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  1. Demolishers won't spawn on conduits sometimes Killing demolisher will not complete the conduit defense and will result in a failed conduit after a short period eventhough the demolisher is dead
  2. Wolf spawn chance is still unreasonably low, with some players stating that they've never run into him even once in the entirety of nightwave up to now. And when he does spawn, there's almost no hope in getting his sledge posts because his drop table his horrendously cluttered with garbage. Either have him be a guaranteed spawn by the last week or two of the event, or make him a permanent addition to the game with an increased spawn rate after the event is over, because at this rate, the only way to get the sledge would be to but it off other players for hundreds or thousands of plat.
  3. Is the wolf going to later on be added as a permanent new enemy to the game? Because even more, he remains as a myth to some players, and some who do encounter him will only ever get trash mods from him. At this rate, the only reasonable way seemingly to obtain the sledge is if the wolf's spawn chance, in the last couple of weeks or so of nightwave, is set to guaranteed, or if players just buy it from others which is usually out of the question since a set could go up to 1k play from the greediest of players.
  4. idk why, whenever i try to use the charge attack for gunblades and *some* melee weapons (forgot to add that point in) the startup animation will always be cancelled by the blocking animation, pause combos aren't affected at all in my case,
  5. melee charge attack gets cancelled when the blocking animation plays, making weapons, primarily gunblades, impossible to use conservation only ever gives out a "bad capture" whereas other squad members can get perfect and good captures animal scat appears outside of playable area in fortuna animals will either not appear at all after using the lure the 2nd time, or will straight up disappear as soon as they appear. corpus spawn rate near an animal call point is getting absurd, with multiple dropships appearing at once . player waypoint placing is bugged, requiring the waypoint button to be pressed multiple times before it appears exploiter orb has an obscenely long pause between starting the 3rd phase and spawning fractures, meaning there's between a 10 to 30 minute span where players can get nothing done. exploiter orb pathing is still horrendous, having it climb up the side of the mountain making it impossible to prevent raknoids form reaching it because they spawn behind said mountain
  6. Infinite loading screen after completion of phase 1 of the exploiter orb, only way out is either alt+f4 when running solo, leaving the squad when playing in a team. Exploiter orb will never spawn any thermia ruptures, heat builds up too slowly and raknoids spawn & move too quickly to be able to complete phase 3 without ruptures. Waypoints are still bugged, showing incorrect paths until entering a new room, been this way for nearly a year now. Hildryn is unable to activate her Balefire Chargers when using Aegis Storm, having a shield drain when using aegis storm is stupid, considering it's the only way for her to move at a reasonable speed, and restricting her to only using balefire in the first place is also stupid The water in the tunnel that leads to the vay hek boss won't stop flowing after he is defeated resulting in players being stuck at the boss arena, with no way of leaving aside from aborting. But yea, DE's got their priorities straight, got to fix those "exploits" that add any form of variety to the meta, because how dare we players actually have efficient setups to speed up tediously long tasks.
  7. Any plans to change the profit taker bounty rewarding to be similar to fortuna's/cetus' bounties? or is it just going to be left as the slow, tedious grind that cetus' bounties were before? Toriod drop chances are still too low for the quantity needed, the chance of them being rewarded from the profit taker bounties is too low considering the other bounty rewards plus they take too long considering the amount of rewards dropped, and forcing a grind to properly rank up just leads to a needlessly early burnout.
  8. Allow each stage of profit taker phase 1 bounty to give an award. It is a 3 stage bounty phase that gives only one reward out of a fairly sizeable pool of rewards. The other bounties are either very short or give an extra reward on top of the base reward. Why even restrict it to one reward on completion in the first place? why take such a big step back after getting the bounty rewards right on fortuna's initial release?
  9. Bug with profit taker phase 1, when fishing, if someone joins the squad, no progress will be made no matter how many fish are caught Arch-gun sometimes won't be equipped/unequipped when selecting it from the gear wheel (not on cooldown) And what's with this regression in the reward gain from the profit taker bounties. A good step forward was made with then bounty system when fortuna was released, yet now a big step back was made with this update. Why can we only gain one award from the end of phase one, a 3 phase bounty.
  10. Why. Just, why. Getting a perfect conservation on the higher valued animals with a tranq gun is already impossible due to the fact that: a) The gun takes more than 1 hit to knock them out and b) The capture value won't be "perfect" unless it's put to sleep in one hit Why restrict standing gain like this? Conservations used to be the best method to obtain standing when taking in to account the time, effort and standing gained. Why restrict the standing gain this much? Is it to prevent players getting the chance to take on the profit taker earlier? To artificially extend the time players need to access the content? If that's the case then all you've succeeded in doing is putting more players off from trying to get to the new content and burning others out much faster than necessary. And what is with the vent kids races standing payment/gain? Why pay standing to earn more standing? That's actually no different from just outright reducing the daily standing limit. If the races rewarded something like standing AND maybe a k-drive part or rare resource, and if there was another way to effectively earn standing, perhaps it would be fine but no, all this does is have standing go to waste. DE has made some good choices in most updates past, but the choices here i feel are questionable at best, outright stupid at worst. Someone really needs to look over these changes and rework them drastically.
  11. The ob fight is i feel, pretty well done.However, some decisions in regards to the arch-gun, the main thing used to fight the orb, completely ruins the fight to the point where it's practically not worth doing until they're changed. For one, as everyone else has probably already mentioned, the 10 minute cooldown. Why? Just... why? i know some enemies drop a unique pickup that refreshes it, but the drop is too infrequent and that combined with the fact that the ammo is incredibly limited ruins the flow of the fight. But seriously, could no other idea for restrictions to it not be thought up? you could drop the ammo capacity a little bit with the infrequent heavy ammo drop and things would be fine. And another thing that completely spoils the fight is the stupidly long equipping animation for the arch-gun that completely cancels movement. This is a horrible thing to have. A long equipping animation is fine, but one that completely prevents movement to this extent is absurd especially in a high intensity fight like this where there's rockets, lasers and other nonsense flying at you. Just make some changes to these and these orb fights would be something amazing. As it is now, far too many things holding it back and degrading the experience of a great figfht.
  12. isolator bursa can track a frame that is invisible, without being shot at prior with a loud weapon. It's nullifying bubble can instantly kill a frame when it is shot out and deployed and when it pops when it times out.
  13. anomalies like magnetic anomalies, radiation areas and gas bubbles (from infested hive mission) are invisible. The effect is active, but the visual indicators for them aren't there pax seeker projectiles fly out from an excessively high angle, causing them to hit ceilings before they can begin seeking out nearby targets
  14. spy bounty on fortuna (enter secure area > hack console, bonus:no alarms triggered) will not award bonus even when no alarms are triggered ambush coil drive bounty, target coil drive will cause passing-by coil drives to get stuck between it and a nearby rail, causing it to continuously deal deal massive amounts of damage faster than it is possibly to destroy it on higher bounties causing the bonus objective to pretty much fail by default
  15. the bounty stage where players need to reach a corpus camp and search for 4 bodies is still bugged to S#&$ the timer will spontaneously cut short from 5 minutes down to 20 seconds (i'm not afk at any point at the bounty, the instant i find the last corpse the timer just drops down to barely a few seconds remaining) some corpses will not even spawn in until a set amount of time has passed the bounty just instantly fails on arrival of the search area is it also a bug or an intended feature to have medical debt bond drop chance and appearance chance on ticker's sales option to be so low as to be almost non-existent?
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