 6 million credits to farm? Where each of the components are time gated by 12 hours? So effectively complaining about 1 million credits that is easily grinded in about 10-15 minutes
  7. People won't like the changes to blink, that's for sure. Maybe it would be cool to allow blink to be used once without energy consumption every 3 seconds? Then allow energy consumption for blink if used immediately after. Eidolon hunters are going to be upset for sure if they can't spam it back to the lake from halfway across the plains.
  8. Mastery Rank is cool for the extra QoL bonuses, but it's just another number guys. I've seen too many clueless players who know little to nothing about the mechanics of the game, sitting on their weapons with 50 kills overall from Hydron for 10 minutes.
  9. The process of killing a Lich is not newbie friendly and it doesn't appear this system intends to cater to newer players. Newbies will get wrecked since their gear isn't up to standard for Lich killing, they probably won't survive in those nodes to begin with
  10. Unable to spawn a new Lich after the current hotfix. Killed larvling twice already
  11. Vanquished my Lich, no weapon awarded?
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