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  1. DE, you guys would be getting way more sales if you stopped offering the junk mods in all these packs. The credit amounts are also too low. The packs are honestly a noob trap and value wise it's not there. I.e. Reflex Guard Pinnacle Pack Reflex Guard and Heavy Impact are included - and are fairly useless from a gameplay standpoint. Only 60k credits are included. Even a low or mid level Index mission awards that much. If these packs are targeted towards new players, add mods that would actually be beneficial to them such as Continuity, Intensify, Streamline, etc. Selling point mods could include rarer stances mods, powerful mods such as Condition Overload. Bump up the credits amount to at least 250k, add things such as slots and Orokin Catalysts/Reactors.
  2. Curious to see what will happen to platinum that is traded between players and if it will migrate over to the Switch version. Also regarding Riven mods as I'm sure those will take a huge chunk of database space.
  3. Thanks for the hotfix. Have you guys considered changing bounties to be able to award syndicate standing similarly to how doing syndicate missions can grant extra standing above the daily cap? There's a lot of Fortuna content that's locked behind syndicates like kitgun parts, gilding, and even the materials required for Garuda are locked. Low MR players have more difficulty raising their Solaris standing with the cap in place
  4. I hope DE will allow Artax rivens to come back as well if the other sentinel rivens can be acquired elsewhere. Market speculation is nasty, paying 15k+ for an Artax riven is terrible 😂
  5. I don't agree with leaving the Kohm and Detron untouched. Leaving things out of the picture like this means DE is willing to NOT adjust the disposition for certain weapons which further skews the value of such rivens. Does this mean as the Kohm/Detron become even more popular DE is unwilling to touch them because they can't achieve their 100% status chance with a riven build? We already have mods such as Nano-Applicator which players can still slot in for shotguns which will bring Kohm up to 100% status chance before multishot even before a riven is required. If you're going to adjust riven disposition at least give these weapons a hit as well.
  6. God bless those who will be farming Chroma and the weapons today. May the RNG be in your favor
  7. Holy smokes thanks for the update DE! The increased oxium spawns are very nice thank you! The Nezha skin and rework has been my personal most anticipated update this year! With the amount of new Tennogen being released, thank you for providing deluxe skins as an alternative to players who wish to not pay more real currency to achieve fashion frame. PLEASE continue to make more deluxe skins for Warframes I'm ready to buy them all haha. I'm exicted to give Revenant another shot, I feel like he will still require monitoring
  8. Thanks for the hotfix DE! Can we expect changes that compliment Revenant's kit as a whole rather than having efficiency nerfs that are detrimental to his overall novelty? We have so many other frames with better room clearing abilities with very low overall energy consumption such as Volt/Saryn/Equinox who are not limited to obstacles yet Revenant gets a pretty generous 60%+ nerf to his efficiency for an ability that's severely hampered by the small tilesets (and even other frames can block him)
  9. Thanks for the hotfix! Thank you for brining the Zylok! It's a great secondary weapon for those who have completed their relay reconstruction tasks. Also, please revert the changes to Revenant's energy costs for his forth ability. There's no reason it should cost that much and when players choose to boost the ability the drain is very fast even with a high duration and efficiency build
  10. YES I am definitely excited to try out Revenant! The last two newly released frames didn't provide much of an impact but I'm sure Revenant is sure to change things! Thank you for your hard work DE, I'm definitely excited to try out the quest and new frame ASAP. Also thank you so much for releasing Prisma Twin Gremlins it's an amazing weapon Edit 2: Full build guide now available: Edit: quick look at Danse Macabre on a 2 forma build (build video coming soon)
  11. Thanks for the update! Super excited for the new AMP parts! Will there ever be a system of obtaining built amps through a system similar to Hok's Daily Zaw rotations? It would definitely give casual players a chance to experiment with more Amps as they are currently very grindy and resource heavy to build. I'd definitely be interested in purchasing some built Amps with platinum! I took the liberty of creating a quick video on the new amp parts if anyone is interested in checking out:
  12. Thank you! We definitely can't wait for the Fortuna update to come out eventually. Thank you for the hard work DE team!
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