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  1. Omega

    Auction house system?

    The community is against auction houses but never provide any suggestions on how it could actually work in the game. Auction house would be a good implementation to the game provided there are limitations in place. My suggestions: - minimum 5p tax or 5% of item value for listing the item, whichever is greater (even if it doesn't sell) - minimum 5p tax or 5% of item value for buying said item, whichever is greater - maximum of 5 items listed at any time for sale - items are active in the auction house for 30 days before becoming inactive - auction house purchases count towards daily trades - taxes collected act as a collateral to offset losses incurred from black market platinum, chargebacks, and/or other forms of RMT Why these limitations work: - taxes prevent items such as common mods or prime junk from flooding marketplace under 5p - players are still encouraged to communicate with other players through chat instead of jumping straight to the auction house where things cost more to obtain at the benefit of convenience - limiting number of items listed reduce chance of flooding the market - purchasing limits reduces chance a whale manipulates market prices - a solution for DE to cover their losses instead of banning innocent people when platinum issues arise - good for the riven market, prevents flooding of trade chat. People thinking about charging 10k+ for a riven will think twice with the taxes for listing them
  2. Omega

    Some Sets need 6 slots to trade

    I'm surprised DE hasn't implemented trading sets with a single selection rather than selecting 3+ parts/blueprints every time. Or better yet expand trading to more than 5 items at a time, perhaps maximum 8?
  3. Omega

    Primed chamber avaiable, when?

    DE should just introduce an augment for the Vectis which grants 100% damage on the first shot so the collectors can continue to flaunt their 250k Primed Chambers I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for DE to reintroduce Primed Chamber for the masses
  4. Initial thoughts: Wow this game is grind heavy. Rhino looks cool I want to build him first. Thoughts at MR26: Wow this game is REALLY grind heavy. I'll never get 21 Repeller systems at this rate. So happy I purchased all the market bundles for new content since Revenant was released.
  5. Omega

    Salvaging Near-miss Riven Rolls. A suggestion.

    Removal of a stat is almost no different than locking a stat from the way I look at it. Rivens should be solely based on RNG and nothing other than RNG should influence the outcome of them. It's too late to make any types of changes to the way stats are generated in the system without disrupting the market for them and will make a lot of people upset.
  6. I don't understand the need for Orb Mothers to be dropping debt bonds. Players are already max ranked with Solaris United standing and there's really no reason for debt bonds to be dropped when they can purchased from Ticker fairly easily with the mining/fishing/index grind already. Orb Mothers should be dropping the Atmo and Repeller Systems even if it's 1 or 2 per kill which makes ranking up Vox Solaris standing more feasible. It's worse enough for a 1% drop chance from bounties just to rank up and the fact that the new amp components require multiple systems make the grind even worse than it should be.
  7. Omega

    Umbra and equinox on index

    Just having 2 Umbras doing work in Index missions a whole team can finish 2 rounds in under 8 minutes. Hard to beat that efficiency, it's even quicker than the old suicide Link Trinity AFK? I don't think so. The player still has to watch over Umbra because when Umbra gets hit enough the frame stops shooting entirely.
  8. Nice guide, definitely needs a pre-made group in order to have this done effectively
  9. Omega

    Does WF really deserve the game awards?

    Warframe has a long way to go. I really love this game but there is much to be desired from this game. Parkour system is great, weapon diversity is top notch. Graphics is very good compared to other FTP online games. I made a fresh account on the PS4 version and started over to see how enjoyable the game really was. The storytelling/lore appears to be fragmented, there's a couple good cinematic quests near the end but nothing really stands out from that other than figuring out what you truly are. One could realistically "complete" all the quests at MR5 in under a week's time with limitations on doing Mastery tests. 90% of the content you can explore is locked behind a foundry which requires extensive grinding for parts/resources. Aside from constantly grinding and building things, Warframe truly does not have that much to offer. As an MR26 player, it's hard to even figure out what to do in the game at this point even after obtaining almost every piece of gear. Most days I just log in and sit idle in my Orbiter waiting for "new" content to be released which generally is just a few new weapons and maybe a Warframe here and there. Compared to other FTP games - there definitely seems to be a lack of events going on. We get a double credit/resource weekend like what... once per year? Halloween event was seriously lackluster If Warframe is not getting nominated for awards, it's because there are things that need to be improved as a game. Some people expect too much from the game at its current state from what is really just a grind->build->repeat shooter. To put things into perspective, if everyone could start with all the equipment unlocked - what else does the game really offer?
  10. Omega

    Warframe Black Friday Sale

    DE, you guys would be getting way more sales if you stopped offering the junk mods in all these packs. The credit amounts are also too low. The packs are honestly a noob trap and value wise it's not there. I.e. Reflex Guard Pinnacle Pack Reflex Guard and Heavy Impact are included - and are fairly useless from a gameplay standpoint. Only 60k credits are included. Even a low or mid level Index mission awards that much. If these packs are targeted towards new players, add mods that would actually be beneficial to them such as Continuity, Intensify, Streamline, etc. Selling point mods could include rarer stances mods, powerful mods such as Condition Overload. Bump up the credits amount to at least 250k, add things such as slots and Orokin Catalysts/Reactors.
  11. Curious to see what will happen to platinum that is traded between players and if it will migrate over to the Switch version. Also regarding Riven mods as I'm sure those will take a huge chunk of database space.
  12. Omega

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.0.6

  13. Omega

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.0.5

    Thanks for the hotfix. Have you guys considered changing bounties to be able to award syndicate standing similarly to how doing syndicate missions can grant extra standing above the daily cap? There's a lot of Fortuna content that's locked behind syndicates like kitgun parts, gilding, and even the materials required for Garuda are locked. Low MR players have more difficulty raising their Solaris standing with the cap in place
  14. I hope DE will allow Artax rivens to come back as well if the other sentinel rivens can be acquired elsewhere. Market speculation is nasty, paying 15k+ for an Artax riven is terrible 😂
  15. I don't agree with leaving the Kohm and Detron untouched. Leaving things out of the picture like this means DE is willing to NOT adjust the disposition for certain weapons which further skews the value of such rivens. Does this mean as the Kohm/Detron become even more popular DE is unwilling to touch them because they can't achieve their 100% status chance with a riven build? We already have mods such as Nano-Applicator which players can still slot in for shotguns which will bring Kohm up to 100% status chance before multishot even before a riven is required. If you're going to adjust riven disposition at least give these weapons a hit as well.